By Tiana

Episode 18

Nadine checked the time and noticed it 6pm already. She had a long day at work and she wanted to leave late because of her plans to escape.

“You can go home Nadine, you’ve been working more than work hours,” Josie said when he went to check up on her in her office.

” You can go ahead dad. I just want to finish something here, ” she smiled.
” Hmm, dad! She called while he looked at her.

“Can you tell those bodyguards to stop following me around, Please. It’s been long I talk with Lorenzo and I decide to just accept my fate so theirs no need for those bodyguards to monitor my every move now, ” she said.

” It’s okay Nadine, I trust you. I will dismissed them now, ” he said surprising her.
” Thanks Dad. I really appreciate,”
“Just make sure you go back home safe,” he said before walking out of the office.

Nadine smile as she glance at her phone. She waited until it was 6:30pm, then she stood up and went outside.

Getting to her car at the parking lot, she saw her driver waiting for her.
“You can go home with the car, I have something to attend to,” she said to him.

“Ma’am, but Mr Josie ordered me to wait for you here and take you home myself, ” he said.
” Just go home, ”
” Okay, I will take you to where you want to go then..
“Don’t be too stubborn Linus. Just go home and tell Dad i went to see a friend of mine. She came from the US today, ” Nadine smile then hurried out. She quickly hailed a cab.
“Enzo! Nadine called happily as she rushed to his studio and luckily she found him there working on some designs.
“Nadine! Lorenzo was surprised seeing her. His whole body smiled.

“It’s a surprise visit,” she smile. Her eyes went wide when she realized he was just shirtless, with just his shorts on, she stare at his broad shoulders and mascular chest, everything was about him is just so perfect.

“Quit drooling am all yours. You didn’t tell me you are coming,” Lorenzo said jolting her from her thoughts.

“I wanted to surprise my love,” she smiled hugging him tight as they shared long kss.

He leaned to her ear and nibbled with her earlobe sending shivers down to her spine.

“I love more than life itself Nadine, I missed you so very much” he whispers then held her hand as they walked to his bedroom at the other side.

“Don’t ever leave me please,”

Nadine kssed him back, she couldn’t resist his touch. They missed each other so much.

They were filled in each other e¢stasy, as they explore themselves and made love that night. It was the night they wish will last forever.


Nadine slowly opened her eyes and realize she wasn’t in her room but Lorenzo’s. She remembered all that happened last night, how Lorenzo made her felt like a woman, their love making and how they even bath together after she bI.eeded because she was a vrgin.

She didn’t regret letting Lorenzo to be her first. She realized she was still nked under the sheets as she turned to Lorenzo who was sleeping peacefully.

She smiled as she watch him sleep, staring at his crazy spiky hair which fell on his forehead, his long lashes. Her eyes went further down to his pointed nose, his straight jawline then down to his pink lips. She notice a tiny black dot on his neck.

“He’s so handsome, I wonder why I have to fall so deep for him this way,” she smile staring at him.

Lorenzo slowly open his eyes and found her staring intently at him.

“Good morning love,” he smile pulling her close to him and he kssed her. They cuddle each other and made love again that morning.


Few hours Later..

“Creamy chicken pie with potatoes and honey carrots. It smell nice,” Nadine smile as she took a spoonful and chew it happily.

“I always love your cooking,” she smiled.
“Aren’t you gonna eat? She asked when she notice he was just staring at her.
“Of course I will, I just love watching you eat,” Lorenzo smile.

” Thank you Nadine,” he said.
” For what? She asked.
” For everything, for loving me just the way I am, for your care and understanding and for making me your first,”

” Am glad you’re my first Enzo. I kept my dignity intact for the one that will truly deserve me and that’s you. Am not regretting anything,” she smiled.

” I love you so much and I will always do. I won’t ever let you slip out of my arms again because you’re mine now,” he said while Nadine blushed.

” Stop making me blush so hard. I came here for one thing Lorenzo. I have found a good solution to our problem,” she said then she stood up
” What’s that? Have you cancel your wedding with Leonard? he asked

“My dad will never agree to that, so let just enlope,” she said.
” Enlope! To where? Lorenzo asked surprised to hear that from Nadine.

“That’s the only way Enzo if not I might end up getting married to Leonard.

We can go to the US, or Australia or anywhere to start a new life,”
” But what about your career, your family, the fame, reputation and everything you have? Lorenzo asked so worried.
“I don’t care! All I need is my happiness and sanity back.

My dad just want to bury my happiness for his selfish reasons. I can’t marry a man I don’t love,”
” So are you just gonna throw away everything you ever had?
“If that will give me my happiness, I will.

And why are you talking as if am suggesting a wrong decision. If you truly love me then we should enlope and start all over again,” she enthused.
” Am sorry Nadine I can’t,” he whispers.

“You can’t? But why? Don’t you love me, aren’t you gonna fight for our Love? Nadine snapped
“I love you so much Nadine and I will give up everything just for you but I won’t allow you to give up your whole life for me, your family, career and all.

You need all these because your life revolves around it and what if your dad get to find us, we will be in trouble. Please Nadine we will think of another but not to enlope,” he said.

” I just want to run away from that h’ll called home, I want to start all over with you as a normal person and not as Montes again. I just want peace Enzo, so don’t blame me for this,” .
Lorenzo quickly pulled her in a hug.

“Everyone is against us Nadine, the whole world does not want us to be together but then we can still do everything to make our own world, where it will be just the two of us, far from rejection, pain and everyone, it will be just me and you,” Lorenzo said, and those words got Nadine so emotional as she stare at him, blinking back the tears in her eyes.

” You’re my whole life and the life I have always wanted is to be with you each passing day of my life, to be beside you until my very last breathe.

Let not allow the pains to tear us apart,” he said trying to hold back his tears too. Nadine hugged him so tight.


Later in the evening Nadine went back home.
“Am glad you are back. We’ve been looking for you”
“Where have you been Nadine? Her mom asked.

“Somewhere. I have already texted you, ”
” But you didn’t show up in your office today? Josie asked
“Am not feeling too fine dad, please allow me to rest,” she said then walked to her room upstairs.


Austin walked over to the swimming pool as he answered his call
📞”Just do something Austin, I want Nadine to hate Lorenzo and love me,” Leonard said at the other end while Austin smirked before hanging up the call.
“Let see how their love will survived,” he laughed to himself..


A week Later..

Nadine opened up to dad her again about her refusal to marry Leonard. It’s just three days to the wedding and she’s already tensed up.

“You have to kll me first because am not getting married to Leonard,” she yelled back at her dad while he slapped her.
” Don’t you ever go against me Nadine. Is either you choose your family or Lorenzo? Mr Josie said with all seriousness.

“It hasn’t gotten to that Josie, she’s your daughter for crying out loud,” Julianna said so angry.

” Then this wedding should be cancel dad. Nadine doesn’t love him so be it,” Miguel said.
“you want me to choose? Nadine asked in tears.

” Yes Nadine. Is just three days to the wedding and you have to stand on one thing is either you marry Leonard or get disowned,” he said in rage while Nadine was shocked to hear that from her father.
“You’ll disown me?,” she laughed as she looked at him.
“Yes Nadine because I have had enough,” he yelled.

“Okay then. Am not going back on my words, am not gonna marry Leonard and I don’t mind being disown by a wicked dad like you,” she snarled.
” No Nadine, you both need to clam down,” Miguel said as he held her.

” Am no longer part of this family again and who even knows if am not really a Montes but just an adopted daughter,”
” No Nadine, I gave birth to you myself so we are your parents. Please don’t leave,” Julianna pleased with her.

” Am done with this family,” Nadine said as she pushed Miguel hands from hers and quickly left .

She stare at the mansion one last time before getting into her car as she zoomed off to nowhere in particular. She stopped the car by the road side and cried so bitterly.

She just got disowned by her father and that breaks her a lot because this wasn’t the kind of life she wanted after coming home from the US, she never picture her life to be this miserable but everything happened so fast and it weighing her down.


@Montes Mansion

Back in the mansion, Julianna was so furious at Josie.
“If anything bad should happen to our daughter I will never forgive you Josie, never! Julianna yelled at him in tears as she ran out to follow Nadine.

“It’s all because of your selfish interest dad, I use to think you love us but not anymore because only a shameless father can disown his own bI.ood.

If you’re tired of us, you can just tell us to leave and we will gladly leave this mansion for you,” Miguel fired back at him in anger as he ran out to check his mom.

Josie just stood, feeling so miserable, guilty and sad.

Maybe he shouldn’t have push Nadine to the wall,” he thought. He held his chest firmly when he felt a sharp pain there.

“Nadine,” he called out before collapsing there…
Poor Josie😠
Poor Nadine😥🥺
The Montes are splitting apart..
What is Austin and Leonard plan?


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