By Tiana

Episode 23

@ Lorenzo’s place.

“Can you just leave Amber. You’ve ruin everything in my life what next now? He yelled at her. He was so furious to see her in his place that evening.

“Am sorry.. if only I know you will hate me this way I wouldn’t have agree to do that,” she pleaded.

” And till now you haven’t told me what actually happened?
“Okay Lorenzo, it’s not my fault it your brother.

It’s Austin that ask me to do that, ” she quickly said.
” I knew it was part of your plan, ”
” And it was Leonard that ask him to do so.

That evening he purposely went to the kitchen and acted all nice just to drugged you and after having dinner with you I did as he told me. I was also paid for it, ” she said with her head down.

” I knew that Leonard is up to no good and you decide to work with them just to betrayed me!
“Am sorry Lorenzo, I thought that was the easiest way to have you to myself, why can’t you forget about that Nadine.

Everything is over now, she’s married why not moved on!
“Just get out Amber before I strangle you to de.ath,” he yelled at her. She was so scared because she have never seen this side of Lorenzo, he look so miserable, filled with so much anger.
“Am sorry..

” Just leave, ” he muttered silently trying to calm himself. Amber quickly ran out in tears. She stood outside and let her tears fall.

“Why can’t he just love me, am at the losing end now because Leonard had what he wanted and me! Lorenzo will never love me now, ” she thought. Just then a black van stopped at the front of the building.

Amber stood in a corner and watch closely, she was shocked to see Leonard coming out of the car with three men behind him as they quickly barged into Lorenzo’s place.


“Poor Lorenzo,” Leonard laughed when he walked in.
“what are you doing here? Lorenzo asked surprised to see him, he wondered how he even get to know he lives here in the studio.

“To finish what I started,” Leonard grinned.
“You’ve already have Nadine, what else did you need” Lorenzo yelled at him

” Your life? I want you death,” he fired back at him.
“And I will kll you before you do so,” Lorenzo laughed moving closer to Leonard.

” Now that you’ve married Nadine just count it as the beginning of your trouble because Nadine will never love you.

Am the one she loves and no matter what you do you will never win her heart, never, ” Lorenzo mocked while Leonard removed his gun pointing it at him.

“That’s what you’re good at, drop this gvn and face me as a man and right here! right now! Nadine will end up being a widow because I will kll you with my bare hands and not with any fking gvn or any useless men around, ” Lorenzo yelled.

” him up, ” Leonard ordered the men he came with while they all gang up on Lorenzo.

Lorenzo didn’t back out he make sure he fought with all the strength he has and beat them up.

“Seems you’re smart but not as smart as me,” Leonard laughed. He felt so angry to see Lorenzo still standing after f!ghting those three men he came with.

“I should be in bed with Nadine by now to fuck her the way I want but I had to rush down here just to finish you once and for all.

Nadine is mine and I have full control over her now and if she dares proves to be stubborn just the way she did yesterday by refusing me her body I will have no choice but to rappe her, ” he whisper the last sentence then laughed.

Lorenzo fold his fist in anger, he wish Nadine would know the kind of man she got married to.
“You son of a bch,” Lorenzo quickly grabbed and pvnched him.

” Don’t you ever hurt Nadine,” he said in anger while Leonard hit him back.

“You bunch of id!ot, stand up and beat him to de.ath,” Leonard yelled at his men who were on the ground groaning.

Just then Lorenzo felt a pain penetrate through his shoulder, at first he thought it was Leonard that sh0t him but he was shocked when he heard a familiar voice.

“Hello bro,” Austin smirked pointing a gun at him
“Austin! Lorenzo called shocked to see him, he held his shoulder as bIood keep gushing from the wound.

“You humiliated me! you think you’re stubborn huh!! Am here right on time to kll you myself, ” Austin laughed as he pvnched Lorenzo then pushed him to the floor. He pressed the wound with his leg, more bI.ood gushing from it.

“I will watch you bIeed to d.eath,” Austin laughed.
Lorenzo managed to get hold of one of Austin’s leg and pushed him down.

“It’s all part of your plan, are you gonna gang up on me like fools just to kll me, ” Lorenzo said in pains as he manage to stand up.

” Have it at the back of your mind Nadine will never love you and you will have no peace, ” Lorenzo yelled at him while Leonard shot him on the left side of his stomach.
“Argh.. ” Lorenzo groan in pains.

“No one will look for you Enzo, you will die right here and no one will care to investigate anything, not even Nadine because she’s already married now, ” Austin smirked.

” Make sure you spread the petrol all over,” Leonard ordered his men as the pour the petrol all over the house.

“Your eviI will soon catch up with you Austin and you won’t have me to blame again, ” Lorenzo said weakly in a pool of his bI.ood.

“You’ll gonna die just the way your family died. Goodbye dear adopted brother,” Austin laughed as he on his liter and threw on the ground.

“Let get out of here,” one of Leonard men rushed in and told them.

“The police are on there way I heard a lady on phone calling them, ” he said and they all rushed outside leaving Lorenzo to burn in the fire.

“What should we do to her? One of the men asked as he get hold of Amber.

” Amber! Leonard and Austin said in unison, they were all surprised to see her.

“This wasn’t part of the plan, why do you want to kll Lorenzo after having Nadine to yourself, ” Amber snarled at them.

” She will ruin our plans and expose us, we have to get rid of her,” Austin whispers to Leonard.

“Kll her,” Leonard ordered his men without remorse while he quickly rushed to the car.
One of the men point a gvn at Amber and without hesitation he shot her.

“Let’s get out of here now!
They all hurried back to the car.

Leonard feel so satisfied seeing the house on fire with Lorenzo inside.

“Am sure he won’t survived this,” Austin smirked as he stare at the place one last time before driving off.
Lorenzo managed to crawl amidst of the fire but he was weak, he has lost alot of bI.ood already and the hot fire was gradually getting to him. He recalled what happened few years back how he lost his parents to that fire incident.

*Mom, dad,” he yelled
*It’s a girl, your mom gave birth to Melissa,” his dad said in tears**

Lorenzo would vividly remember that night. He lost his family in that fire incident and now he’s about to lost his life in that same fire too. Maybe that’s how they’re all destined to died he thought…


Few minutes Later..

Nadine arrived at Lorenzo’s studio but was shocked to see the whole place burnt down. The police were there and a lot of people gather.

After having that nightmare about him she felt she need to atleast see him and tell him about their unborn baby, he deserves to know that too, she need someone to confide in and she drives down to check on him only to find the whole place burnt down.

“What’s happening here? Nadine asked in shocked as she rushed to the place but they police stopped her.

Two bodies were found,” Officer Jason said.
” Where’s Lorenzo? She asked in tears.

” A lady was klled outside here while we’ve found another d.ead body inside the building,” he explained. Immediately a burnt body was brought out on a stretcher.

” It’s burnt beyond recognition but the neighbors around here said that it was a young guy living here with the name Lorenzo Harris,”

” No.. no that can’t be,” Nadine said in tears as she stare at the burnt body. The body was brunt beyond recognition and it looks like a male body.

“Oh no! Poor Lorenzo. I guess he’s the one because I heard a gun shot twice and before we could get here the house is already on fire,” one of the neighbor explained everything to the police.

“Is this Lorenzo.. this can’t be,” Nadine said in tears. She quickly carried her phone and try calling him on phone but his line is switched off.

“Enzo,” Nadine let out a loud cry and fell on the ground.
“This can’t be true Enzo, you’re not d.ead,” she wept bitterly, the pain was much. She cried aloud and wailed uncontrollably, her lamentations were sonorous.


The Next day Lorenzo’s remains were led to rest while Amber’s family also took care of her burial.

Nadine told the Police to keep investigating until they find the culprit behind Lorenzo’s mysterious de.ath. Leonard was there to comfort Nadine, even Austin came to console her too.

Well, it was only Nadine that was bothered about his de.ath because she has instantly lost so much weight, the shock was well spelt on her, she looked like a widow indeed. She had never been so devastated, she was broken and shattered.

If only she could turn back the hands of time she will gladly leave everything and go back to Lorenzo her love again.

She wished she told him about her pregnancy, she wished he’s still alive because he don’t deserve to die that way.

Nadine dropped the flowers on the grave and let out the tears in her eyes.

“I love you so much Enzo, this wasn’t the promise we made to each other, am sorry for everything, if only I knew,” she cried.

” I didn’t even have the chance to say goodbye to you. I promise to keep this pregnancy.

This will be the only thing I will forever remember you with, our child, the product of our love, our first fruit, little Lorenzo is growing inside of me,” she smiled.

” I still remember those times we shared the same dream and vision which gave us the feeling we are meant for each other, those times you tease and make me laugh, those times we cooked together and I enjoyed your meals, your touch, your kss, your breathe, your aura, everything about you Enzo.

The connection we had was unique, the promises we made, the things we said we will accomplish together, it was us against the world, am sorry we couldn’t fulfill all these,”
” Every goodbye don’t have a tight hug.

Some have hesitation, some have tears like ours, some have an awkward smile, some have many untold words, some have ego, some have misunderstanding, every goodbye have a sad story just like ours. I will forever miss you Enzo. Goodbye!


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