By Tiana

Episode 19

@ The Montes Mansion

The maid quickly rushed out and stopped Miguel who was about to enter the same car with his mother.

“Mr Josie just collapse at the sitting room,” she announced to them looking so tensed.
What? Miguel asked
” He just fainted,” she said shivering.

Miguel and his mom quickly rushed back and was shocked to see the condition Josie was in. They rushed him to the hospital immediately.


Nadine kept crying non stop in her car as she thought about her family. She never wanted things to end that way, especially with her dad. The only person she could run to now is Lorenzo.

Immediately her phone rang and she was surprise to see Austin calling, she checked the time and noticed it 6pm already.

📞Austin,” she whisper, trying to calm herself.
📞How you doing Nadine?
📞Am just in a dilemma Austin. Am confused. Dad just disowned me, ” she cried, letting out her tears.
📞What! That can’t be possible. Your dad loves you so much,”
📞He gave me an ultimatum to choose between marrying Leonard or get disowned. Am so confused right now, I need someone to talk to,” she cried.
📞Where’s Miguel? She asked
📞 They’re all at home,”
📞Can you just come over to the mansion, let talk. Lorenzo is also here with me.

Please don’t hurt yourself Nadine,” he said into the phone while Nadine just nodded as she hanged up the call. She wipe her tears and quickly zoomed off to the mansion.
Nadine quietly walked to the sitting room and saw no one.
“Austin! She called but no one answered.

“Enzo, are you in there,” she called then went upstairs to check on Lorenzo in his room. As she got close, she heard some whispers and mo.aning. She slowly opened the door and was shocked by what she saw.

Her heart was shattered into a million pieces as more tears stream down from her eyes, she watch Lorenzo and another lady on b.ed.

👤Ahh, I love you, just fk me so bad,” the lady scream.
** the lady grabbed him as they enjoyed their sx that they couldn’t even notice Nadine who was standing and staring in tears.

“Enzo! She called in a whisper. She just got disowned by her father and she thought Lorenzo will be her only comfort only to find him here with another lady on bed.

Leonard voice ehoed In her mind as she vividly remembered what he told her.

**( Your father loved and trusted you Nadine. He gave you everything you ever need, the money, the education, the connection and even the fame so what else do you need. You’re only repaying him with such heartbreaks and sadness from that useless boyfriend of yours.

Don’t allow your stubbornness make you loose the blessings of your father and don’t be too surprised to wake up one day and realized you’ve loose your family because if you continue this way your dad might disown you and am hundred percent sure your sweet boyfriend as you thought will not be there to stand by you. Think twice, your family or Lorenzo?)**

She quickly rushed out in tears and headed downstairs, she was about to leave but bumped into Austin who was just coming.

“I was just a fool Austin,” she cried so bitterly as she quickly hugged him.
” Lorenzo is cheating on me all this while,” she cried while Austin shrugged.
“Am not surprised,” he said while Nadine disengaged from the hug and look at him.

“This isn’t the first time he’s cheating on you. He do bring some of his whore girlfriends from the bar and sx them right in his room,”
” That’s not true,” Nadine snapped at him.

” But you’ve just seen it with your eyes, and that’s the reason why I never told you of his behaviour because you will never believe me.

I don’t advise people in love because they’re already fools, blinded by Love ,” he said, as he turn to leave but Nadine stopped him.

” Just tell me everything you know Austin,”
“I know i and Lorenzo aren’t that close but i watch his every move in this house as my brother.

He told me the love he has for you has already faded because he was getting frustrated about your marriage plans with Leonard so he was acting all nice just to get money from you,”
” But he never asked me for a dime, he was the one buying me things,”

” It was all part of his plan so you wouldn’t suspect anything. Don’t be a f.ool Nadine, please go back to your parents.

Don’t give up your whole life because of Lorenzo, he doesn’t deserves you,” he said while Nadine nodded as she quickly rushed out in tears.
She sat down in her car and wept this time with so much anger in her. She felt so stupid, so useless. She regretted ever giving her dignity to Lorenzo only to be repay with such heart break.

Her phone kept ringing, she check he caller and saw Miguel but she refused to picked up the call. She switched off her phone and zoomed off to her rest house.
📞 It’s done. Am sure Nadine will never trust Lorenzo again,” Austin smirked while Leonard who was on the other end of the call smiled.
📞Our wedding can push through now,” Leonard smiled feeling so satisfied.

Leonard gave Austin a drug.
“This can make anyone go crazy at a spot, it will make him high and with immediate effect he will suddenly crave for sx,” Leonard laughed.

” I have talked to his friend Amber and she will do anything just to have him too. You should be glad am helping you because I also hate Lorenzo,” Austin smirked.

” Why not kll him then,”
“Not yet and beside am not a mvrderer,” Austin said.
Austin has already plan everything out. Amber came that evening.
“Just know that you’re doing this to get Lorenzo.

After this whole thing I will send the rest of the money to the account number you sent me so just wait here let me call him to have a drink with me,” Austin said.

He went to kitchen and saw Lorenzo already down with dinner.

“So delicious, you always make me remember mom. You gat that special cooking skills from her,” he smiled.

” Sure,” Lorenzo smiled.
” Lemme help you take those,” he said as he offered to help. He arrange the dining table for them and they had dinner together. Austin make sure he put the drug in one of the drinks.

“It’s been a while we eat together, you seems so cool today,” Lorenzo said.

” Am not as bad as you think Enzo. You’re still that adopted brother mom picked from the street and am just tired of fighting you everyday.

Let start all over Lorenzo as brothers now just the way mom always wanted it to be,” he said while Lorenzo seems surprise to hear that but he was glad Austin is gradually coming back to his senses.

“Cheers,” Austin smiled as he raised his glass cup and click it together with Enzo’s.
Austin felt satisfied as he watch Lorenzo gulped down the whole drink.

“Are you going out? He asked.
” Sure, to my art studio. I have some painting to do tonight,” he replied as he stood up and went to his room. Lorenzo could no longer feel himself as he start to sweat, he removed his shirt and on the fan but his body is just craving for something.

He felt so ho.rny, so ho.rny that he just need anyone to calm his urge.

“Enzo,” Amber called in a sweet voice as she walked to his room wearing a re.vealing nightie. Lorenzo stared at her confused.
“I have always loved you Enzo. It’s me Nadine your love,” she smile se.ductively and walked close to him.

Lorenzo quickly grabbed her and pushed her to b.ed.
“Am all yours, just take it easy on me” she smirked.


Austin was outside to call Nadine so she will come and catch them in the act and it was just a perfect moment for him when she rushed down to see them…**

°°End of Flashback••

The next morning ✨


“I have been calling Nadine but she isn’t picking up the call,” Miguel said so worried as he watch his dad still not awake.
“Things are just falling apart for us,” Julianna cried as she stared at her husband.

Miguel tried calling Nadine and this time it entered, she picked up the call.
📞 “Where the h’ll are you Nadine. Just come back home,” he yelled into the phone.
📞I can’t”. She said sadly.
📞” You have to because ever since you left last night dad got a heart attacked. Come back home Nadine because if anything bad should happen to dad I won’t forgive you,” he yelled.
📞” Dad is in the hospital? She asked but Miguel quickly hanged up.

Lorenzo slowly open his eyes and was confused seeing Amber in bed with him, she was sleeping peacefully beside him.
“Amber,” he woke her up.

“What the h’ll are you doing her? He asked in anger, she smile se.ductively and got down from the bed wearing her clothes.

“What else are you seeing, we fked last night and it was the best one ever. You can call me next time ,” she winked at him.

” I can’t do that,” he yelled.
” But we did and you enjoyed it,” she laughed.

“Something in me was driving me so crazy that evening, is this part of your plan?

“You’re not a kid Enzo so stop acting like one,” she snapped then hurriedly left.
” Dmn!! Lorenzo stood up walking to and fro.

“Someone must have drugged me because I don’t think I was drunk last night or something,” he thought.

” It’s either Amber or Austin,” he recalled having dinner with Austin yesterday..
Nadine quietly rushed to the hospital in tears and headed to her dad’s ward, she found him lying on the bed there and it’s a good thing he’s awake.

“Nadine! Miguel smiled when he saw her, he quickly hugged her.
“You scared us Nadine, where have you been, please don’t ever leave us your dad almost died yesterday,” Julianna said in tears as she hugged her daughter too.

“Am sorry mom, please forgive me,” she cried. She turned to her dad who was staring at her.

“I have been so disobedient dad. Am sorry, please forgive me,” she cried as she knelt down and held his hand.

” I was such a fool dad, so stupid to have think of leaving my family just for a man who just betrayed me,” she cried.
” betrayed you? Miguel asked confused.

“Yes. I caught Lorenzo cheating on me. I was just a fool all this while. Am sorry, please forgive me and I will marry Leonard,” she said.
” You will? Josie said calmly as he watch his daughter.

” Family first dad. If marrying Leonard will make you happy and give progress to the company then I will marry Leonard and that’s final,” she said …
Nadine accepting to get married to Leonard.
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