By Tiana

Episode 9
@Montes Medical Center MMC.
Miguel observed the unknown girl and he sighed.
“If anything comes up don’t hesitate to tell me,” he said to Nurse Tara while she nodded.
“No one has showed up for her til now? He asked.

” Yes Doc, I think they all thought she’s dead by now,” Tara said while he just nodded.
” It’s okay,” he said before walking out.

He walked back to his office and was surprised to see Ashely sitting on his seat, probably waiting for him.
“What the heck are you doing? He asked.

“Calm down Miguel am not doing anything wrong. Am just here to see you. I missed you,” she smile seductively as she stood up and catwalk to where he was standing.

“Know your place and stop been a stalker it annoying you know,” he blunt out.
” So am now a stalker? Ashely asked angrily.

“Yeah! Maybe you should stop pestering me and get a life of your own,” he said while tears got clouded in her eyes.

“what now Miguel? Are you just gonna dump me like this. We’ve been friends ever since that Kacey came into your life and now she left you heart broken you were only using me to pass time. Why can’t you love me.. huh,” Ashely asked so bitterly as she let the tears fall down from her eyes.

Miguel try not to be deceived by those tears because he’s now certain of what he wants.

“All girls are the same Ashely. I’ve told you this like a thousands time I only see you a friend and you should be glad I still count you as one.

You don’t get to be in a relationship with all your friends you might end up destroying that friendship,” he said calmly.

” Or have you already gotten a replacement? Tell me Miguel ? She asked moving closer and making sure she felt his breathe on hers.

“I don’t need any replacement. Am fine,” he seethed as he walked back to his seat.

“You’re mine Miguel and no one, I said no one can take you from me,” she said sternly before walking out slamming the door behind.

“I should have know Ashely is the bad bch here,” he shook his head. Ashely has been his friend ever since he was in college and she’s obsessed with him, so crazy and madly in love with him.

She thought one day he will feel the same and reciprocate to those feelings but he never did. It even got worst when she heard about his relationship with Kacey but everything got scattered.

Ashley was glad about their break up and was certain she’s made for Miguel alone.
The door went open and Nurse Yeng came in. Miguel thought it was Ashely that came back but he felt relief when he saw Yeng.

“Here are the files of the patients booked for the surgery,” she smile seductively as she hand it to him. Nurse Yeng have been admiring Miguel for long and has been doing everything to get his attention.

She even requested to be the one in charge to watch over the unknown girl that was brought to the hospital but Miguel has already appointed Nurse Lee and Tara.

Miguel went through the files and sighed.

“Yeng,” he called while she raise her head staring at him.
“You are going to Manitoba with us,” he said while she smiled. This a dream come true for her. It’s a three days medical mission and Dr. Miguel just selected her to be among.

“Thanks doc,” he flashed him a smile before leaving. Miguel shook his head and sighed. He knew about Yeng advances towards him, atimes she do keep him love letters on his desk but he never care for once to approach her.


Everyone clapped as Nadine was welcome on the stage.
“The future of Montes-Tech is safe with Nadine in the picture now,” Josie said proudly while Enersto and the rest of the workers clapped.

“Things will only get better with Leonard by her side,” Enersto whisper to him while he smiled back.

The Enersto’s family has invested a lot, like very much in the Montes-Tech.

They have their own shares too and to makes things official they want to pair Nadine and Leonard together for the smooth running of the large company.

“Thanks to everyone,” Nadine started as all cameras where on her. Taking several pictures of her.

“I count it a privilege to be part of the Montes-Tech. Dad has trained me so well for this and am proud of the woman he has make me become.

Thanks a lot dad I promise to make you proud,” she said while the workers clapped.

Nadine walked down the staged as she received a lot of congratulatory messages.
“Congratulations Nadine. I believe you will do well,” Leonard said as they shook hands together.

” Thanks Leon,” she smiled.
” Looking forward to working with you,”
“I hope so,”
“This calls for a special celebration you know,” he smiled

” Are you free tonight? Maybe we can go on a date if you don’t mind,”
” Are you asking me out on a date? Isn’t that too early? Nadine asked while Leon chuckle.

” It’s high time we get to know ourselves Nadine. It’s very important,” he said.
“Okay, as you wish,” she smiled.
••👥how do you feel being the manager of Montes-Tech and will soon gonna work in line with the £-cloud wave? The reporters asked.

••👤 Nadine: it feels so good. My dad has trained me for this for a very long time and am glad because I know the future is bright. I will do everything I can to make him proud and as for “£-cloud wave” it’s a big opportunity to work with them and also invest in their compa..
Lorenzo switch off the Tv🎞️ as he sat down. He was watching the news of Nadine being interviewed.

Indeed Nadine is back for good but things might never get better with that Leonard in the picture especially now that the £-cloud wave are working in line with Montes-Tech that will always bring Nadine and Leonard together and he hate that.
Lorenzo stood up, walking to and fro in his studio.

He stare at every piece of art drawn by him there. His eyes landed on the huge painting he did of Nadine.
“I have to give her this,” he thought.

Nadine gently walked down the stairs while Leonard was lost staring at her. It’s already 7pm and he came to pick her up for their date.

“You look beautiful,” he smile, his eyes roaming all over her body. She wore a short flower gown which accentuate her features and a matching blue heels, everything was looking perfectly beautiful on her. She let her long hair fall freely to her shoulders.

” Thanks,” she smiled. Leon held her hand and they walked outside to the gate. He kssed her forehead and open the door for her.

Nadine smile as she entered the car. Leonard closed the door and walk to the other side. He entered and sat beside her as he start the engine.
“You are driving today? She asked.

” Sure, my driver would have follow us but this a special date and I want it to be just the two of us,” he cooed.
°°Lorenzo who stood at the gate was disappointed.

He parked his car outside the Montes gate as he planned to call Nadine to come out so he could give her the painting he did of her, but was surprised to see Leon with her when they came out.

Leon kssed her forehead and open the door for her to entered and when they left Lorenzo fold his fist in anger.

“She’s starting to forget you,” his subconscious said.
Lorenzo angrily threw the painting on the ground he as went back to his car and zoomed off.


@Adams Mansion
Lorenzo kept the Punching bag steady as he punched it with all of his strength till he was sweating.

“Lorenzo,” Austin called as he stood by the door.
“You seems angry? He asked.
” And that’s non of your business,” Lorenzo replied punching the bag so hard.

” I hope you’ve saw the news about Nadine. It’s all over. Indeed her dad is so proud of her being the manager of Montes-Tech, she’s so lucky especially now that she have Leonard Enerstos by her side from the £-cloud wave company,” Austin smirked.

” I’ve told you this Lorenzo. You will never have Nadine to yourself.

You’re just fighting a lost battle so it will be wise of you if you just save yourself the stress and forget about her because you don’t deserve her,” Austin laughed as he walked out. He knew how much Lorenzo loved Nadine but he believed he will never have her.

“You don’t deserve her” Those words echoes in his ear as he kept pvnching the bag with so much anger.

“Then what must I do to deserve her love,” he punched it again thinking about the way he saw her with Leon some minutes ago .

Nadine was surprised when Leon took her to one of the expensive and beautiful restaurant. They headed to the VIP area and to her surprised a table for two has been set. The place looks so beautiful and ro.mantic.

Nadine wondered why he have to make such effort to make things look so good. Leon gently draw out the chair for her to seat and she was surprised to see her favorite food on the table.

“You like it? Leon smile seeing the surprise look on her face.

” Sure. Thanks,” she smile while Leon was lost staring at her, her smile, pretty face. This wasn’t part of his plan but he has completely fallen for Nadine even without him knowing.

“You’re so beautiful Nadine,”
“Thanks Leon. So tell me how did you get to know I love fish balls and mangga’t bagoong?
“Your dad told me everything,” he smiled.

“Wow. I guess you must be that close to my dad,” she shrugged.
“And that’s because I want to know you. Am glad you gave me the chance to get to know you better,” he said.

They had a peaceful dinner together. Nadine like everything about him especially those funny jokes he do crack to her.

“Aside from being a genius that you are in business, you’re also a comedian you know,” Nadine laughed while Leon smile as he watch her laugh.

” Yeah. It pleases my heart to always see you laugh and everything about you is just so beautiful,” he said.

” I love you Nadine. I know it might look so sudden but I know what I feel for you,” he dropped the bombshell while Nadine just stood there speechless.

“I don’t only want to be your business partner but your partner for life. I want you in my life, to wake up each passing day just to see your beautiful face.

Please give me the chance to love you,” he cooed as he pulled her closer trying to kss her on the lips but Nadine quickly pull back.

” Am sorry,” she muttered.
“This too sudden,”
“I know and that’s why am telling you this on time so you can give me a chance,” he said softly.

” Am sorry but am already in love with someone else and this should be about business and not about love Mr Leonard Enersto,” Nadine said sternly, she was already pissed off.

“It’s okay,” Leon said disappointed, trying to calm himself. He felt so angry because he never takes No for an answer. “No Enerstos takes NO for an answer” he thought.
“I respect your decision,” he smile sadly.

” You’ve just ruined my day, can you take me home,” Nadine snapped while Leon just nodded to everything she said. They went out and he drive her back home.

“Am going in with you,” he said when they got down from the car.

“That’s not necessary, anyway thanks for the .. date,” she smiled while Leon nodded he went back to his car and zoomed off. Nadine just stood there as she breathe in and out.

She thought Leon is just a business partner but now he will only complicate things by developing feelings for her.

Nadine was about to go inside when she saw a frame lying on the floor she picked it and was surprised to see a beautiful painting of her picture.

“This must be Lorenzo” she thought as her heart skip a beat. She quickly rushed inside and meet Miguel at the sitting room busy with his laptop.
“You’re back? So how was your date? He asked.

” Fine,” she replied.
“He got you that? Miguel smiled referring to the frame.
“Did Lorenzo came here? She asked looking around.

“No. Why asking? Miguel asked.
” I found this outside and am certain this can be from him,” she said while Miguel chuckle.
” He still won’t give up right? Lorenzo is still pushing himself into our lives again,” he said.

” But he did nothing wrong Miguel. Lorenzo is a good friend…,”

” Dad has put so much trust in you and if he get to know you’re still seeing Lorenzo he will be disappointed.

Nadine please channel your energy in the company and Leon I know he’s very much interested in you, he’s handsome, lovable and every woman’s dream why not give him the chance and stop being confuse for once,” Miguel said while Nadine just nodded sadly.

” It’s okay Miguel. Goodnight,” she said as she hurried upstairs and stormed to her room. She stare at the beautiful painting of herself. She thought of calling Lorenzo but she stopped herself from doing so.

“You’re the one I loved Enzo. But am stuck here to keep pleasing my father and my family,” she cried silently as she hugged the frame…
Do you think Nadine and Lorenzo stand a chance to be together?


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