By Tiana

Episode 20

Lorenzo kept calling Nadine but she wasn’t picking up his call.

“I guess your relationship with Nadine is on the rock now, I doubt if it will last any longer because she caught you cheating on her, ” Austin said to him

” You drugged me and why was Amber even here last night? Was that all part of your plan? ” He yelled at him.
” And why will I do that..

“Stop denying it Austin, you were the one that set the table for us to eat that evening. I can’t just fall for Amber’s trick..

“You’ve made a mistake Lorenzo and you’re not a kid so stop putting the blame on me, man up for your own mistakes you fool, ” Austin fired back at him angrily as he walked out.

Lorenzo hurriedly left the house in frustration, he badly want to see Nadine.


@ The Montes Mansion

Josie was discharged from the hospital in the afternoon.
“You need to rest dad and try to make yourself happy instead of getting angry all day,” Miguel enthused.

“What happened yesterday was so scary, I thought I was going to loose my whole family, ” Julianna sighed.

” Am sorry, that won’t ever happened,” Josie said calmly as he held her hand.

“Am glad you’ve changed your mind and I don’t have to pressure you again.

Am sorry for everything Nadine and I assure you, you won’t regret getting married to Leonard,” he said while Nadine was nodded.

” But are you really sure about this? Julianna asked her.
“Yes Mom. I realized how foolish I was to leave my own family for a man who never truly cared for me.

Am getting married to Leonard and that’s my decision now,” she smile sadly.
” Am so happy for you now,” Julianna smiled.
” Excuse me Sir,” one of the security man entered.

“A man outside is trying to create a scene, he insisted he wants to see ma’am Nadine,” the man said while Nadine quickly stood up as her heart skipped a beat.

“That must be Lorenzo,” she thought.
“Someone want to create a scene? Mr Josie asked.
“He said his name is Lorenzo,” the security man said while Miguel stood up in anger.

“Lorenzo again! When is he gonna give up,” Josie yelled.
” Just calm down dad. I will handle Lorenzo myself,” Miguel said while Josie just nodded.

Nadine quickly rushed out to the gate, followed by her mom.
“Make sure you deal with him,” Josie ordered the security man.

“I just want to talk to her,” Lorenzo yelled, he was surprised to see Nadine when they gate was opened.

“Nadine,” he called as he moved close but was received with a heavy sI.ap.
“This for cheating on me,” she sI.apped him.

“You can do that again if that will make you forgive me and let go of whatever anger and pains you have in you.

I love you Nadine what you saw there was something I can’t even explain how it happened too, I think I was…

“Quit it Lorenzo and don’t make me a fool,” she yelled in tears.

” I thought you were the right one for my daughter but I was just mistaken. Just know that you’ve already lose Nadine forever,” Julianna said angrily at him.

” Don’t you trust me Nadine do you actually think I would do that to hurt you,”
” You son of a bch! Miguel yelled as he grabbed Lorenzo by his shirt.

“Don’t ever show your face here again. After what you did you still have the guts to show your face here.

It was all because of you our family almost got ruined and all you could do was to repay Nadine by cheating on her. You’re just so disgusting Lorenzo,”

” I loved Nadine, I really do and whatever that happened wasn’t my fault, I was drugged and ..

“Just quit it! We are not fools to believe your cheap lies, now take him away,” Miguel ordered the guards to throw Lorenzo out.

“Just forget about me Lorenzo because am getting married to Leonard soon,” Nadine said as she quickly ran back in tears.

She threw herself on the bed and cried. She still love Lorenzo and what she saw at his place broke her completely and she also don’t want to loose her family.

After a long cry Nadine rushed to the bathroom and puked, her whole body was heating up and she was feeling feverish.


The next morning..

“You should rest for today dad, I will handle everything in the office,” Nadine enthused.
” I trust you. Thank you so much Josie said as he took his drugs.

” I guess it all my fault that you have to fall sick. If I didn’t left the house you wouldn’t get that high bI.ood pressure. I feel so guilty seeing you sick dad,” she said sadly.

” Am recuperating fast. Your dad is not a weak man. Thanks a lot Nadine for the sacrifice you made for this family and also for the company,” he said sadly.
” I will do anything for this family,” she smiled.

” Leonard and his family are coming to have dinner with us this evening and to kick off the preparation for your wedding,” he said while Nadine just nodded with a smile before walking downstairs to have her breakfast.

” I prepared your favorite breakfast, fried bacon,” Julianna smiled.

“Where Miguel? She asked.
“He just left. He’s in a hurry to attend to some patients,” Julianna said.
” What! Nadine said as she smell the food closely, she felt like vomiting.

“I don’t like this,” she said with a sad face as she stood up.
“But it’s your favorite,” Julianna said.

“I don’t think I like it mom. I will just get something to eat when I get to the office,” Nadine said as she picked up her purse.

” You don’t look okay Nadine and your wedding is just in few days time,”

“I know Mom. A lot has happened lately and I wasn’t myself. I just want to move on and stop sucking in the past,” she said before leaving.
Nadine arrived at the Company, she got to the parking lot where she got down from her car was about leaving when she saw Lorenzo who suddenly stopped her.

“Nadine can we please talked for a moment? He asked.
“Are you now stalking me? She asked surprised to see him.

” Are you just giving up on this relationship, on us, on me, on our love for each other and most importantly on our promises?

“Don’t ask me that question Enzo because you broke my trust and everything.

I loved you and I gave you my everything, even my body or just tell me you were only after my body and now that you’ve got it you just jump into the next available thing. How dare you do that to me,”

” Everything that happened back there was planned out . I never intend to do that with Amber, she’s just a friend and she planned it all alone to separate us. Please believe me Nadine, believe me,” he pleaded.
” It’s too late now,” she said

“Heaven bare me witness that I loved you Nadine and I don’t want to loose you, I love you more than life itself why can’t you give me another chance, give us a chance again.. please..

“There can’t be us again, am doing whatever my family want. My family comes first now. You don’t have a family so you have no idea what it means to be disown by your own family.

That same night i caught you with that bch on bed, i was disowned by my dad, I had nowhere to run to expect to your arms but I was too late then because someone was already warming your bed for you.

Am getting married to Leonard and that’s final please forget about me and moved on because I have also moved on,” she said icily.

” Or Maybe you were just looking for a chance to break up with me. Tell me Nadine, do you even love me? He asked grabbing her by the wrist.

“No, I don’t love you or let just say I never loved you” she said staring into his eyes.
“You’re just lying..
” Stop making it difficult for the both of us.

Am sure you know how much I hate a cheat and to be honest Lorenzo I regret ever giving you my dignity, I was such a fool to do that but now it’s all over,” she said and with that she jerked his hands off hers and hurried to her office.


Nadine sat down staring at nothing in particular, her eyes clouded with tears, her heart filled with thousands of thoughts running through them.

🗣️*You still love him Nadine
🗣️ *No, he’s a cheat
🗣️*Your family should come first
🗣️* He has nothing to give you after all so breaking up with him is the best thing
🗣️ * Choosing your family over him is the best thing
🗣️* Leonard will make a better husband, just open up your heart to love him
🗣️ * just moved on and accept your fate, sometimes somethings are not just meant to be and so is your relationship with Lorenzo.


No one even liked him, everyone hates him so just go to Leonard and have a better life.

… So many thoughts kept running through her mind making her confuse.


Later in the evening..

The two families had a peaceful dinner this time around without any distraction as they planned the wedding. Nadine and Leonard were at the balcony as they discuss about the wedding too.
“I promise to be a better husband Nadine. Thanks for choosing me,”

” I love you so much and am glad you decide to give me a chance to prove how much I love you,” he smile as he pulled her into a hug.


” I can’t wait to have you as my wife,” he whispers, patting her hair.
What’s wrong with Nadine?
What did you think about her marriage with Leonard.





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