By Tiana Isaac

Episode 25

“Like seriously Stacy, do you think he will take you back? Her mom asked.

” Am hoping so mom. I still need Miguel in my life again, I was such a fool to have leave that early in our relationship, ” Stacy said so worried as she paced up and down.

“That’s exactly what I told you but you were blinded with Austin’s fake love for you when you meet him. Just admit it! you didn’t play your game so well,” her mom scolded.

” I know that mom and I will do everything to make it up to him and if anyone get on my way most especially that stupid Ashely that thinks she owns Miguel I will eliminate her,” she smirked.

Remembering all her fight with Ashely back then was so annoying and if not for the fact that Miguel loved her genuinely Ashely would have go to any length to destroy their relationship.
“I know exactly what to do,” she smiled.


@ Montes Mansion

” So are you gonna accept her after everything. You said it yourself she used you to get what she wanted and when she was done she jump to the next thing,” Nadine said after Miguel narrated his encounter with Stacy to her.

” And that Ashely, I don’t like her one bit. Maybe it’s better if you stay off those girls and focus more on work,”
” Look who’s talking. I know how to handle her,” he said. Just then the door bell rang.

” I will get it,” Miguel stood up and went to the door, surprised to see Austin.
” Look who we have here,” Nadine said surprised to see Austin.

“It’s been long we last saw each other, where have you been? Nadine asked.
“Busy with work of course,” Austin smiled taking a seat next to her.

” I like what am seeing. We gonna have another member of the family and am gonna be an uncle soon,” he laughed.
“just three months to go,” Miguel smiled.

” So is it a girl or a boy?
“It’s a boy Austin,” Nadine smiled.

“Have you figure out a name with Leonard or maybe I should help you with that?
“Quit asking those questions let me put to bed first, ”
” I will be his godfather, ”
” Sure, if you say so, ” Nadine said.

” This is the kind of life I have always imagine you having since we were kids am glad you’re happy now, ” he said.

” Well it’s been long we hanged out as we used to be, just the three of us, ” Miguel said.
” We will do that after I give birth so we will have additional one person to our group, ”

” That will be perfect, am sure Lorenzo my poor brother will be happy for you wherever he is now because this the kind of life you deserves and not the one you guys wanted to force yourself to have,” Austin said while Nadine just look at him and kept quiet.

“Stacy is back,” Miguel said trying to change the topic seeing how Nadine countenance changed when he mentioned “Lorenzo”,”
” Stacy? Austin asked shocked to hear that.

” Sure! She thinks she can continue playing those games with me, ” he said.
” Just quit it Miguel and warn her to stay off,” Nadine enthused.

” Sure Nadine, that’s what I will do but I have so many questions,”

Austin just gulped down nothing as he watch Miguel, he has to know what exactly he has in mind for Stacy inorder to know how to play this Game.


Later in the evening

@ The cinema

Ashely smiled as she clasped her hand together with Miguel and watched the movie.

“This a dream come true Miguel because you’re finally here with me after passponding our appointment like several times,” she smiled.

” Am always busy Ash, you should know my nature of job by now. But since today is weekend I decide to fulfill my promise and hang out with you just as friends supposed to be,”
” It’s okay, am glad you did. I thought you hate me that much,” she pout.

” I don’t hate you Ashley. You’re just so clingy and rude, and that’s so annoying. If only you can continue to see me as a friend then I will be glad,”
” Your just doing all these because am forcing you to or maybe am just too clingy as you said. Am I not attractive, am I not beautiful enough? Tell me Miguel am I not your type?
“No! Miguel Chuckle

” Then what! Because even after your break up with that Stacy you still don’t want me,”
” That’s because you’re my friend and am being honest with you. Are you here to watch the movie or just argue ? He asked when his phone rang and he picked up the call.

📞Hello Dr. Miguel, the girl is awake. The unknown girl,”
📞Am coming right away,”
“You’re leaving? Ashely asked.
” Sure. One of my patients is awake,”
“Is it about work? But you told me it’s your free day..

“It’s urgent. The girl who has been in coma for almost seven months now is awake and I need to attend to her as soon as possible,” he stood up while Ashely blink back the tears in her eyes feeling so disappointed.

“Take care,” he smiled before leaving.
“You’re mine and mine alone Miguel,” she seethed feeling so angry.


@Montes Medical Center
Miguel rushed in that evening and headed straight to the ward.
“She was awake exactly at 6:45pm,” Nurse Tara said.

Miguel examined her as he untie the bondage on her head and the one on her stomach. Her deep cut is completely healed. The unknown girl was just staring into space.

“Has she said anything when she was awake?
” No Sir,”
” It’s okay. She need some rest. I will be here on Monday to check up on her again,” he said before leaving.


@ Montes Mansion

” Am glad she survived it,” Nadine said when Miguel narrated the story of the lady who was brought to the hospital seven months ago and she just came out of coma today.

“After seven months!
” At some point I even forgot about her. Am happy she’s awake but she hasn’t said anything yet,”

” Of course she will talk when she’s ready but what baffles me is when you said no one showed up for her till now, that means she have to go in search of her parents,”

” That’s if she even have one,”
” But what’s her name?
“We still don’t know anything about her yet,” he said..


@ Adams Mansion.
Austin scroll down, his eyes glued to his laptop as he searched for “Pinna Tasty restaurant” but couldn’t find it.

“You’re just wasting your time Austin. I told you that before, your mom has sold it out to someone,” Adams said.

” And who is that fking person. This restaurant would have helped us a lot now that things are not going on well in the company,”

” The restaurant is probably not her own again and she was stupid enough not to tell us,” Adams said.

” It was your fault, how do you expect her to tell you about that while you couldn’t even handle her common company here,” he yelled.

” And if you haven’t been a useless son she would have confide in you and tell you everything and who even knows if she gave it out to Lorenzo without telling us,” he yelled back while Austin was shocked to hear Lorenzo.

” That can’t be… Lorenzo never told me anything about that,” he stuttered.

” That’s because he’s more of a good son to her than you and he will always keep it a secret. Well Lorenzo is already dead now, we should just look for a way out,” he said…



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