By Tiana

Episode 7
👥*Lorenzo pushed fifteen year old Dianne from prestige high school**

The news was all over the school. He was already in prison while Dianne’s remains were led to rest.

“I didn’t pushed her mom, I just have to accept my fate. Please get me out of here? Lorenzo cried as he hold onto Pinna when she came to visit him in the prison.
“You mean Austin pushed her? Pinna asked to be sure of what she heard.

“Yes.. but no one will believe me. I know you won’t also believe me because he’s your son but please just get me out of here, ” he cried bitterly.
Pinna try to hold back her tears as she hugged Lorenzo so tight.

“I believe you Enzo. I know my son too well. I believe you and I will get you out of here, am sorry you had to pass through all these because of me, because of my son, ” she whimpered.

” You believe me?
“Sure Enzo. You barely stay up to a month in that school so I believe you’re not even close to Dianne. I will find the root of this matter, ” she cooed giving light and hope to poor Lorenzo.
” Thank you so much Mom, ” he smile amidst of tears.

” You’re a great person Enzo. You have a bright future ahead so don’t lose hope, whatever you are passing through now shouldn’t discourage you, ”


Pinna arrived home that evening and meet Austin with his father having dinner at the dining table.

“We need to talk Austin? Pinna spoke angrily.
“Am eating mom, come join us,” he said chewing from his chicken laps.

“Tell me the truth! Are you the one that pushed Dianne? She asked sternly and Adams glare at her.

“Is it about that Lorenzo again. He’s already in prison so allow the boy to pay for his crimes. Austin was right that Lorenzo was just a criminal, ” Adams yelled back at her.
” Mom..

“Just spill out the truth now!! Why did you pushed Dianne, I thought you were friends! She yelled while Austin was boiling in rage as he fold his fist in anger.

“So you believe what Lorenzo told you. You believe a total stranger more than your son..huh! What type of a mother are you, ” Austin yelled back at her in tears while Adams stood up and walked close to Pinna.

“If you ever disturb Austin about that Lorenzo of a boy I will deal with you, ”
” Am only trying to raise him well and not the way you want it Adams. You’re not a good father to Austin, ” Pinna blurted out while Adams slapped her.

Austin stood there watching them. Well to him this isn’t the first time his parents are quarelling and his dad will end up slap or atimes beat his mom.

“Dad! Austin gasped as he watch his mother held her cheeks in pains.

“You dare no talk back at me because of that poor thing you picked from the street, ” Adams warned her before leaving the room for them.

” It’s okay Austin. I just hope one day, just one day you won’t regret this,” she said sadly before walking out.


Ten Months Later.
•••Lorenzo got his freedom and was released from the prison, it wasn’t an easy ride for Pinna but she did her best and got the best lawyer to defend Lorenzo and it did paid off at last because he was freed but he has missed a lot in school. He clocked sixteen years just few months ago in the prison.

Pinna make sure he went back to school but a different one. She changed his school and as of then his mates already graduated.

Austin was done with high school and went to study in one of the best university.
°°Three Years Later°°

15th December (Christmas season)
“Congratulations Enzo,” Pinna said happily as she ruffle his hair while he laughed.
“A bright future awaits you,” she smile.

“Thanks Mom,” he smiled.
“Look at how big you’ve become and handsome too,”
“Yes am no longer a kid. Am nineteen now how time flies,” Lorenzo smile staring at the paper in front of him.

“Those flowers will be beautiful here,” Lorenzo suggested as he arranged them carefully and put on the Christmas lights.

They make sure the house look so beautiful with Christmas 🌲 trees, lights and decorate the whole place.

Mrs Pinna felt so fulfill when Lorenzo showed her the papers. He got a scholarship to study fine art in
University of California Berkeley and immediately after Christmas he’s planning to leave.

“I wouldn’t have gotten this without your help. Thanks a lot. When I lost my parents I felt all hope is gone but am always grateful to God for making our paths meet.

Indeed you’re a good mother anyone could ever wish for,” Lorenzo said.

” I love you so much Enzo. Despite Austin and my husband maltreatment to you, you still choose to stay here,”

” And I will always choose to stay here over and over again until you yourself choose to chase me out which I know you won’t,” he smiled.

” Austin is coming today and his dad went to pick him up. He’s coming to spend the Christmas holiday with us before leaving I hope you two will patch things up?” she asked while Lorenzo nodded.

” I have always seen Austin as a brother and I hope he will do the same someday,” he said sadly.

” Time to make dinner. Austin and Adams must be on their way,” she said while Lorenzo followed her to the kitchen.

” We will do this together, you know how much I love your food, so I want to learn from the best,” he said while Pinna laughed.
” I will be glad to teach you more,”


••Few hours

They family sat down round the dining as they eat their dinner. Lorenzo was happy seeing Austin because it been a while since he came.

“So how’s school? Lorenzo asked with a smile.

“Everything is fine,” Austin reply with a straight face as he focus on his meal.

“It’s just few years for you to be done my son, then you will take over the winery company. I know you’ll do well in it,” Adams smiled.

” We have full confidence in you Austin and we believe we can trust you with our company,” she said while Austin smiled.

” You can count on me mom. Thanks a lot dad,” he smiled back.

“And that reminds me.. your brother got a scholarship,” Pinna announced.

” Scholarship!! Austin and Adams said in unison.
” Yeah, to study fine art at UCB,” Lorenzo smiled.

“Wow.. who would have thought a boy that was once locked up in a prison will bounce back this good,” Adams chuckle.

” What a life after all! Congratulations,” he said.
“Thanks,” Lorenzo replied.
” Congratulations too Enzo,” Austin smirked as he stare at him with a blank expression.

“Well next week is Nadine birthday. Miguel and his family are inviting us all,” Austin break the silence.
” Wow, that’s good,” Pinna smiled.

“I wouldn’t miss that birthday for anything. Nadine will clock sweet sixteen. It’s been a while. I miss all my friends and I can’t wait to see Miguel too,” he smile.

Lorenzo just kept quiet, munching on his food. He remembered after been released from prison he came home only to find out Austin has left to the university to study.

Pinna wasn’t comfortable with him going back to that same school where Dianne died so she changed his school and from there he hasn’t seen Nadine again.

The last time he went to their house to see her was a disaster for him.

Miguel punched him out of the house, it obvious Miguel hate him so much after Dianne’s de.ath and her parents doesn’t like him as well.

Mr Josie Montes cut off whatever friendship he has with his daughter and warned him never to show his face close to his daughter again.

“It’s Nadine sixteen birthday! I have to see her by all means since am leaving after Christmas, I might never get the chance to see her again,” Lorenzo said to himself.

After dinner he went to check up on Austin and meet him busy with his phone.

“Hey bro,” he smile as he sat down on the sofa.
“What’s up this time?
” I will like to follow you.. to Nadine’s birthday,” he said.
“Wow… I hope Miguel won’t end up breaking your head.

As you wish Enzo,” he laughed while Lorenzo just nodded feeling so sad that till now a lot of people still hate him because of Dianne’s de.ath and Miguel is one of them.


20th December ✨✨

@ Queen’s garden

Around 6:30pm

Lots of classy tinted cars were seen tropping in. Dignitaries were ushered in. The whole place was decorated, everything there smells money.

Nadine picture was all over the place. Miguel was seen talking to some of his friends. He was looking good and some of the girls passing were trying to get his attention.

••• A black Mercedes Benz parked outside- Austin and Lorenzo came out from it.
“Play your card well, don’t allow Miguel see you because he might get mad,”

” Sure! Thanks,” Lorenzo nodded as he watch Austin left. He looked around admiring the place. He stare at the a huge picture of Nadine and smile sheepishly to himself.

“She’s so beautiful, always beautiful,” he smile as he went back to the car and sat down. He unwrapped the frame and stare at the beautiful painting of Nadine’s picture.

He took his time and did the painting perhaps this will be the only birthday present he can give her before he leaves.

Lorenzo sat down in the car until the party commence and that’s when he came out. He arranged his suit and touched his hair.

Lorenzo stood at a far distance and watch Nadine walked on the stage, he was lost staring at her, her steps, her body movement, her beauty is just something to behold each seconds, she looks so perfect as she dance elagantly on the stage.
“Wow.. never knew she could dance this way,” He thought.

Mrs Julianna and her husband Mr Josie Montes came up and gave their speech saying how proud they are having Nadine and also Miguel.

Everything was going on well and when it was time for waltz dance Nadine first dance with her father.

“Am so proud of you Nadine and I have full confidence in you that one day you’ll be the one to take over Montes-Tech.

You’re just so smart and intelligent and I will never allow a mere boy from nowhere to snatch your potentials Nadine.

You have to stay from all forms of boyfriend,” Josie said as he dance gently to the soft music with his daughter.

” I will dad. Thanks a lot. I love you,” she smiled
“Don’t let anyone deceive you. Happy Sweet Sixteen Nadine.

Looking forward to celebrating more years with you,” he smile then kssed her forehead as he got down from the stage and Miguel went up to dance with her.

“Happy Sweet Sixteen Nadine,” he smile. Nadine laughed, she knew Miguel will end up teasing her all night.

“You need to see how beautiful and big you’ve grown now,” he smile while she rolled her eyes.
” Look who’s talking,” she laughed.

” I just want you to know we love and care for you most especially dad. You’re the future of he Montes-Tech and am the future of MMC.

We are the future of the Montes and that’s why we have to be careful not to be deceived by anyone.

There are a lot of enemies out there waiting to devour us at any slide chance if we messed up.

I will always protect you Nadine but first be intentional about protecting yourself too,” he said while Nadine hugged him.

” Always lucky to have a big brother like you Miguel,” she chuckle.

“Am also that lucky brother to have a beautiful sister,” he smiled.

After their dance– they next person that came was Austin and they dance perfectly to the slow music.

“You’re so beautiful Nadine,” he said in a whispers while Nadine smiled and that make Austin to keep staring. They’ve been friends for a long time now but right now seeing Nadine he felt he liked her already.

“What about Lorenzo? Haven’t you tell him about my birthday, I haven’t seen him,” Nadine asked disappointed.

” Come on, you know how much your parents hate him and Miguel might end up breaking his head. You can’t blame him, can you? Austin asked softly.
“You’re right, but it been long I saw him,” she said sadly.
” My Enzo,” she muttered to herself.
Lorenzo stood in anger as he watch the dance between Austin and Nadine, it taking longer than expected so he should let her be.

“What the heck are they even talking about,” he wondered. He wish he could go up there and dance with her but that impossible he might get caught.
The last guy step on the stage looking so elegant and handsome as he dance to the music with Nadine.

“Am Leonard, your dad is yet to introduce me to you,” he smile.
“Uhmm okay. I guess you must be from the Enersto’s family. Dad once mention Leonard to me but am seeing you for the first time,” she said while he nodded.

” He’s so cute, what did you do think? Austin asked as he nudge Lorenzo.

“Nadine is just sixteen and looks like she has many eyes around her,” he smirked.
” Including yours, I saw the way you were looking at her,” he said.

“That non of your business,” Lorenzo said angrily trying to control his temper.
“Don’t you ever make the mistake of falling for Nadine. She’s not in your league.

Nadine is totally different from any other girls out there and am sure you are seeing clearly the bright future Mr Josie want for his daughter, he won’t tolerate sht plus non of her parents like you and to worst it all Miguel hate you. You don’t stand any chance with Nadine,” he grinned while Lorenzo shook his head in anger.

“No one will gonna love you Lorenzo, no one at all,” Austin laughed as he walked away to join his friends while Lorenzo felt so disappointed.

He raised his head to see Nadine from afar with that same boy as he kssed the back of her hand.

He stood up angrily and turn to leave but then he remembered this was his only chance to see Nadine before he leaves to California. A thought quickly came to him while he smiled.


“This Leonard Enersto’s,” Mr Josie introduce him to Nadine.

“And he’s the only one I can confidently allow you to be friends with because you can learn and benefit a lot from him. He’s a genius just like his father,” he said while Nadine nodded.

” Well we’ll leave you two to get along, ” he said then join the Enersto’s and some of his business associate.

” Your dad is right about you Nadine. You’re beautiful and well trained, and indeed the future of Montes-Tech will be in a safer hands.

I think I like everything about you,” he said while Nadine chuckle.

” Thanks. Theirs still a lot to learn from a genius like you too,”

Nadine and Leon were having a good time when one of Nadine’s friend interrupted their moment.

“Someone ask me to give you this,” Hailey said as she hand a small folded paper to her.

Nadine collected the paper and unfold it which reads..
💌**Meet me at the rooftop…
…..yours Enzo 💌

“Rooftop? Enzo? Nadine ask no one in particular as her heart beat faster. Does that mean Lorenzo is here. She look around eye-searching him but she couldn’t see anyone.

“Okay Leon, I appreciate your presence. Can you excuse me for some minutes? She asked while he nodded.

“Sure, it’s your birthday and you have to attend to other guests. Take care,” he smile while she nodded then quickly ran to the rooftop.

She stopped at the spot when she saw Lorenzo standing but he was backing her.

Her heart was beating fast as she stare at him- this manly figure, his curl black hair.

It been long she saw him and even after a thousand years she can still recognize him anyday, anywhere.

“Enzo.. my Enzo,” she called in a cracking voice trying to hold back her tears when Lorenzo heard her voice he almost froze at that moment. He can’t believe she came, of course she will come.
“Nadine,” he smile as he turn to face her.

“Enzo,” Nadine smile as she rushed and hugged him so tight as if her life depend on him.
“I missed you,” she sobbed quietly in his arms. They stood like that for like five minutes.

“Happy Sweet Sixteen Nadine,” he break the silence while she looked at him. Lorenzo was lost staring at her, indeed Nadine is an epitome of beauty.
“Do I even deserves such beauty,” he asked himself.

“Am so happy for you Nadine. A lot has changed, just look at you,” he smiled while she nodded letting her tears fall.

” Am right here by your side now Nadine,” he smiled then turn and carried the frame he kept in a corner.

“This for you,”
Nadine smile as she stare at the frame, it’s a beautiful picture of her.

“It’s look so beautiful,” Nadine smile as she hugged the frame.

” I will keep this close to my bed when I get home,” she Chuckle.

” So can I have this dance? Lorenzo asked stretching forward his hand while Nadine blushed. She gently dropped the frame and held Lorenzo hand, he place his right hand on her waist sending shivers to her body.

“I watch you dance with all the important men in your life unfortunately am not among,” he said sadly.

” Am sorry about that Enzo,” she cooed while Lorenzo smile he likes it when she call him ” Enzo” she pronounced it differently and it always sound sweet to his ears.

“You’re the most important man in my heart but it difficult to have you in my life because of my family,” She said sadly.

“Everything will be fine,” he assured her as they dance slowly even without any music.
“Am also here to say goodbye,”
“Goodbye.. why? Nadine asked.

” I’ve got a scholarship to study fine art in university of California and am going there immediately after the Christmas celebration,”

” Wow! Congratulations Enzo,” she smiled hugging him tight.
” You’ll always be in my heart,” she said silently as she rested her head on his chest while Lorenzo smiled.

“I wish you the best Enzo and I want us to get in touch with each other once you leave,” she said and he nodded.

They spend a while staring at each other. Lorenzo felt like spilling the whole truth to her.

To confess his feelings for her but he knew things will only get worst because her family will never agree to their relationship.

“I like you Enzo, so very much,” Nadine whisper as she gently kssed him, at first she thought he will not reciprocate but he did. He kssed her back with so much e¢stasy.

They seems to be lost in their own world until they felt a force pushed them apart and a hand landed on Lorenzo.
“How dare you,” Miguel punch Lorenzo on the face.

” What are you doing to my sister? Miguel asked in rage.
“I love her, can you just let us be,” Lorenzo fired back in anger while Miguel punched him again.

” The last thing you will ever do is to touch my sister again and you Nadine!??” Miguel yelled in anger.

” Am sorry Miguel but Enzo did nothing wrong to me. I kssed him first so you should beat me and not him,” Nadine said in tears.

” Just forget about my sister, I won’t allow you kll her the same way you did to Dianne,” he punched him again.

Lorenzo was already losing his anger he wanted to fight back but he restrain himself.

He touched his lips and noticed bI.ood was dripping from there.
“Please Miguel let him be. Please! Nadine pleaded.

” What’s going on here? Josie asked as he walked closer surprised to see Lorenzo because it was the same Lorenzo he warned to stay away from his daughter.

“You again! Josie said angrily while Nadine quickly rushed and stood in front of Lorenzo.

“Allow him go dad please don’t hurt him again,” Nadine cried pleading with him because she know how crazy her dad can be atimes.

“You all hate me because you think I klled Dianne, you hate me because I have no one, you hate me because am poor but I believe one day time will turn the tables around.

I have no eviI intention towards your daughter,” Lorenzo said bitterly.
” Get him arrested,” Mr Josie ordered.

“Please dad allow him be,” Nadine pleaded as she quickly ran to the edge of the rooftop.
“If you dare try to hurt Enzo then am Klling myself. I will jump down from here,” she shouted.

” No Nadine!! Miguel yelled trying to move closer.
“If you dare move close i will kill myself,” she cried the more.

” Please Nadine don’t hurt yourself,” Lorenzo said
“I can’t watch you get hurt I know what my dad is capable of doing,”

” You’ve finally succeeded in ruining her birthday. You can now leave,” Mr Josie ordered while Lorenzo left so heart broken….

” No one will ever gonna love you Lorenzo, no one!!”** Austin voice echoed through his mind…
Poor Enzo and Nadine🥺
Do you think Enzo can stand a chance to be with Nadine?


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