By Tiana

Episode 16

“What actually happened Nadine? Julianna asked.

” He was forcing himself on me mom and Lorenzo came at the right time and save me but yet Dad doesn’t want to listen, ” Nadine defended herself when they got back home with her dad.

“What! He did that? Miguel asked, surprised to hear that.
” You will always bring up anything to defend yourself and that useless boy,” Mr. Josie yelled back at her.
” I have already told the security about Lorenzo.

He’s not allow to go near my company and even to this house. And from now henceforth you are not allow to see him and I will make sure of that by keeping a close eye on you.

I will assign two bodyguards to follow you everywhere just to make sure you don’t meet up with that bstard and if by mistake you did am gonna destroy Lorenzo, I will make sure of that, ” Josie said with finality.
” No, you can’t do that to me dad, ” Nadine cried

” That’s the best way to keep you safe and if he ever talk to me just the way he did back in the office I will st.rangled him to d.ead without any iota of guilt.

I am Josie Montes and no one, I said no one can get on my way, not even that poor brat! He said and with that he rushed upstairs.

“Mom,” Nadine cried as she hugged her mom.
“I love Lorenzo, why can’t dad just accept that fact,” Nadine wept bitterly.

” I feel so bad for you Nadine. I have talk to Dad several times but he wouldn’t just listen, it seems like he has made up his mind already.

Come here , ” Miguel said with a sad face as he hugged his sister.
” You don’t have to kll yourself over this issue Nadine.

Since dad does not approve of Lorenzo then you can go for someone else maybe he will consider you,” Miguel does but Nadine disengaged from the hug.

“It’s Lorenzo I love, ONLY HIM,” she seethe then ran to her room.

” It’s getting more complicated than I thought,” Miguel said sadly. He hate to see Nadine this way. He miss that cheerful side of her. Ever since she was told of getting married to Leonard she has lost her peace.

“Nadine is really going through a lot and why will Loenard try to force himself on her? Julianna wondered.
“I will talk to him,” Miguel said.

Josie drank the water from the glass cup and dropped it on the table. He just finished taking his drugs.

“Your bI.ood pressure is getting high again. You have to calm down Josie,” Julianna said sitting beside him.

” You know how much i love you Josie and I don’t want to loose you nor Nadine. Try and give her some space so you can have that peace of mind too,”

” Am never going back on my words Julianna. Am sure you know the kind of man I am. Nadine have to do as I said.

That was how we got married too and who would have thought we will still be together till now.

But with time we fall for each other and decide to make this marriage work and that’s exactly what Nadine suppose to do, ” he said

“History don’t have to repeat itself Josie. Please just give Nadine some space I don’t want her to end up hating us as her parents, ”

” My chest is paining me a lot, I had a long day at work so I need to rest, ” he said and with that he stood up, walked to the bed and lie down to sleep while Julianna stood up looking so worried and sad.

“Everything was going on fine not until all these issues came up and seize the peace in my home.

Nadine doesn’t want to give up and so do Josie. They’re both stubborn, ” Julianna thought sadly.


The next morning..
Nadine left for work early without having breakfast with her family.

“Nadine is gradually loosing it,” Miguel said as he stare at his dad who was quietly having his breakfast.

“Maybe you should give her sometime to think about it,” Miguel said.

” Am not gonna talk about this again with any of you. Nadine is betrothed to Leonard and she’s going to marry him, that’s final. Is it too hard to understand,” Josie said.

” But Leonard is totally a turn off for her.., Julianna said
“You were also a turn off for me back then but we decide to make it work.

Nadine is just blinded by the stupid and puppy love she has for that poor boy and I won’t tolerate that,” Josie said and with that he took a wiper and wipe his lips, then stood up and left.


@ Montes-Tech

“Here is the proposal,” Leonard hand her some document. Without saying anything Nadine collected it and turn to leave but Leonard gently held her back by her wrist.

“Aren’t you gonna say anything, if you keep snubbing me how are we gonna work on this project,” he said calmly.

” We can do it separately Leon, just leave me alone,” she fired back.

” If it’s about yesterday am sorry. Sorry for everything, please forgive my manner. I just couldn’t control myself, I was so angry and at the same time I just want to be close to you.

Am not as bad as you think Nadine, please give me a chance to love you,” he pleaded.

” Am sorry,” Leonard said as he knelt on one knee. Nadine was surprised and that brought all cynosure of eyes on them. All workers were already whispering to themselves.

“Please forgive me for whatever I ever did to you. I love you Nadine,” Leonard said aloud while few people were already taking clips of them.
“Just stand up Leon, don’t create a scene here, it embarrassing,” Nadine whisper to him.

” Am not standing up until you forgive me,”
“Okay! I have forgiven you,” she said with a sad smile while Leonard quickly stood up and hugged her.
“I love you so much Nadine,” he said happily..
👥They look so cute together..
👥What a perfect match
👥Mr Leonard is so romantic
👥 This ship will definitely reach to it’s orchestrated destination
👥Team LeoNAD all the way
Everyone was giggling as they snap them pictures and some taking a clip.
“It’s okay, let back to work,” Nadine smile as she disengage from the hug.

“Everyone should get back to work now,” she yelled at the workers while everyone ran to their duty posts.
” We will work on this later,” she said to Leonard while he nodded.

Josie smile as he watch everything from the stairs.
“Leonard is a sweet guy and you will get to like him with time,” he said to himself feeling relieved.

Nadine went back to her office and sat down looking so sad, just then her phone rang, it’s Lorenzo calling. This the fifth time he’s calling her but she’s not picking up his call.


@Amy’s Bar

“Just pick up the call Nadine,” Lorenzo said in frustration. It’s 8pm already and he has been calling Nadine but she wasn’t picking up the call since morning.

He gulped down more drink trying to get himself drunk.
“You can’t waste your life like this,” Amber smile as she walked up to him and sat down next to him.

“Just look at you Lorenzo. You are getting yourself worked up all because of a lady, is it because of this,” she said as she removed her phone and showed him the video.

” This happened in the afternoon when Leonard was apologizing and Nadine helped him stood up and hugged him. It’s seems they’re back together.

This video has gone viral already and if you read the comments millions of people are shipping for Leonard and Nadine because the think they are perfect match.

I doubt if anyone even knows you as her boyfriend,” Amber mocked. Lorenzo watched the video closely, he was filled with so much anger and rage.

“Was that the reason she wasn’t picking up my call because of that bstard,” he yelled.

” Hey calm down Enzo. I guess this should tell you Nadine doesn’t really love you, she’s just using you and playing with your emotions because at the end she will end up getting married to Leonard and not you,” she said while Lorenzo stare at her.

” Get some sense Lorenzo, her family doesn’t even like you. When will you even realize you and her are completely different people and you can never be together.

She doesn’t deserves someone like you after all,” Amber smirked as she try to kss him but he stopped her.
“Am leaving” he said standing up, he picked his car key and hurried out but Amber quickly followed him.

“You can’t drive in this condition, I will drive you home,” she insisted and Lorenzo just give in to that.


@Adams Mansion.

They arrived to the mansion, Amber helped him walked to house, they meet Austin in the sitting room watching TV.
” What’s wrong with him? Austin asked.

“He’s drunk,” she said.
“Am fine okay,” Lorenzo said dizzily as he threw himself on the couch.

“Thanks for bringing him home, I thought he will sleep in his studio today not knowing he went out to get himself wasted,” Austin said.

” Glad I was able to stop him from drinking much. I have to go now,” Amber said. She walked out while Austin followed her.
“He’s like this because of Nadine right? He asked her.

” What! You should know that better because he’s your brother,” Amber said as she stopped walking, then ook at Austin.

“He’s just a fool in love because he will never have her, she’s already betrothed and her family always stand by their words, aside from that he have Leonard Enersto’s to deal with because he don’t easily give up,”

” Lorenzo is just gonna get hurt in the end,” Amber said sadly.
” You like him,”
” Huh?
“Come on! It’s a written all over your face. You like Lorenzo but the bitter truth is that with Nadine in the picture he will never love you,” Austin smirked while Amber felt so hurt.

” Well.. there’s only one way out,” he smiled while Amber quickly raised her head and look at him.

” You can still make Lorenzo to be yours, you can split them apart with Nadine and only me can help you do that,”
” How???
Why is everyone against my Nadine and Enzo


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