By Tiana

Episode 12

••Two weeks Later… °°

Nadine giggle as she admire the garden, she was about to sit down when she saw a butterfly with a lot of beautiful colors perched on a sunflower.

She walked towards the butterfly in admiration and touched it little wings when it flew and perched on another flower, she walked towards the other flower and was about to touched it but it flew to another flower. It kept doing that and she was grinning until it finally flew up to the sky.

Lorenzo smile as he watch her chase after the butterfly with so much admiration. It’s been a while they saw each other after a week and they got the chance to hangout in this beautiful garden.

“It reminds me of my childhood memories,” Nadine giggle.
“You look like a kid doing that, ” Lorenzo laughed.

” Well it’s being a while I hang out with anyone. Always busy with work! It wasn’t as easy as I thought, ” she smile sadly.

” If only I have wings like those butterflies I will fly away, far away from all my troubles, ” she sighed.

Lorenzo unexpectedly carried her in a bridal style outside.
“Put me down.. what is this for,” she chuckle.

“We are out here to enjoy ourselves and not to keep remembering those old sad days, ” he said then kssed her forehead.

They went out to where his car was parked and he gently dropped her there.
“Am taking you somewhere,” he smile.


@The countryside..

The yellow light brighten the outside as people chatter, not people but quite a normal amount of people.

At distance it has a fireplace with few couples who sit around it. The other side was a guitarist who play low and melodious music as he strums his guitar.

“Wow,” Nadine exclaimed getting out of the car with Lorenzo beside her.

“It’s peaceful and always free from shit,” Nadine smiled leaning against the car as she watch the people from afar.

“I like it here, they seems to mind their business and not some crowded city with silly a$sholes, ” she chuckle.

” I thought you like the developed areas more, I mean the fancy and classy restaurant and club? He asked.

“Not really! Sometimes I do wish I took a different direction in life because seriously am not happy with my life. My dad is always on my neck, being a Montes is not that easy, ” she said sadly.

” And being a boyfriend to the Montes is the toughest thing ever and only a tough guy like me can dare that, ” Lorenzo laughed as he pulled her closer and cupped her cheeks.

“I promise to love you always Nadine,” he assured her as he gently place his soft lips on hers.

“Lemme get something for you,” he winked at her as they disengaged from the hug. She watch him walk to the store at the other side of the road.

Nadine smile lightly feeling so loved. She smile as she looked around the park and walked up to the guitarist.

About three couple sat down close to him on a bench while other people drop coins and dollar bills in his bowl. Nadine happily removed a dollar note from her back pocket and drop it in his bowl.

“Can I play it? Nadine asked softly while the man smile and hand the guitar to her.

Other couple’s and people around were staring at her as they murmur.
👥 Isn’t this Nadine Montes?
👥The Montes!!
👥 She’s so beautiful
👥What is she doing here?

Nadine could hear their whispers but she just ignored them, she held the guitar firm and smile when she saw Lorenzo walking towards them holding a paper bag.

“This song is dedicated to my love, my boyfriend, the only one who captured my heart Lorenzo Harris. I love you to the moon,” she said while the few people around clapped.

” Our Love story isn’t just like others, it held so much bitter part but am glad our love for each other surprass all the troubles.

I will forever love you mi Amor. And this song is also dedicated to all the lovely couples who are ready to stand by each other till the end,” she smile cutely as she started singing, playing the guitar.

Lorenzo excused himself through the small crowd as he stood close to Nadine who was staring sweetly at him as she sang.

Lorenzo smile as he kept staring at Nadine non stop, the way she concentrate on every strings that she strims. His love for her only grew wide and more.

She wore a black leather jacket, black short tights, white crop top and a boots looking all beautiful and smart.

He felt lucky having Nadine as his girlfriend.
“Wow,” the couple clapped when Nadine was done singing. Lorenzo quickly walked up to her and kssed her.

“I love you sweet,” he cooed and she laughed.
“You make my day,” Nadine giggle as she check the time and noticed it 6pm already, the sun is setting down.

” Am farmished,” she yawn while he held her hand and they walked out of the crowd.

“I got you some cookies you can eat that before we get home and I will cook something for you,” he said while Nadine jumped and climb on his back.

” I always love your cooking,” she smiled and he carried her to the car.


They arrived to his Art studio and they went straight to the kitchen. His studio is large and at the other side it has a single bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom. Lorenzo often stays there atimes while some times he goes back to the mansion to Austin.

Nadine sat down on the kitchen counter as she devour the cookies Lorenzo got her.
“Yummy,” she smile as she took off her jacket.

“Care for some cookies? She asked shaking the cookies in his face.

“I don’t eat cookies, maybe I just wanna eat you up now,” Lorenzo said cockily.
” Naughty head. Such je.rk! She muttered with the cookies stuck to her mouth.

“A cute j.erk..,” he bite the bottom of the cookies in her mouth as he get in-between her legs. Nadine squirt absently to the new found connection as she stare at Lorenzo.

“You should taste this,” she motion a piece of cookies in her mouth.
“I will like to taste it in your mouth,” he smirked.

” What? Wait! She laughed, her hands on the air still holding an already bitten cookie. Lorenzo drop her hand to his side and tilt his head.

“Can I? He asked with a puppy face. He pinched a little amount and slide it to his mouth making Nadine to laugh.
“You’re so funny,”

Lorenzo pushed the cookies aside as he kssed her gently, caressing her thighs up to her lower back. Nadine enjoyed every bit of his touch as she wrapped her hands around his neck and kssed him desperately.

“Dmn! Lorenzo breathe out touching their forehead together.

“Where did you learn to kss like that? Nadine asked still leaning her forehead on his.
“You thought me this remember.

I haven’t kssed anyone before aside from you and you alone and it’s quite addicting. You’re my addiction Nadine, my downfall that I can’t even resist,” he smiled.

Why do I want you so bad? He asked taking his forehead off hers staring into her eyes.

“Because i want you so bad too Enzo,” Nadine chuckle but their special moment was interrupted with a beep on her phone. She quickly got down from the counter.

“Sht! it’s 7pm already I have to be fast with my cooking,” he washed his hands.

” Just sit and watch me cook,” Lorenzo smiled arranging the pots.

“Maybe next weekend you will teach me how to cook. I enjoyed your meals and I want to try cooking something delicious someday,” she smiled.

” Sure I will my love. Anything for you,” he smile knowing fully well that Nadine doesn’t know how to cook but she so much admire his cooking skills and enjoy every of his meals.

“My mom was a good cook I learn that from her but after their death it was Mrs Pinna who thought me everything I need to know. I missed mom Pinna so much,” he said sadly.

“I can say I literally grew up as a princess because I have everything at my beck and call but as of then I was busy with either school or training.

Always being told what to do and what not to do, who to be friends with and who not to be friends with and now dad is only concern about work! Work!! And it getting tiring and annoying. My life is just twisted,” Nadine said.

She slowly reach out to her phone and was surprised to see four missed call from her dad, two from her mom, one from Miguel and a message sent by her mom.

💌Where the heck are you Nadine?.. your visitors are here already and your dad is starting to get angry with your absence,”**💌 Nadine read the message, her heart skipped a beat.

” I have to go home Enzo,” she quickly stood up.
“Why? I thought you’re hungry and am just about to prepare something for us to eat then I can take you home,”
” Dad just called me,” Nadine said while Lorenzo nodded.


@ The Montes Mansion

Lorenzo parked his car at the gate while Nadine quickly jumped out of the car as she hurried to the gate.

“Goodnight Enzo. Thanks for making my day,” she wave.
“Thanks too Nadine. Take care,” he smiled then walked back to his car and drove off.

Nadine quietly walked in, wondering who the visitors are. Earlier that morning her father has told her to stay at home because some visitors will come to visit her but she left and now she came back home late.
“She must be with that Lorenzo. I wonder why he keep chasing her till now even after our warning,” Miguel said so angry.
” Nadine has cross her limit.

We have been here for over an hour and she hasn’t show up. How dare she keep the Enerstos waiting,” Mr Enersto said so angry as he stood up.

” Am sorry! Nadine will gonna hear from me,” Mr Josie said getting upset already. Mrs Julianna quickly texted Nadine again.

Leonard who was seated quietly try to calm himself. He was already angry that Nadine have to keep them waiting for this long.

“Lorenzo! Lorenzo!! Who the heck is this guy that is driving Nadine crazy,” he thought within himself.

” I must find out this brave poor guy who thinks he can be a rival to the Enerstos,” Leonard fold his fist in anger.

He promised himself if Nadine didn’t showed up in five minutes he will lose his temper and no one can stop him.

“Nadine! Josie called with a sigh of relief when he saw her walking in. Leonard stood up immediately he saw her, trying to calm himself.
“She thinks too highly of herself,” he thought.

” Where have you been? Mr Josie asked angrily while Nadine just stood speechless not knowing what to say.

She wondered what was going on and why was Leonard here with his family, somehow she felt this isn’t about business only but something more to it.

“Am… So..rry for keeping you waiting,” She apologize.
” Let get straight to the point, I have something important to attend to,” Enersto said so angry.

” You’ve just ruined everything Nadine. Atleast show some respect. These people here are our in-laws and not only business partners.

You’re betrothed to Leonard Enerstos and You’re getting married soon,” Josie dropped the bombshell while Nadine stare at him in shocked.

“But… Why dad? Betrothed? Is this a joke or something,” Nadine asked.

” You and Leonard have been betrothed even before you clocked Sixteen.

We didn’t tell you because you still have a lot to go and that was why am very strict in raising you and I didn’t allow any goddamn boy to deceive you.

I was not only preparing you for the company but for your future husband and that’s Leonard,” Josie explained and Nadine scoffed.

” This will never happened!!,” Nadine yelled as she turn to Leonard who was staring back at her with a smirked on his face.
“I can never love a proud peacock like you Leonard. I don’t love you and whatever we are doing is strictly business,” Nadine yelled at him.

” You can’t do this to me dad,” Nadine snarled trying to hold back her tears. Her day was so perfect with Lorenzo all through but just this night they ruined it with such bad news.

“Am not asking for your suggestion Nadine. This is how I planned out your life and this is how it should be. Am not gonna discuss this with you again,” he yelled at her while Nadine burst into tears and ran to her room upstairs.

“Now that she knows, let the preparation for the wedding begins,” Mr Enerstos said while Josie nodded.

” She’s just surprise but with time she will understand everything, you don’t have to worry,” Mr Josie assured them and escort them outside.

Mrs Julianna wasn’t happy about the situation around she quickly went to check on her daughter.

Josie walked in angrily while Miguel stopped him.
” You should talk to your sister Miguel.

Loenard is the right man for her and not that poor guy,” he said while Miguel just nodded.

” Nadine isn’t happy with all these arrangements, if she doesn’t like Leonard then fine! just let her be. Her happiness should be our priority,” Miguel said.

” Don’t you dare try to talk me out of this Miguel. I know what’s best for Nadine but that stupid poor thing she called boyfriend will always brainwashed her.

I have made my final decision and she’s getting married to Leonard next month because they are betrothed for a long time now and this is the right time to make everything come to pass.

Nadine have to realised she’s a Montes and she can’t mingle with anyone but only the rich who will add value to her life not some poor street boy,” Josie said angrily. His mind was made up already…
Nadine Montes betrothed to Leonard Enerstos


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