By Tiana Isaac

Episode 26

@ MMC**

Monday morning**
Miguel watched the unknown girl closely, as he examined her.
“So what’s your name?
She just stared back looking so scared.

“Where are you coming from? Who are your family? He asked.
“Hey.. you don’t have to be scared, I don’t bite,” he said while she kept mute and bend her head.
” You don’t know your name? He asked again and she shook her head.

” I don’t, where I am? She asked slowly.
” She’s suffering from Amnesia then. And it was as a result of that sharp pain to her brain but am sure with time she will recall everything, ” he said to the nurse.

” I need to leave, ” the unknown girl stood up trying to run but the nurses were quick to get hold of her.
“I want to leave here,” she yelled trying to free herself from their grip.

” Calm down, you’re safe here, ” Miguel said as he quickly injected her and just within few seconds she felt weak and went into a deep slumber.
“Keep a close watch on her,” he said to the nurses before leaving.

Nadine was done bathing, she came out from the bathroom with just a towel wrapped around her. She stood at the mirror staring at her big tummy. She’s six months gone and in three months time she will give birth.

Lots of thoughts keep running through her mind.
“Maybe I should confide in someone, if Leonard eventually find out this baby isn’t his, I don’t know what he will do to me and my baby, everyone will be so disappointed to know the baby belongs to Lorenzo,”.

” I should have tell Lorenzo this, If only I knew his days on earth were numbered as of that time,” she said to herself, she felt so sad remembering her last call with him, pleading with her come back to him but she refused.

“Lorenzo,” she called, staring at her reflection in the mirror with him behind her, she quickly turn to be sure of what she saw but she was alone.
“Maybe am just hallucinating,” she thought.

“I don’t know how far this loveless marriage with Leonard will last but I just hope it won’t affect my son in the future, ” she said to herself.

She wondered who could have klled Lorenzo because even after Investigating the police couldn’t get a tangible evidence and till now no one actually knows what happened.


Two days Later…
Nadine and Leonard stood at the balcony as they discuss. That evening he came to visit the family and also his wife.
“Aren’t you coming back home? He asked.

” Until I put to bed Leon. We’ve already talked about this,” she sighed.

” Are you comfortable leaving here, we can fly to Paris to have our first child if that’s what you want. Everything can completely be on hold until you deliver our son,” he said.

” That’s not necessary, remember what the doctor said, no stress, I and the baby are too fragile and need adequate care and that’s exactly what mom is doing, she’s taking care of me,”

” I can’t wait to have you home with our son. I missed you Nadine,” he smile then knelt on one knee and kssed her big tummy.
” How is my son doing,” he smiled.
“Always ki¢king,”
“Dear son, I can’t wait to have you in my arms. Make sure you don’t give Mom a hard time,” he smile while Nadine laughed as she watch him.

” The Leonard I know back then doesn’t tolerate shit but now the Leon am seeing seems to like kids,” she said while he stood up and draw her closer to him.

” I love kids Nadine and I will give all the love I can for our dear son,” he smiled.

“Our child will have the freedom I never had, he will choose who he loves and what he like doing, I won’t allow history to repeat itself again,”
” Whatever you wish Nadine. Thanks for choosing me,” he smiled then kssed her.


Leonard returned back home that evening feeling so lonely, he missed Nadine and can’t wait to have her with their son. He smile when he walked to the next large room to see how beautifully decorated it was.

Indeed the maid did a very good job he asked them to do.
“I have to prepare all this to welcome Nadine,” he smiled to himself, immediately his phone rang and he picked up the call.

📞We need to talk,” Austin said at the other end.
📞 About what? Leonard asked.
📞My company is going bankrupt, is at the verge of collapsing and I can’t let it go down I need money,”
📞And why telling me that, am not your secretary or manager? Leonard mocked.
📞I need money from you Leonard. I need $10,000 to put things in place,” he smirked.
📞And why are you telling me this? I don’t borrow a failure like you my money,”

📞 Then you have to,and it’s not borrowing it’s for free,” Austin enthused.

📞 You’re not serious Austin, am not giving you a dime,” Leonard fired back and wanted to cut off the call.

📞Then your marriage is at stake, I will tell they whole world what you did to Lorenzo and you know Nadine will hate you for that,”

📞” Are you threatening me? He asked.
📞”No! It’s just a simple reminder. If am going down am not going down alone but with you and to me I have nothing to loose but what about you, Nadine is pregnant already and am definitely sure you’ll not like to loose your wife and child,”

📞Why don’t you ask Miguel of the money. I thought you guys are friends,” Leonard asked.

📞 Miguel will always find a way to blame me for the downfall of the company, he will think he’s better than me..

📞Well atleast he’s right. You’re so careless and live an extravagant life style, you don’t even know how to run your own business do you just expect him to clap and pat you for being stupid.

Am not your puppet Austin and we are not even friends we were just allies because we had the same enemy and now that the enemy is long dead we have nothing to do with each other again.

I will let this slide because of Nadine and my unborn baby, I don’t want anything to affect them but after sending you this money stay clear from me and allow me enjoy my family or else your story might end up like that of your adopted brother,” he said then hanged up the call.

” Arggg,” he yelled so angry as he threw his phone to the floor.
“How dare he try that with me,” he said so angry.

” I won’t allow Austin use me just because we have some secrets. No one mess up with the Enersto’s and go Scot free,” he seethed. Austin just ruined his happy day completely.

“I think am bringing her here tomorrow,” Miguel said to his family.
“But you don’t know her son,” Julianna said.

” It’s doesn’t matter mom. The nurse are always keeping a close watch on her and at any slight mistake she might leave the hospital and anything can happen, her kllers might still be out there waiting for her,” Miguel said.
” Then why must it be here? Josie asked.

” So I can keep a close watch on her and see how I can help her recovery her memory,” he said.
” That’s pointless,” Josie said sternly.

” Okay then! I will just move her to my house in other estate,” he said then stood up.
” Isn’t that far from here? His mom asked.

” It’s doesn’t matter he muttered then walked out.
Nadine just kept quiet as she watch them.

“Is not a bad idea to help the poor lady, atleast I will have someone to talk to,” Nadine said.

” And you know how stubborn Miguel can be. Allow him do what he wants. You can’t keep controlling us this way dad,”
” Am not controlling you Nadine, am just being cautious as your father,”

” Well it can be annoying because we are no longer kids. If only you let me choose my choice it will be Lorenzo,” she blurt out angrily.

” But you would have end up being a young widow, his days were already numbered,” Josie spoke back.

” No dad! He was mvrdered. Someone intentionally klled Lorenzo and I promise to avenge his death if I get to find out who actually did that to him,” she said, then hurried to her room in tears.
” You can’t keep telling your children what to do always.

Nadine is already married to Leonard as you wished and now that she’s heavily pregnant she’s here to stay with us for this few months before she put to bed, please let’s do everything to make her happy even for the sake of our grandson.

Nadine has being through a lot already and let not add to her problems and if Miguel insist to bring the girl here then so be it. We can’t keep controlling them,” Julianna said.
” It’s okay,” he said.



“Stacy what are you doing here? Miguel asked when he saw her in his office.
“You refuse picking up my call so I have to come here myself,” she smiled.

“I thought I have make things clear to you Stacy. I would have get you arrested for everything you did but I won’t, why because I’ve given you a chance to amend your ways and if you ever think we will get back together then you must be dreaming because that will never happen,” he said.
” I will do everything to win you back..

” Nothing can win me back to you again Stacy, don’t even waste your time on me. Am sure you know your way to the door or should I call the security men to help you,” he seethed.
Immediately the door went open and Ashely walked in, surprised to see Stacy.
“You again! She said surprised to see her after a very long time.

” Yes, it’s Stacy your worst nightmare,” Stacy smirked.

“Mi..guel! Don’t tell me it’s because of this thing you always avoid me, claiming to be busy?

“Of course not Ashely. Can you just leave my office,” he said to them.

” Just quit it Ashely, till now Miguel isn’t into you. He doesn’t love you, just back off and let him be,” Stacy mocked
” Miguel is mine,”
” Am your worst nightmare Ashely and am here to take what rightfully belongs to me,”
” You two are just so annoying you know.

Am not a toy you would keep fighting over everytime. I guess am done with you guys,” Miguel said then quickly called the security men take them out.


Ashely kept pacing to and fro in her room thinking of what to do, indeed Stacy is her worst nightmare but she’s certain Miguel will never take Stacy back.

She has been friends with Miguel for a long time but it always break her heart to know she’s just in the friend zone list.

Miguel doesn’t feel the same way for her, he always sees her as his friend, but she wanted more than a friendship, she loved him so much, he has all it takes to be a good husband, Miguel is her dream man, she did everything she can to have him but to no avail, things got messy when she even find out she has a girlfriend Stacy.

They always end up fighting with Stacy each time their path crossed and when Stacy later broke up with him and left it was Ashely that help him recover but yet he couldn’t reciprocate to those feelings.

“I can’t let Stacy and Miguel get back together not when am still alive. Am tired of this one-sided love, I need a man to call mine and that man is Miguel, I will do everything I can to have him to myself,” she smirked..


@ The Montes Mansion.
Miguel walked in with the unknown girl behind him.
“Since you don’t like your stay in the hospital, you can stay here for the main time and recover your memory then go in search of your family,” he said while she just nodded then walked in.

” Nadine, this the lady I’ve been telling you about,” Miguel introduce her.

” What! Nadine was kinda surprised to see her.
” What’s her name? She asked.
“She haven’t recover anything yet,” he said.

“I think I have seen this face before,” Nadine said while Miguel was surprised to hear that…
✅Who is she?? 🤔🤔
✅ Leonard the Ro.mantic husband, he’s gradually wining the heart of Nadine🥰❣️

✅Austin and Leonard (the two devil’s want to expose themselves 🤣😅)


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