By Tiana Isaac

Episode 30

Cassandra went back home that evening feeling so disappointed, she wasn’t able to talk to Miguel, seems like Stacy deceived her, she thought.

On reaching there she heard voices in the sitting room.
“That Cassie is taking the limelight already and everyone seems to like her. I told Stacy already this girl will end up stealing what belongs to her, ” Laurel said to a woman she was discussing with in the room.
” Stacy should do something then, ” the woman said while Laurel just

” Stacy said she knows exactly how to handle Cassie, ” . She opened the door and bumped into Cassandra, shocked to see her.
“Have you been standing here? Laurel asked.

” No, I just came now,” Cassie smile acting as if she haven’t heard anything.
“Okay let me escort my friend,” she said to Cassie and left.

Cassie was surprised about that, wondering what Stacy has in mind for them.

**🗣️ ” You don’t know these ladies Cassie and how can you mingle with such people? they might be the one to destroy you someday,” she remembered her father’s voice.

” Maybe dad is right, they’re already jealous of me,” she thought then headed straight to Stacy’s room but was shocked to see her in bed with someone in a hot romance.

“Cassie! What are you doing here,” Stacy asked with a frown as she quickly covered herself with a duvet.

” I want us to talk, ” Cassie said still standing as the watch the man in disgust.
“Don’t you know privacy or can’t you see we are busy,” the man said so angry while Stacy stood up wrapping the duvet on her body, she dragged Cassie out.

“Are you cheating on Miguel? Cassie asked.
” What you saw was nothing,” Stacy said without remorse.
“Was nothing! But I thought you loved Dr. Miguel and he has been giving you everything you’ve ever asked for..

“Just shut up Cassie you know nothing. Miguel loves me crazily..

” Then you should be lucky to loves you so much and not to take his love for granted, “..

” You know nothing about love and next time don’t barged into my room like that, ” she warned.

” Am just from the Montes Medical Center and I was disqualified. I thought you said you will help me, have you even talk to Miguel about it at all or you’re just selfish and always asking of money from him..

“You gat a sharp tongue Cassie, mind the way you speak to me. Miguel said he’s much concerned about the lives of his patients and therefore he can’t go about picking quacks to work for him.

It’s **MMC we are talking about Cassie and not everyone get the chance to work there. You aren’t just lucky, so if I were you I would just focus on my modelling career, you’re already doing well in it, ”

” But **MMC is my dream…”

“Then go back to school again and further more in your studies by doing so maybe they’ll get lucky next time, ” Stacy said and with that she left.

Cassie just stood speechless feeling so depressed about everything.

“This not the right place for you Cassie,” she said to herself.
Cassie stayed for a week to see how things will be but if only getting worst especially when they had a heated argument with Stacy.

“Keep draining him Stacy, we are not only saving for now but for the future, seduce him, do whatever you can to get money from him,” Laurel said while Stacy nodded.

” Am doing my best Laurel. Mom called me earlier to know how things are going, I told her everything is going on as planned and Miguel loves me so much that he will give anything I asked for,”

” And what about Cassie, just yesterday she got a call to work in another brand, she have been receiving a lot of endorsement.

They can’t be two queens in one kingdom Stacy because you’re the only queen I know here and Cassie want to take that from you,” Laurel said.

” She thinks she’s a saints, kind and loving, she thinks she can talk back at me anyhow because we now live under the same proof.

It’s because of me she’s where she is today and I can still crushed her within a twinkle of an eye, she hates the fact that I cheat on Miguel, well let’s see how she will do after I set her up with Nathan to ruin her reputation, ”

” What do you mean? Nathan is a Playboy you know,” Laurel asked wondering what’s Stacy has in mind.

” Exactly! He will ruin her life and tarnish her image,” Stacy smirked.

” You two deviIs,” Cassie said so angry, she walked up to them and they were shocked to see her.

“I knew I was living with devils but I just played alone,” she smirked.

” Are you always stalking us by eavesdropping on our conversation? Laurel asked.

“You don’t have to be jealous of me Stacy because I don’t have passion for this Modelling of a thing and what I purposely came here for wasn’t accomplished.

You don’t have to be evil, i thought we are friends who will look out for each other,” Cassie said disappointedly.

” We are friends Cassie because you’re not in my class and can never be. You should be thankful I brought you where you are today.

You’re the one that needed my help and I reach out to you as any kind human would do. Am still your boss Cassie and you should respect that fact,” Stacy said but Cassie slapped her in anger.

” You wanted to destroyed my life just because of your so called help! And mind you if I still want to continue working here I will because I have a lot of people who are ready to help me in this brand and if I wanted to tell Miguel about your real and cheat life I will because you’re just full of fake life Stacy,”

” How dare you talked that way to Stacy? if not for her you would have been in that your poor province suffering,” Laurel fired back at Cassie.

” That would be better than staying with the devils, I hate you all,” Cassie seethed and quickly rushed out, from there she packed her things and went back to San Francisco to her dad and uncle before Stacy will kll her all because of jealousy.


Few weeks later…

@ San Francisco..
“But you said you’re already doing well in the brand you should have continue to make more money,” Ann enthused after hearing her story.

” Laurel is right. There can’t be two queens in one kingdom. Stacy is very dangerous, manipulative and desperate she can do anything to destroy me. I’ve seen how she keep fooling Miguel each day. It’s a good thing I know of their plan this early if not I would have fall for it,” Cassie sighed disappointed.

They had a shout outside and they quickly went out to check what was happening.

👥 Jerry Lopez is the right one, now get out of this place,” the people yelled at Senator Kendall with they men the came with.

“That man again,” Cassie said as she stare at him from afar.

Senator Kendall didn’t say anything but quickly left because the shout became worst and it’s getting embarrassing.
“That’s serves him right. We can’t be manipulated again because we’ve pass that level,” she said.
Cassandra on the lantern as they had dinner together with her dad and uncle.
” You took the best decision by coming back here Cassie,” Terri said.

“Yes uncle. I know what’s right for me, am sorry I was so stubborn that I wouldn’t listen to you and dad that time I was just so desperate to go to Manila and know what life is all about,” she said sadly.

” The most important thing is that you’re back alive and after what happened, make sure you won’t trust anyone again,” her dad said.

” Sure dad,”
” I like what the people did to Kendall today, after destroying lives and properties he still have the nerve to showed up because election is around the corner and they need our votes. He thinks he can buy us,” Terri laughed.

” He has deceived a lot of us even Tomas but this time we are more wiser and won’t let him continue to destroy us. We’ll vote for the right person and that’s Jerry and not Kamil,” she said.

” Even thou Kamil is more nicer. When you were in Manila he came here and distributed some food items to us, he told us he’s different from Kendall even thou we don’t believe him, we don’t want him as our Mayor,” Terri said.


@ The Kendall’s Mansion.

” To win the heart of that particular community we have to win Cassandra’s heart first,” Kendall said to Kamil his godson.

” I give you one hundred percent assurance you will this election as the mayor and we will do exactly as you planned,” Kendall said to Kamil.

Having remembered all the bad things he did to the people in that particular community they all hate him and everyone around him which include Kamil but to set things right if only Kamil can win the heart of Cassie then maybe they people might learn to accept him.

” I trust you on that and we have to make sure they people don’t know you as my godfather because that will bring a lot of rift, I have to win this election and I will do everything I can to win it and not my opponent Jerry he seems to have a lot of people on his side,” Kamil said.

” Just do as we planned,” Kendall advised

” And what about Tomas, Cassie cousin brother don’t you think he will be angry because you’ve neglected him already!

“Tomas is of no use to me now and at the right time I will eliminate him,”

A lady walked in as she kissed Mr. Kendall on the cheeks then sat down next to Kamil. She’s Audrey, Kendall biological only daughter and the girlfriend of Kamil.

“You have to be patient for some time Audrey because I have to chase after Cassandra and work according to our plan.

I want to gain her trust and make her fall for me from there we can come up with another strategy and I Know through her we can gain the trust of the people in that community and they will surely vote for me, I have to even make her believe I will get married to her so they will all be happy,” he said while Audrey rolled her eyes.

” Well let see how it’s goes. But you what if it doesn’t works? She asked
“We go for plan B,” Kendall said.
“And what’s the plan B? Audrey asked.
“It’s a secret,” Kendall smirked.

“But remember after using Cassie de.ath should be her final destination,”

He knew he’s getting old and not in power already. He want Kamil to be the next Mayor and get married his daughter Audrey, he has so many plans.


Cassie held the basket of Oranges and was about to enter the grocery shop but bumped into someone making the basket fall.

“What the heck! She yelled, raising her head to see the person that pushed her but was shocked to see a young handsome man staring back at her.

“! She whispers.
” Am sorry, let me help,” he made to bend down but Cassie quickly stopped him.

” I will do that myself,” she said but Kamil insisted as they packed it together. Cassie look around but he was alone without any guards. She delivered the oranges and went out to leave but meet him there.

“Where did you get those good oranges? He asked.
” From my dad’s farm, we usually deliver it to them and in some many places too.

” I think I need one basket maybe you can deliver it to me, I need it for extraction to make orange juice my mom is good at that. Anyway am Kamil Vedak,” he said.
” That’s good I have to go,” she said.
” can I atleast know your name beautiful?
“Cassandra Vincente,” she smiled.
“You’re beautiful,”
“Thanks, you’re the one running for the Mayor right? This the first time and seeing you in person,” she said.

” Sure! Unfortunately people around here hate me, they think am the same as Kendall. Anyway that’s life, no matter how hard you try to please people not all will love you,” he said sadly.

” Oh, am sorry about that,”
” This my card please. Maybe you can deliver those Oranges tomorrow at my place,” he said.

” Okay I will! Cassandra collected the card and left.
“What a coincidence! Kamil said to himself. He just went out for a stroll alone without any driver or gaurds and wanted to get something at the grocery but just bumped into her.
“Let see how it goes Cassie,” he smirked.
Cassie arrived at the huge mansion, hoping to see Kamil.

“Mom? He spoke when he open the door but was surprised to see Cassie.

“Oh, you came right on time beautiful,” he smiled, then called the maids to take the basket to the kitchen.

” okay thanks for patronizing us Sir, you can call me anything you want supplies,” she said.

” But I don’t have your contact,”

” Oh am sorry. I will called you with the number you gave me then you can save it,”

” Thanks beautiful,” he smile.. Cassie was carried away with those beautiful smiles on his face.


“We are going out for my campaign tomorrow and I will like to see you. Seeing your beautiful face there will calm me down from those insults I do received from people out there,” he said.

” Am not an entirely bad person beautiful, am just so unlucky in my political career because people think Kendall just want to use me but the real thing there is that I know what I want and i have the interest of the people at heart.


I have failed a lot at some point in my life and in this politics but this time am optimistic I will win because I have the Interest of everyone right here,” he said pointing at his chest❤️.

” My name is Cassandra not beautiful as you like calling,” she corrected.

” Then permit me to call you beautiful because if I’m being honest you’re the most beautiful woman I have ever set my eyes on,” he cooed, moving closer to Cassie as he caress her cheeks.

“Beautiful Cassie,” he smiled while Cassie just smiled and removed his hands from her cheeks.
” I have to go, take care,” she said then hurriedly left.


.. And from there Cassandra and Kamil friendship kick off in a most ro.mantic way that everyone was surprised to see Cassie deeply in love with Kamil that she couldn’t even listen to anyone or any advise…
When Love is sweet❣️❤️🤣😅
What do you think??





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