By Tiana Isaac

Episode 27

“Isn’t she coming for dinner? Julianna asked referring to the unknown girl Miguel brought.
“She’s in her room, the maid will attend to her,” he replied.

” She looks traumatized, I pray she recovers soon. Her face really look familiar but I can’t actually remember if I have seen her somewhere, ” Nadine said.

” And I just hope we are not making a mistake welcoming her to our home. We don’t know her, we don’t know where she came from and we don’t even know her name till now,” Josie said.

” Once she have fully recovery, we’ll trace back her family…
“And that’s if she even have one. You said she has been in coma for seven months so why hasn’t anyone showed up for her, not even her family? Josie asked.

“we can only find out when she recover her memory dad. I don’t think she’s bad person, she won’t be a problem us, ” Nadine assured him. As they continue having their dinner.


After dinner Nadine felt so bored and went to check on the unknown girl in her room.
She walked in and sat at the edge of her bed.
” Am Nadine, ” she smile. The girl was just staring at her, looking so scared.

“I don’t bite, we only want to help you recover and probably know who actually planned to kll you, ” Nadine said while the girl just kept mute.

” You should be happy you survived because not everyone have the chance at life that you got. Miguel told me, it was a miracle you survived.

I wish Lorenzo is somewhere alive too, ” she smiled sadly, blinking back the tears in her eyes.
“Somehow, I know there’s a family waiting for you out there, so you have to recover fast and fight, ”

” Don’t mind me, am just too emotional. Anyway goodnight,” Nadine smile, stood up and wave her goodbye before leaving.
🗣️You all are betrayers**
👥 Kamil… You can’t do this to me..
👥 It’s over .. I have won the election and that’s all that matters not you***
Different voices keep echoing in her ears, she kept tossing on the bed until she quickly jerk up.
“Why can’t I remember anything? She asked herself looking around.


A week Later**
“Who is Kamil? You’ve been mentioning the name in your sleep? Miguel asked.
“Yes dear. Are you starting to remember something? Julianna asked her and she shook her head.

“I only see things in my dream, how I was been to.rtured, with some strange faces around. I can’t exactly explained, am so confused,” she said.
” That’s means that Kamil must be someone from your past,” Julianna said.

” And you’re starting to remember something. Well I guess this wouldn’t take long you will remember everything,” Miguel said.
” I hope so,” she nodded.
“A mouth- watering dish, my favorite,” Nadine smiled as she devour the chicken and waffles.
” You so much love this huh!,” Leonard smiled watching Nadine eat. He took her to one of the best restaurants in town.

“Aren’t you eating?

” No, i just love seeing you eat,”

“Am eating for two now Leon,” she smiled, remembering those times she hanged out with Lorenzo. He knows her favorite meal and each time he prepare it she always like it. Indeed she can’t denied the fact that she misses Enzo.

“How’s our baby doing? I want to take you out for shopping today, maybe we can get few things for the baby,” Leonard said.

” Sure, am always free,”

“And what about the baby shower? I want to throw a big party for that,”

” Is that really necessary?

“Sure it is, this our first child Nadine, our first son, our first fruit and I want to give all my best.

I know I have failed in some aspects as a husband to you but I want to make it up to you and to our baby, I want to be the best father he could ever have. Am glad we are starting our family soon and ONLY YOU and my baby matters to me now, I love you so much,”

” Thanks Leon,” she smiled.

” Leonard is becoming more responsible now,” she thought.

“So how are things in the office. I really miss my work,” she pout.

“You will soon join me, is just the matter of few months,” he smiled.

” Sure,”

” So have you got a suitable name for our baby? He asked.

“I will like to name him Kyle,” he said.

” Kyle”, that sound odd to me maybe we should go with the name Eric,” she said as she remembered Lorenzo.
Nadine and Lorenzo walk hand in hand that evening as they talked about random stuffs.

“I want our first son to be named Eric and if it’s a female then it should be “Erica” and if it happens to be twins a boy and a girl then Eric and Erica,” he said making Nadine laughed.

” I have so many plans for us Nadine, for me, you and even our unborn kids. They won’t have to suffer just the same way did. I won’t allow them pass through what I passed and I will loved and cherish their mother all the days of my life, they will see and also believe that true love still exist from their parents,” he pulled her close, then hugged her.

” Am so lucky you know, having the best husband and the best father to our kids. Am sure you will be the best dad to them,” she smiled.

” Same with you Nadine, I pray it come to pass someday,”
“Sure Enzo. You’re the only one I love and ONLY YOU i will forever cherish,” she kissed him.
End of flashback…
” Eric! well it sounds good,” he shrugged then tap her, bringing her from her thoughts.
” Are you okay with that? She asked.

” Sure Nadine. Anything for you, anything that will make you and my son happy is my priority now, ‘ he assured her.

… Seeing how Leonard has completely changed and is trying his best to win her love, Nadine decide to let go and free her heart to love him back even for the sake of her unborn child.

She don’t want her son to grow from a separate family, so she decide to let things be and see if she can learn to love Leonard, fate has already decide so is left for her to make it work or not!

Nadine sat down at the sitting busy with her laptop when the door bell rang and she asked the maid to get it.
“Ash…” she called surprised to see her.
“Where’s Miguel? Ashely asked looking around.

” Miguel isn’t here and the last time I checked he didn’t invite you here either. And a piece of advise just stop throwing yourself at Miguel, he’s not interested in you Ashely,” Nadine said as she stood up.

” And look who’s talking. Nadine! You should be with your husband by now,”
” Wow, you’re already pregnant so why can’t your husband take care of you..

“Cut it off Ashely. Now get out! Nadine ordered.
” Am here to see Miguel and am not leaving. You shouldn’t interfere in this Nadine and mind you am not a fool like you who will choose a guy like Lorenzo and almost got disown by your family.

The news waa all over and everyone knows about that. It’s a good thing that wretched man is gone already and I urge you to back to Leonard and stop being a fool,” she yelled but got a heavy slapped from Nadine.

“You have no right to talk to me that way because you don’t know what I have been through,” Nadine snarled at her, feeling so angry.

” How dare you! Ashely yelled then dragged her hair forgetting about Nadine’s condition of being heavily pregnant.

The unknown girl saw what was happening from the stairs and quickly rushed to help, she pulled Ashely away from Nadine and sI.apped her.

“Maybe you should leave,” she fired back at her. Nadine was surprised by her sudden reaction because they girl was always quiet.

“And who the heck are you? Ashely asked surprised to see her.

“Or are you one of Miguel’s fk mate, are you the one he’s always busy with, you can’t take Miguel away from me,” Ashely yelled then pushed the girl in anger, making her slip and fall, htting her head in the process.

” Security!! Nadine quickly called them immediately.
” Get this mad woman out of here,”
Nadine was shocked to see the girl on the floor, not knowing what to do.

“And who the heck is that bch? Josie asked in anger when he was told about the scene Ashely pulled up.

“And what if something happens to you Nadine, you are pregnant and you shouldn’t have try to fight her back, I don’t want to loose my grandson,” Julianna said.

” Am fine mom, am just worried for the girl because she was hurt,”

” I will handle Ashely myself, let me check up on her,” Miguel said as he headed upstairs while Nadine followed him behind too.

He felt so angry that Ashely has to disrespect him this way and come to his place, fight his sister and now hurt the unknown girl.

“How you doing? He asked when he walked in, moving closer to her bed.
“I think I remember something,” she said calmly.

“You did! What’s that? He asked surprised to hear that.

“Everything about myself,” she said.

” I am Cassandra Vincente**

” Cassandra? Nadine asked when she walked in surprised to hear that from her.

“Kamil’s ex girlfriend, the godson of Senator Kendall? She asked
Now the story begins
We’ve got a new character ✨


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