By Tiana

Episode 6
Lorenzo kept smiling non stop as he looked around, staring at the large building in the school. This was his first day in school.

“It so beautiful,” he smile.
He never thought he could attend such school in his life.

He was more relief when he was taken to same class with Austin and same as Miguel because Austin and Miguel are classmates together with Dianne their friend.

During break Austin left without even considering to show Lorenzo around.

Lorenzo felt so lonely as he quietly followed him around because he had no friend to show him round the school.

“Why are you following me? Austin asked angrily, standing up from his seat. He was at the cafeteria and when he saw Lorenzo walked in he knew he was following him.

“I thought we are brothers. I don’t know anyone here aside from you, ” Lorenzo muttered with his head down trying to avoid the stare people were giving them.

“The fact that you are enrolled in the same school with me doesn’t make us brothers. Just be glad my mom like you enough to bring you here, ” Austin yelled angrily while all cynosure of eyes were on them already. Some of the students began to mumur.

👥 Isn’t this the new guy
👥Oh my… He’s so handsome
👥Look at his hair*
👥Is he Austin’s brother or what?
“You don’t have to yell at me this way,” Lorenzo said feeling so ashamed as all eyes were on him.

” Calm down Austin. That’s disrespectful you know,” Miguel whisper to Austin as he stood beside him.

” No! Am older than him with a year so he have to respect me and stop following me around.

This boy here is nothing but a poor thief picked from the street by my mom, he’s not my brother, ” Austin yelled again drawing the attention of everyone in the cafeteria.

Nadine who was eating with her friends quickly stood up watching what was happening. She felt so bad for Lorenzo.

👥So he’s a thief** they students mumur.
“Know your place Enzo and stop following me around,” Austin warned but was surprised when he received a slap from Dianne.

” Dianne,” he gritted
“And I will sI.ap you again if you continue to embarrass him this way, ” Dianne spoke angrily while the students laughed and the mumur begin.

” It serves you right,” Miguel smirked as he enjoyed the look on Austin face. He held Dianne hand and they walked back to where they were seating leaving Austin still standing in shame..

“Austin you must be crazy you know,” Nadine fired back at him as she held Lorenzo hand and they walked out the cafeteria.

“You can’t allow him treat you that way,” Nadine said angrily to Lorenzo.

” You can’t even defend yourself, gush!! ”
” Hey.. you don’t have to be mad. Am used to Austin Insult already, ”

” But you don’t have to keep quiet always, ”
“you won’t just understand Nadine. If you were in my shoes you will accept whatever life throws at you, ” Lorenzo said bitterly.

” Not everything Enzo, not this humiliation,” Nadine yelled.
” Even when you had no parents? when you have no one to call your family? If I dare talked back to Austin am going back to the street where I came from.

You don’t know what it means to be alone Nadine so don’t get angry at me for acting stupid. Am doing this to survive, to have a place to call a home.

What right does an orphan like me have? Anyway I don’t expect you to understand me, no one can understand me, no one at all, ” Lorenzo said sadly as he turn to leave.

“Am thirteen Lorenzo and am not a fool. I know it’s not easy and I understand you but..
“No… You don’t! Because you have a parent to call your own, you have a brother, your complete family! you have everything you need so you can’t ever understand what am passing through, ” Lorenzo said with that he quickly left and rushed back to the class.
°° Austin was so angry with Miguel and Dianne for humiliating him and Dianne even had the gut to slapped him, he felt so useless and got more angry towards Lorenzo, blaming him for everything that happened.

The next day at school he gave Miguel and Dianne a silent treatment even when Dianne plead for his forgiveness for slapping him he still refuse to talk to her.

“Austin is always like this when he gets angry, allow him be” Miguel told Dianne while she nodded and that make Austin more angry.

He thought Miguel was his friend and will make sure he talks to him even when he’s not saying anything to them. He felt Miguel was poisoning Dianne mind against him not to talk to him again.

@Adams mansion
“I want this clothes washed,” Austin yelled at Lorenzo then throw the heap of clothes for him to wash that night.

” Huh.. it getting to 9pm why didn’t you give me this earlier? Lorenzo asked then glance at the wall clock.
“Because I want it wash now,” Austin ordered with a smirk he knew his mom have traveled to one of her business trip and no one will save Lorenzo from his hands now.

Lorenzo packed the clothes and went to the laundry wanting to use the washing machine.
“What are you doing? Austin asked.
” I want to use the washing machine,”

“Not on my clothes, wash them with your hands, ” he smirked.
” You will regret why you have to humiliate me.

It’s all your fault Dianne slapped me and even that little Nadine have the nerves to talked back at me,”

” You brought that upon yourself. You wanted to embarrass me but am glad your friends were quick to do that. If only you can be like your friends then the world will be a better place for me,” Lorenzo fired back too.

” How dare you talked back at me,” Austin slapped him.
” You will always do as I said,” he warned then went back to his room.

Lorenzo washed all the clothes that night . Well this was what he signed for, he thought to himself but was wishing Mrs Pinna to come back soon to save him from Austin.

“You will regret this Miguel and you Dianne you will regret taking his sides,” Austin smirked as he walked back to his room.
The next day Austin decide to talk to Miguel and Dianne and from there they’re now the best of friends.
Austin told his mom and dad about the excursion the school is planning for the students. Pinna already made arrangements and Lorenzo is also going with Austin since it’s just a three days trip.

On the second day of the excursion in the evening when all the students came back from field trip Austin couldn’t help but feel so angry seeing how Miguel was really close to Dianne and to worst it all Miguel told him about his feelings for Dianne and wanted to confess his love for her before the return back to school.

“Of all the girls in the school crushing on Miguel why can’t he leave Dianne to me and choose anyone of them and why would Dianne only have eyes for Miguel, ” he asked himself feeling so depressed about the whole thing.

He went to check on Dianne In her hostel but her friends told him she went to the bridge to meet up with Miguel.

“Perfect timing, if Miguel is gonna confess his feelings to her then I have to confess mine to. This time she has to choose between the two of us, either me or Miguel,” he smiled then hurried to the bridge.

He stopped at a far distance when he saw Dianne standing on the bridge, staring down.

“Perfect-timing. Miguel isn’t here yet,” he smiled then walked up to her.
“Dianne,” he smiled.
“What are you doing here? He asked

” Miguel ask me to wait for him here. It’s so beautiful here,” she smile staring down at the bridge. There’s no water down the bridge thou.

“You seems to like Miguel so much? He asked trying to get the answers from her.

“Is it that obvious? Dianne quickly asked while Austin felt so disappointed. That means she love Miguel, he thought.
“Yeah, it’s too obvious,” he laughed.

“And I also know he feels the same way towards me. Austin you’re my friend and am telling you this because I trust you. I love Miguel so very much…
“I also have something very important to tell you Dianne,” he said.

” And what’s that? Is it about Miguel? he loves me too right? Did he tell you anything about that?And why isn’t he here yet? She asked curiously.

“One question at a time,” Austin laughed seeing how curious she looked. He slowly held her hand.

“I love you too Dianne, I’ve always do. You might end up being hurt if you keep on waiting for Miguel, am sure you know how he flirts around with lots of girls and I don’t want to see you heart broken, ” he said while Dianne gently removed her hands from his.

“No… Miguel loves me and would never do anything to hurt me. Sorry Austin I can’t fall in love with two friends at a time.

It’s Miguel I love, ” she said while Austin frown.
” Are you choosing him over me? He asked angrily.

“We are best of friends Austin and am not choosing anyone over anyone. I don’t wanna give you high hopes because Miguel had occupied my every being, ” she said.

” You don’t love Miguel. You’re just obsessed with him. You only like him because he’s handsome, he gat the rich parents or what?

You’re just like every other girl Dianne who will easily and cheapily throw herself to Miguel because they think he’s popular in school and he’s every girl’s dream but they truth is that am more handsome than Miguel, I have the rich parents too…. I have…” He didn’t finish what he was saying when Dianne land a heavy slap on his cheeks again.

“Is this truly you Austin? Why are you comparing yourself with Miguel. We are friends for crying out loud and don’t ever call me names because I know what I feel for Miguel,” she said sternly while Austin held her forcefully.

” I love you Dianne and you’ll gonna choose me by all means,” he yelled trying to kss her.
” Let me go Austin, I guess the beast in you just awoken,” she yelled, trying to free herself from his grip. She kicked him in-between his Iegs and turn to run but Austin grabbed her.

Dianne pushed his hand away from her and was about to run when Austin pushed her and from there she fell down off the bridge.

“Dianne!!! Austin yelled as he stood up and looked down the bridge only to see Dianne in a pool of her bI.ood.
“Dianne my love,” he yelled in tears.

Lorenzo who stood at the corner watching what was happening was shocked. He never knew their argument will escalate to this.
“You pushed her,” Lorenzo said as he came out from his hiding place.

“I saw what happened, you were trying to force yourself on her and you pushed her. I will make sure they whole world will know about this,” Lorenzo said in anger.

“No one will believe you and It wasn’t my fault. I love Dianne and I wouldn’t Intentionally hurt her,” Austin yelled at him.

” You pushed her, you will take the blame and if you refuse, you know what that means for you,” Austin smirked.

” You dare not do that,”
“Just watch and see” he smirked when he sighted Miguel coming towards them behind Lorenzo.

” You pushed her. You pushed Dianne,” Austin yelled at him.
” Pushed Dianne? What happened here? Where is she? Miguel asked as his heart skipped a beat.

“Down here” Austin pointed down while Miguel looked down only to see Dianne in a pool of her bI.ood.

“Dianne!!! He yelled in tears as he turn to Lorenzo.
” You pushed her? He asked. Lorenzo became scared seeing the pains and anger in Miguel’s eyes.

“No and why will I do that. It’s him, it’s Austin that pushed her,” he shuttered while Miguel pvnched him angrily.

” Don’t you dare put the blame on Austin. Austin can’t do that because we are friends,” he yelled in anger as he quickly ran down to save Dianne.
“I told you.. on one will ever believe you,” Austin smirked staring at Lorenzo.

Lorenzo wipe the bI.ood from the mouth, he sustains a little cut from where Miguel pvnched him.

Dianne was rushed to the hospital by the teachers.
Mrs Julianna, Miguel’s mother check Dianne and shook her head.

“She sustains a lot of damage in her brain. Am sorry she couldn’t survive it,” Mrs Julianna announced.

Dianne’s parents quickly rushed to the hospital in tears only to be informed about their only daughter’s de.ath. Miguel held Dianne’s body tightly and wept so bitterly.

“Dianne!! open your eyes I have so many plans for us. I love you Dianne, I plan to tell you this today not when you are death. Please mom Dianne have to survive,” Miguel cried while Austin who stood at the corner watching the drama quietly wiped his tears.

“I never intend to hurt you Dianne. Am sorry that you’re gone,” he cried.

” It’s okay Miguel,” his mom cooed as She gently dragged him out while Dianne’s remains was taken to the morgue.

Lorenzo’s heart was beating so fast as he stood at the waiting area. He heard Miguel’s cry and he knew it Dianne. She’s dead!!
“Did you truly push Dianne? Nadine asked walking closer to him.

” Nadine..
” Just answer my question Enzo,” she said.
“It’s Austin that pushed her. Am not the one,” Lorenzo said as he scratched his hair.

” Why won’t anyone believe me. I didn’t push Dianne it’s Austin,” he yelled feeling so frustrated about the whole thing.

” I know Austin doesn’t like you Enzo but you don’t have to lie about him this way. I know Austin even before you know him. He likes Dianne so much and they are the best of friends.

Tell me one good reason he will pushed his best friend off the bridge. You’re saying this maybe to get back at him.

I believe you are a good person Enzo but am sorry I can’t believe you this time. I just wish you could tell me the reason why you had to pushed Dianne,” Nadine said so disappointed.

” You don’t believe me? I thought you’re my friend Nadine? Lorenzo asked in tears.
“I can’t believe a total stranger over my friends Lorenzo,” Nadine said and with that she quickly left.

“Oh! So am even a stranger now,” Lorenzo thought as he hit his fist on the wall angrily.
” No one will gonna believe you Lorenzo! No one, you’re just so useless,” his subconscious said.

” This is the person responsible for her de.ath,” Miguel said as he walked in with Dianne’s parents behind him was the cops.
“I didn’t…
” How dare you! You pushed her,” Dianne’s mother sI.apped him.

” You pushed her? Didn’t you? She asked in tears.
“Yes I did,” Lorenzo said in tears as he stare at Austin who was standing at a corner watching them.
“But it was a mistake,” he said.

“Mistake!! I hate you Lorenzo. Now I see why Austin always treat you that way,” Miguel fired back at him while Lorenzo just wiped his tears.

Nadine was right, no one will believe a total stranger and a poor boy like him. He just have to admit and pay the price for the crime he never committed.
“Take him with you officer,” Dianne’s father ordered while the cops hand-cuffed and drag him with them to the police station….
°°°°Flash back continues…
Poor Lorenzo 🥺🥺
No one believed him..


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