By Tiana

Episode 17

Lorenzo slowly open his eyes as the reflection of the sun hit his face

“Who’s that! He said, trying to stand up from the couch but his head was banging him. He just sat down as he stare at the room and realized he was in the mansion together with Austin and he just slept here in the sitting room.

“Amber brought you here last night, you were drunk,” Austin Said.
“I know,” he sighed sadly.
” So are you just gonna waste your miserable life like this, all because of a girl?
“Don’t act like you care Austin. Am not in for your insult this morning, just let me be, ”

” A simple advise Lorenzo. If I were you I would focus more on my life rather than Nadine.

She’s getting married to Leonard next month and there’s nothing you can do about it. Aside that, no one in her family likes you.

Haven’t you even realize you are just a bad luck everyone is running away from. Leonard won’t easily give up because he loves Nadine too, so you don’t stand a chance to be with her especially with the video that was trending online yesterday.

Just quit it and let it go. I hope you will stick to this advise” Austin said, as he walked out of the room. Lorenzo sigh as he stare at nothing in particular, deep in his thoughts.


After a hectic day at work Nadine went back home and called Lorenzo, she knew he would be so worried about her.

📞Enzo, ” she spoke while Lorenzo felt so relief hearing her voice after two days.
📞Nadine.. how are you? He asked, she was surprised he didn’t even ask why she wasn’t picking up his calls.
📞Am sorry for snubbing your calls Enzo, I wasn’t myself, I was just so confuse, so..
📞 Confuse about your love for me? He asked.
📞What! Nooo… I love you Lorenzo and you know that. Am just Confuse on what to do because am not getting married to that Leonard but dad is just trying to force things, ” she said almost in whispers, her eyes filled with tears.
📞Can we meet up somewhere, I need to see you?
📞”We can’t. My dad is monitoring my every move. We are not allow to see each other and if my dad get to know that he will have you arrested. Am so confused Enzo, ” she cried. Letting out her eyes.
📞Just promise you’ll not gonna give up on me, we won’t give up on each other. I will think of a way out Nadine, ” he said.
📞 Always know that i love you so much Lorenzo, ” she whispers
📞And I love you more than life itself. Am not gonna let you slip out of my hands this time. I will fight with everything I have in me just to be with you again. I promise, ”

Nadine smile as she hanged up the call. She hugged her pillow and wept bitterly. She can’t imagine her life without Lorenzo and the worst part of her story is that she’s forced to marry someone she don’t even have a tiny feelings for.


A Week Later

Nadine and Lorenzo only talk on phone through video calls. They were planning to meet with each other by all means.

“Come in? Nadine said when she heard a knock on her door and a maid walked in with a big package, as she dropped it on her table.

“Mr. Leonard and his family are down stairs waiting for you, ” she said while she just nodded. She opened the box, surprised to see a beautiful wedding gown laying in there with a small paper and on it is written: 💌I love you Nadine. I want you to be my wife, the mother of our unborn kids, my super woman. I want to spend the rest of my life with you💌
She quickly threw the paper on her bed, wore her flip flops as she hurried downstairs, she was surprised to see Leonard with his family.
They two families had a peaceful dinner together.

“Thank you for accepting to marry our son Nadine. This has always been the dream. And you guys are not only getting married because you are betrothed but because you’re just a perfect pair for each other, ” Mrs Enersto’s smile while she just nodded.
” You don’t have to worry Nadine because Leonard is a nice guy and that was how I and your mom started, am sure she told you about our Story.

The day we first saw each other was on our wedding day, so you can imagine how frustrating that can be, but here we are. Having the best company ever and the hospital too.

Our wealth keep increasing each day and we are blessed with two beautiful kids, you and Miguel,” he smile.

” I promise to make it work Nadine just the same way your parents did,” Leonard smiled. A call just pop into his phone, he excuse himself to go and answer it.

📞 Okay thanks,” he ended the call and was about going back but saw Miguel.
” You really like my sister,” Miguel said.
“Isn’t it obvious, it just saddens my heart to know she doesn’t feel the same way for me,” he said.

” Then just give it up. Nadine is not happy about this whole marriage so if you choose not to marry her it will stand, am sure both families can’t force you,”

” Are you asking me to cancel my wedding plans? Leonard asked fuming in anger.

” Yes, for the sake of my sister. She don’t love you and she’s getting traumatized with this whole situation,” Miguel said while Leonard just chuckle.

” But I love her and I promise to make the marriage work. Am not letting go of Nadine because she’s my whole life.

Maybe you won’t understand this because you’re just a broken man without any lover.

If you dearly love someone you won’t give up on them,” Leonard smirked as he turn to leave but Miguel grabbed him by the collar of his shirt.

“Don’t play smart you know, because our family can do without you and we are far more ahead of you guys.

The Montes can buy the whole family of the Enersto’s so watch you mouth,” Miguel snarled, feeling so angry with the way Leonard talked down on him.
“You should consider this a big favour.

And if you ever dare to hurt my sister, I will kll you,” Miguel whisper the last sentence to him then release his shirt and walked away.
” So ¢razy,” Leonard laughed to himself as he watched him left.
“Nadine is mine!!!

Leonard went back in and saw his dad discussing with Mr Josie, he walked out to look for Nadine but saw her at the balcony, staring at the stars.
“Love,” he sneak behind her and held her by the waist.
“Leon! Nadine called, startled by his actions. She slowly removed his hands from her waist.

“I love you Nadine,”
” If you really love me then just called off this wedding. Because if you do that theirs nothing our family can do but to accept it.

Please Leon just do me this favor” she pleaded. He wonder what else he will gonna do to make Nadine fall for him.

“you don’t give up on someone you love. Just the same way you love Lorenzo and don’t want to give up on him then it’s the same feeling for me too.

I love you and am not gonna give up on you. You’re mine and mine alone Nadine,” he said sternly while Nadine just glare at him.

” Hope you’ve seen the wedding gown, it’s just few days to the wedding Nadine.

It’s thirteen days and I believe you’ll love me in this thirteen days time so our marriage can last long,” he said while Nadine just wipe the tears from the corner of her eyes.

She wondered why she have to be this unlucky.
“This marriage will never last,” she seethed in anger while Leonard laughed .
“I will make it work,”

Nadine glare at him in anger knowing he have evil intentions for this marriage.
“Suit yourself then,” she snarled then hurried back inside.

“Lorenzo is the cause of all this, even Miguel is starting not to like me again. You’ll pay for this with your bI.ood Lorenzo,” he said to himself…


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