By Tiana

Episode 22

Austin rushed home with a bruised face, feeling so angry about everything.

“How dare he humiliate me,” Austin yelled so frustrated recalling their fight with Lorenzo at the reception.
“What the heck happened to you? Mr Adams, his dad asked when he walked in.

“You went for Nadine’s wedding only to come back with a bruised face? Adams asked.
“Lorenzo attacked and do this to me. He humiliated me in front of everyone,”

“Such guts! He has overstayed his welcome in this house and his leaving today, ” Adams said.

And just a minute later Lorenzo walked in while Austin felt more anger in him when he saw him.

“You will darely pay for this,” he fired back at him.
“And you will also pay for everything you’ve ever did to me Austin. Your eviI will soon catch up with you, ” Lorenzo fired back.

” Such guts! If only I kicked you out of this house the day Pinna adopt you. Remember you are not only adopted by Pinna but to be a slave to Austin too. You begged me to stay in this house and to do whatever Austin ask of you and now that you think you’ve grown you’ll repay us this way by humiliating Austin, ” Adams snapped at him.

” My gratitude always goes to Mrs Pinna and if she’s alive she wouldn’t have like what you and Austin are doing to me, ”
” Pack your stuff and leave, am done with you, ” Adams said with finality.

” That’s what am about doing because am already fed up with this family, ” Lorenzo said and with that he went to his room, packed all his stuff and left.

“Ouch! Austin yelled as the nurse clean up the wound on his face.
“That’s all Sir,” he stood up with his first aid box.
” It will heal up soon,” the nurse said before leaving while Austin gently touched his bruised face.
“You’ll pay for this Lorenzo,” he gritted as he picked up his phone and call Leonard that night.
📞Am sure you saw how Lorenzo ruined everything at your wedding,” he grinned eviIy.
📞I know and that’s why I and Nadine will be leaving the country tomorrow for our honeymoon,” he said at the other end.
📞 You’re such a fool you know! Your marriage will never work out with Nadine because Lorenzo will always be the obstacle. As long as Lorenzo is still alive Nadine will never be yours completely,”
📞 She’s mine now and no one can take her, no one can get in my way
📞And what if Lorenzo does..
📞I will kll him,” Leonard said.
📞Then let’s do that right away. I hate Lorenzo and I want him dead, he has to pay for everything he did to me!!


Leonard walked back to the room after making that phone call with Austin, he meet Nadine already in her nightie sitting quietly on the bed.

“Nadine,” he smiled, then kssed her hair and sat close to her.

“This a dream come true for me,” he smile as he gently took her hands in his.

“You’re my wife now and I believe we will make this marriage work,” he said while she just nodded.

” And about what you said.. I have changed my mind we are not leaving tomorrow till next week for our honeymoon,”
” Am glad you’ve changed your mind,” she sighed

” This the safest place for us here, our matrimonial home, my Mansion, we will live here and raise our kids here. Am sure Lorenzo won’t come bothering us because he don’t even know this place,” he said.

” Sure, thanks a lot Leon,”
“I want you.. Nadine..,” he whispers to her ears and before she could say anything he brought his face closer to hers and pressed his lips softly on hers. Nadine’s eyes bulged out in shock and Leonard broke the kss when he felt she wasn’t responding to it.

“Uhmm.. am not ready for this Leon,” she said.
” This our wedding night, our first night together,” he said calmly.

“I just need some rest, maybe tomorrow,” she enthused.
“Tomorrow! You can’t meet up the need of your husband but if it was Lorenzo you would gladly allow him fk you right here right now.. or has he already tasted what’s mine? Leonard yelled.

“It’s not about Lorenzo and why are you even bringing him to our discussion?
“Because you’re acting stupid! He yelled while Nadine watched him in shocked.
” Is this you Leon? She asked surprised.
” It’s okay… ” He said calmly.

” I love you and I will wait till you’re ready,” he said and with that he climb the bed and lie down facing the left side. He felt so much anger inside of him as he remembered what Austin told him on phone. ” 📞 You’re such a fool you know! Your marriage will never work out with Nadine because Lorenzo will always be an obstacle. As long as Lorenzo is still alive Nadine will never be yours completely,”**

Leonard felt so scared as he remembered those words. This just their wedding night and Nadine is already refusing him her body.
“I will kll you Lorenzo,” he muttered to himself.
Nadine was still sitting on the bed, she remembered seeing Lorenzo at her wedding, he must be so hurt” she thought.

She thought of telling him about her pregnancy but that’s impossible.

A ringing on her phone jolt her out of her thoughts, a new number was calling and she wondered who might be that because she blocked Lorenzo from communicating with her.
📞Hello! She speak into the phone.
She heard this familiar voice she longed to hear. She quickly turn and saw Leonard already asleep as she quietly walked out of the room to the sitting room.
📞Is this Enzo?
📞 It’s me Nadine. Please don’t leave me, I promise to make it up to you, to love and to cherish you again and again. Am sorry for all my shortcomings but I can’t live without you, my life is miserable now Nadine, I need you please come back to me,” she heard Lorenzo’s voice as he plead with her.
📞 Somethings are not just meant to be. Am a married woman now Enzo, please moved on,”
📞I can’t do that Nadine, I can’t replace you because you’re irreplaceable.. please,”
📞It all too late now,” Nadine replied.
📞Is it that easy to move on without me, am I so easy to replace that you have to replace me this way with Leonard, just tell me you never love me Nadine because if you do you will stick to our promises,
📞You won’t understand Enzo, just moved on please and don’t ever call me,” Nadine said before cutting the call.

She left like telling him about their unborn baby, she felt like screaming his name and tell him how much she still loves him but she can’t.
“Fate has already decide,” she cried so bitterly.

Thinking of the times they spend together, those sweet memories and those times Lorenzo was always there for her.
“This for the best Enzo,” she cried hugging her pillow..


The next morning..
Leonard woke up and was surprised to found himself alone on the bed, he went downstairs to check on Nadine only to see her in the sitting room, sleeping on the couch. Her face looks so pale.

“You have to win her love first Leon. Be romantic,” he said to himself as he gently carried her in a bridal style to their bedroom.

He went to the kitchen and ask the maid to make a quick breakfast for them.
“What’s her favorite Sir? The maid asked while Leonard stood speechless.

“Just prepare anything delicious before I get dressed for work,” he said. He felt so bad not knowing her favorite meal, he literally don’t know anything about Nadine but yet he call her his wife.

“We have to make out time together to know ourselves better,” he said to himself.


Nadine slightly opened her eyes and was surprised to see herself on the bed, she remembered crying herself to sleep after her call with Lorenzo. She stood up and headed downstairs to the sitting room.

“Breakfast is ready Ma’am,” the maid said as she led her to the dining table. Nadine smiled when she saw the pancakes prepared.

“Where’s Leon? She asked devouring the pancakes already.
“He’ll be right here soon,” she said while Nadine just shrugged and continue eating.
“Love,” Leonard called, walking up to her.

“You like it? He asked while she nodded with a smile.
“Good morning,” he smiled, kssed her on the cheeks then sat down next to her.
” Where are you going?
” To check on something dad ask me to,”

” I thought we are to have breakfast at the same time as husband and wife but seems like you didn’t bother to wait for me,” he said.

” Am just hungry, here you can have this,” she fetch some into his plate and they continue eating together.

** (“I love you Nadine,” Lorenzo said
“I love you too Enzo,” Nadine replied back in tears
“Then, why can’t we be together, what’s my offense, haven’t you forgiven me yet? Lorenzo asked bitterly.
“Just move on Lorenzo,” she said

“If I moved on can you actually bare it? You’ll not gonna see me ever again and this will be the end of our love story,” he said while Nadine seems so confused to hear that. She gently placed her right hand on her Tommy.

“This is the fruit of our love, the bond we will forever share, little Enzo and Nadine, This the only thing I will hold onto and our love for each other,” Nadine said in tears staring down at her tommy.

” No…,” Lorenzo yelled while Nadine quickly raise her head and was shocked to see him on the ground in the pool of his bI.ood.

“Enzo,” she yelled but a man in mask suddenly h!t her on the stomach.

“Ouch!!! Nadine yelled in tears, her voice echoing. Her cry became worst when she discover she was bI.eeding already.

“Oh no my baby… Lorenzo,” she cried still holding her tommy…)**

” Lorenzo..! Nadine yelled as she quickly opened her eyes in fear and found herself on the bed.

She quickly stood up wondering what sort of dream was that.

“My baby,” she muttered as she held her tommy wondering who the man in mask was and why he hurt Lorenzo and the unborn baby in the dream.

“This nightmare is scary to begin with,” she said feeling so scared.

“maybe keeping this pregnancy will only complicate issues for me, I need to tell Lorenzo, I need to tell someone, I need someone to confide in,” she thought..


Leonard sat in his car as he kssed the gvn he was holding.
“Tonight will be your last night Lorenzo and after that I will finally have my wife to myself,” he smirked. Immediately his phone rang and he picked up the call.
📞Just finish him off,” a voice spoke.
📞Sure I will,” he laughed then hanged up as he start the engine and drive straight to Lorenzo’s place…
Something is about to happen…
What do you think?


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