By Tiana

Episode 4

Lorenzo dropped the flowers on the grave and sat down quietly staring at it, his eyes were clouded with tears, filled with so much rage and anger.

Remembering how he lost his both parents in that fire incident was something he will never forget.

They made him homeless and hopeless at that point in his life…

°°Twelve Years Ago°°

In a small province Lorenzo lived with his mom Veena and his father Mr. Harris who works in San Francisco as a driver to senator Kendall.

Veena and Harris were these lovely couple who had only one son named Lorenzo and his just fifteen years of age.

They had nothing much, they were just hard working farmers who were contented with what they had.

Harris was later opportune to get a job at San Francisco as a driver to a senator.

Things were moving really good for them because the pay he was receiving was quite good just that he can’t visit his family as often as he used too.

Veena continue with the farm work and sometimes Lorenzo do help her alot whenever he’s back from school or during holidays.

Harris never forgot to visit his family too. Everything was just going on fine till when Veena got pregnant.

Harris was the Happiest man because that has been his dream to have another child again after fifteen years, Lorenzo is gonna have a sibling.

Harris always make sure he comes home often to take care of Veena his wife.

Lorenzo was also good at what he does, he concentrate more on the farm to make sure everything is going on fine.

One evening Lorenzo was just coming from the farm when he saw his dad seated outside looking so worried.

“You don’t have to stress yourself too much Enzo, you still have school to attend, ” Harris said.

” I know dad but it’s also my responsibility to take care of the farm since Mom isn’t in good condition to do that, ” Lorenzo smile then sat down beside his dad.

” How is Mom doing? I can’t wait to have a baby brother or sister and if it’s a girl I will name her Melissa” , he smiled to himself.

” Am just worried son, ” Harris sighed
” What’s wrong?
“I never know being the senator’s driver will be that difficult?

“Difficult? Having a big fancy car to drive and even living in such a big mansion dad, ”

” That’s not the case Enzo. I thought Senator Kendall is a good man because he act so nice to me, he trust me and believe am fully loyal to him.

He promised to give me a house of my own and a brand new car there in San Francisco so i can moved in there and lived with my family.

“Wow, he’s so nice father,” Lorenzo said happily
“And he also allow me to visit you whenever I want to because I already told him about my wife condition of being pregnant.

He always pay my salary on time and it’s a good pay, I don’t want to loose him but I don’t think I can continue because of his eviI deed, ” Harris sighed, he don’t know if Lorenzo will actually understand him.

“What did you mean dad?
“Kendall has been oppressing the poor masses there, he has a record of so many criminal activities.

I know he’s only being so kind to his workers because he’s trying to buy our trust and Loyalty,” Harris said
” Huh? Lorenzo asked not knowing what to say next.

” Last two weeks at San Francisco when I drove him to a province he deprived them of their farmlands.

They have already planted on the land remaining harvest but he insisted it’s his land and he destroyed everything they worked hard for,” Harris narrated everything to him.

He remembered when the poor masses were crying pleading with Kendall to let them be but he refuse.

“Please Sir, you must be his driver because I saw you twice here with him” a little girl said while Harris looked at her and just nodded.

” Please help us Sir. You’re his driver right? I guess he will listen to you,” the little girl cried.

” I have talked to him but he warned me never to caution him again or he will fired me.

Look I also have my family in manila and I don’t want to loose my job” he explained to them.

” Kendall trust you right and am sure you have access to his room.

Just help us find evidence. We need evidence to bring him down for all the people he klled, mistreated and now for destroying our crops and taking our farmlands.

This our only place for survival. Where can we farm food to eat. How can we feed our children or send them to school,” a woman said in tears.

” Don’t be too heartless please. We know you have every right to think of your family but what about humanity, only you can help us get evidence from his house since you work there and he trust you.

We’ve asked for help but on one is willing please help us,” the little girl pleaded. Harris stood there confuse- now he has to choose between the senator and these poor people like him.

Seeing how they had suffered to yield those good crops on that land and now it’s been destroyed for nothing he felt their pain because he’s a farmer too and that was all he depends on to feed his wife and son and also to enrolled him in a school.

“Please Sir, my grandma couldn’t take the news of the farm been destroyed she’s now at the hospital,”

” Only you can help us bring Senator Kendall down. Enough is enough we are tired of this,” the youths pleaded.

” He always end up winning by bribbing the police. He always escape anything and that always give him the right to torture and sometimes kll us because we have no one to stand for us,” they explained everything to him.

” Can you do this for us, whatever evidence you can bring, it will help a lot sir,” they pleaded.

” What’s your name? Harris asked the little beautiful girl in front of him.
“My name is Cassandra Vincente,”

“You are so brave you know. Don’t worry I will do my best to help you guys,” he smile.

” Thanks a lot. Am Tomas, Cassie’s cousin,” the young man smile, feeling so relief to know their helper has come.
👥Thank you so much Sir*
👥You’re our only hope*
👥We have to stand United and fight Kendall*
👥You’re indeed a helper*

They appreciated Harris but he quickly left feeling so uncomfortable about they whole thing.

He felt their pain and wanted to help but he was sacred this might backfire on him and destroyed his family.
Harris narrated everything to Lorenzo.

“what are you gonna do now?
” I have already planted a small camera in Mr Kendall room and office, that way all his dirty secrets will be revealed to the public, ” Harris said.
” And what will be of us? Are you ready to loose your job? Lorenzo asked

“I will come back here and look for a better job or better still continue from where I stopped- Farming, ”

” My prayers are always with you Dad, just be careful in trying to play the hero, ” Lorenzo advised.
” Sure I will”

Kendall smirked as he received the phone call from Tomas Gregory.

“Thank you. Now I can complete the money I’ve promise to give you,” he smirked before hanging up the call.

He already knew the poor masses will take another step to drag him down but he was one step ahead of them.

He secretly sent his right hand man to get Tomas for him, he wanted a spy among them, someone who can tell him everything they’re planning.

He knew Tomas will be perfect for his plan because he badly need that money for his school fees and his grandma’s medication and he’s eighteen years he seems to be more matured so Kendall thought.

At first Tomas didn’t agree to his plan but when the saw the money he will be given, he gave in and told him the next move they were planning was through his driver to get evidence to pull him down. He told him everything Harris was planning.

He felt bad because they pushed Harris to do that and it was also for their sake and good but right now the love of money has blinded his eyes that he spit out everything to Kendall without thinking twice and he was given some money for that.

Kendall got angry to know it was his loyal driver that was planning to bring shame to him all for the sake of those wretched people.

“So wretched and cheap. My money can buy them all, ” Kendall laughed proudly when Tomas left.

Kendall pretended not to know anything until one fateful night he sent Harris a message on the phone around 11pm in the night.


Wednesday, 20 August

Kendall and his wife were sleeping that night while Lorenzo was still awake preparing for his exams when he suddenly saw a flames of fire tropping inside from outside, it as if someone intentionally came to burn down the house.

Lorenzo quickly jumped from the bed and ran to his parents room. Their small wooden house was already on serious fire and the ceiling was eating up.
“Dad”!!! Lorenzo yelled.

“We are coming Enzo,” Harris quickly carried Veena his wife in a bridal style trying to look for a way out.

The door was already on fire and they couldn’t get out but Lorenzo quickly ran to the window to see if he can break it just then his eyes caught something on the table it was his dad phone with a message which read:
💌Burn in h’ll with your family. No one play with fire and never get burnt. You called this upon yourself. I hate snitches and bretrayal💌***

“Dad I guess someone sent you this message and that person must be behind this, ” Lorenzo quickly hand the phone to Harris.

” Just open the window Lorenzo we have to get out of here first,” Harris yelled while Lorenzo forcefully pushed the window and jumped through it, htting his ankle in the process.

“Help somebody.. help my parents,” Lorenzo yelled trying to call the attention of the neighbors because the window is still too small for the parents to come out from it, they need someone to help them.

“I can’t continue this Harris, please just save yourself” Veena said in tears as she kept coughing. The flames was getting hotter and closer.

“We can do it Veena, Enzo is outside already, so we can sail through this, ” he said but Veena was only getting weak, she couldn’t stand the smoke and fire.

“I think the baby is coming out Harris.. ” she cried
” Oh no .. not in this condition, ” Harris said in tears looking around, if it was only him then he can try to escape through the small window by all means but he can’t leave his wife and unborn baby to died.

Veena yelled so hard as she open her legs, she was sweating profusely and her strength was starting to leave her as she deliver a baby girl.
“Ahhhh .. ” she yelled louder.

“Mom” Lorenzo yelled getting so scared as he carried a plank and start to break the window. Few neighbors who heard the noise quickly rushed and was shocked to see Harris house on fire.

“Please help my parents,” Lorenzo cried
“It’s a girl Veena” Harris said in tears as he gently carried the baby in his arms.

“A girl. Melissa,” Lorenzo smile through his tears when he heard the cry of a baby but seeing his parent in such condition broke him down completely even the new born baby that didn’t do anything is already suffering right from birth.

“Melissa my baby! that’s what Enzo wants to name her,” Veena said weakly as she stare at Harris then at Lorenzo through the window before giving up the ghost.

“Veena!! Harris yelled in tears. He quickly rushed to the window trying to give the baby to Lorenzo through the window when a large wood from the ceiling fell on his head making him fall down and loosing control of the baby.
“Dad!!.. dad.. Melissa…”

Lorenzo yelled in tears trying to jumped in through the window but was caught by some men. The fire was uncontrollably as it covered Veena, Harris and Melissa then burn them to ashes.

“Nooo….That’s my family,” Lorenzo yelled in tears.

“I have to save my sister she don’t deserves this,” he wept bitterly but was held back. The noise was getting much as a lot of people gather trying to quench the fire…

Soon the firemen arrived in a rush to quench everything but it was too late Lorenzo lost his whole family in that fire incident and that was the night he could never forget in his entire life….
°°Flashback continues…..
Poor Enzo


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