By Tiana

Episode 14

Nadine ran a hand through her hair, her gaze swaying left and right to the tons of documents, treatise, files and paperwork on her desk, neatly arranged at a corner.

She grabbed the first file and started work when she heard the ringing of the telephone, she picked it up from the cradle.

“Nadine, can I see you in my office she heard her dad’s voice from the other end and svcked in a sigh.

“Sure,” she answered and almost immediately the call got disconnected.

She felt a bit nervous and sad because it’s two days already and her dad has been giving her a silent treatment so she wonder what’s he will gonna discuss with her this time, she silently pray he has changed her mind about her getting married to Leonard.

She quietly stood up and walked out of the office, she took the elevator up to where her dad’s office is located.. she walked out of it down the hall passing doors and passageways.

She reached his office, realizing that he was expecting her, she twist the knob and walked in. She sighted her dad who seems lost in his own thoughts too.

“Come on,” he beckoned to her and she walked in, taking an empty seat in front of him. He stare at her and the glint in his eyes, she knew he had something serious to tell her.

“Your wedding preparations will kick off soon. You’re are getting married to Leonard next month,” he said while Nadine felt her whole world crumbling, just when she thought her dad has forgotten about it.
“Dad I can’t! She yelled at him.

” You changed so much Nadine. You even have the guts to talked back at me anyhow. Am your father for crying out loud. I guess that Lorenzo is brainwashing you and here you are disrespecting your father,” Josie said.

” Or maybe it Leonard and his family that are brainwashing you.

Dad I choose business because that’s what I had passion for and that’s what you’ve always wanted me to do, sit in a chair all day staring at a computer and writing down treatise for proposal, reading files, hosting conference meetings and trying my best to please you in everyway.

I let you choose my life dad! I did everything you wanted me to do and now you’re sending me off to some stranger I barely even know.

You make every decision for me, you choose my friends and everything I do in life and it wasn’t easy for me. You’re practically controlling me.

Don’t I have the right of my own, can’t I make a simple decision for myself just this once,” Nadine spoke softly blinking back the tears in her eyes.

“That’s because i don’t want you to end up useless Nadine. I raise you this way not for any useless guy to take you away from your family and career.

Not when am alive will I allow you be with that Lorenzo. Leonard is the man you’re getting married to and that’s final,” he seethed while Nadine burst into tears.

” I love you Nadine and am doing what’s right for you. You should ask your mom how we meet.

We meet during our wedding because we were betrothed and force to marry even without knowing each other I had to quit every relationship I had and focus on my marriage and I actually did that for peace to reign, to please my parents and allow the company to progress.

I sacrificed a lot of things then. At some point in our life we have to sacrifice somethings inorder to get something,”
” And you will gonna sacrifice your daughter happiness for this company? Nadine asked in tears.

“You won’t understand Nadine. But I hope one day just one day you’ll understand and thank me for doing this,” he said.
” I can never love Leonard,” she yelled.

“I never loved your mom too but after few months of our marriage we decide to make it work and along the way we fell for each other.

You don’t have to love Leonard now along the way in your marriage you’ll learn to love him,”

” Am not letting history repeats itself with me again so i can’t marry Leonard and that’s final! She snarled and stomp out of his office.

Nadine sat down quietly in her office, staring at nothing in particular. She has a lot of work on her desk waiting for her but her mind was occupied with a lot of thoughts.

“I can’t loose Lorenzo, not now nor ever,” she muttered silently to herself. The thought of getting married to Leonard alone is slowly frustrating her..


@ The Montes Mansion.

Lorenzo decide to take that bold step to talk to Nadine’s father, he went to their mansion that evening and meet with Miguel.

“How did you get in here? Miguel asked as he walked out of his car.

“The security men try to stop me but I force myself in,” he said.

” Such guts.. who the ..
“Am not here for trouble Miguel, am here to tell you am not gonna give up on your sister despite being betrothed to someone else,”

” You’re not gonna give up until you finally kll her just the same way you did to Dianne!” Miguel said in anger as he walked close to Lorenzo.

“I didn’t pushed Dianne off the bridge it was your best friend Austin and not me.

I was there when everything happened, I heard their conversation and how he wanted to po!son Dianne’s mind against you because she told him about her feelings for you.

He confessed his love to her and wanted her to choose him and not you but she refused and they got into a heated argument which resulted to that, he mistakenly pushed her and she fell off the bridge.

The most foolish thing I did and am still regretting till now is why I had to show up from my hiding place because he pushed the blame on me. Had it been I wasn’t there maybe he would have cooked up another plan to save himself.

You think you know Austin so well but the truth is that I know him more than you do.

Austin is so selfish and self centered all he ever care for was himself and not others he doesn’t even value your friendship,” Lorenzo said while Miguel kept quiet trying to pick sense from what he just said.

“It’s easy to blab those nonsense about your brother because he never liked you,” Miguel fired back while Lorenzo just Chuckle.

“You still trust Austin huh, don’t be too dumb because you might wake up one day and realized he’s the enemy within,” he said but received a pvnched from Miguel.

“You ungrateful being. Remember it was his mom Mrs Pinna that changed your life..

“Yes she did but Austin was never part of it because till now he don’t even see me as his brother.

Well am only here for Nadine one day you’ll realize how much I loved your sister and giving her out to a complete stranger just because of business doesn’t make any sense.

Money comes and go but family bond is what that can last forever. Am not gonna feel discouraged no matter what,” he said.

Then let best man win between you and Leonard,” Miguel smirked.

” Maybe one-day you will know how exactly it feels to see the only one you love slipping away from your arms.

Am talking to you not as Nadine brother but as a man just like me,”
Lorenzo said and with that he left


Few hours Later

Around 7pm
Nadine was silently munching on her food. She was at the dining table with her parents.
“And where’s Miguel? Josie asked.

” He seems so angry today,” Julianna said.
“Nadine…, Miguel called as he walked up to them.

” Did you know that Lorenzo came here earlier,”
” What! Josie stood up angrily hearing that.
“He did? Nadine asked surprised.

” He still won’t leave you and he still thinks he stand a chance with you. Just be careful with such desperate people Nadine, he might end up ruining your life! Miguel snapped.

“The next time i set my eyes on that poor thing I will have him arrested,” Josie said.
” Excuse me,” Nadine quietly stood up and ran to her room upstairs.

“This whole marriage of a thing isn’t gonna work well Josie. Let Nadine decide what she wants, she’s 23 for crying out loud and she can choose for herself, please I want to see her happy,” Julianna pleaded with Josie but he shook his head.
” That Lorenzo need to stay out from our lives,” he said.


Nadine squat down next to Lorenzo and dropped her flowers on the grave. She followed Lorenzo to the cemetery to visit his parents grave.
*Veena H. Vedak* the name was incribe on the grave while the other one was his dad *Harris Vedak*

“Melissa was buried along with their remains. They died a miserable death like animals, my mother had to go into force labour that horrible night just to deliver my little sister in a hot and flaming fire.

When I first heard her tiny cry I was filled with joy because all these years I was longing to have a sibling but my tears at that time was the condition my parents were in.

My little sister had to died that way, I watch my whole family got burnt into that fire,” Lorenzo said with so much rage and anger in him, his eyes were filled with tears already.

“Am here for you, always! Nadine coed as she hugged him. It hurt her so much to see those tears in his eyes.

“If only my family are here I wouldn’t have been rejected, I would have a place to call my home, but it wasn’t my fault I ended up being alone in such cruel world. So why the hate?

Why does everyone think nothing good will ever come out from me, even your parents Nadine,” Lorenzo said.

” You’re the only family, friend and lover I have left. Please don’t leave me Nadine. Why do I feel like you’re gradually slipping away from my hands,” he said.

” Enzo.. don’t ever think that way. I love you and not even my family will stop us from being together” Nadine assured him.

” Time and chance happen to us all and I can’t understand why my dad is still bent on me marrying someone I don’t even love. We’ll sail through this Enzo, “.


Few hours Later

@Lorenzo Art studio
After their visit to the cemetery, they both came back home.

“This my family picture,” he said to Nadine who was staring at the large painting of his family picture.

“I guess you took that handsome look from your dad, and your mom she looks so beautiful am sure if little Melissa was still alive she would have been so beautiful too,” Nadine chuckle, trying to lit up his mood.

” You’re not alone Enzo. I know they’re watching over you whenever they are. And am always here too,” she smiled.

” The night before our house got burnt I saw a message on my dad’s phone.

It obvious someone was after his life and that can only be his boss,” he said.
” Then you know your parents killer? She asked

“It’s senator Kendall in San Francisco. I promise to avenge their de.ath no matter what. It’s eleven years now but I won’t gonna give up,” he said.

” Senator Kendall in San Francisco? Do you know anything about him? Have you try to investigate him? Nadine asked
“Not yet,” he replied
“Am willing to help you Enzo. We need to get that man arrested.

It’s been long already and am sure he don’t even know you survived so it’s time to strike now…


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