By Tiana Isaac

Episode 28


° @ San Francisco
👥 ” Go Cassie!
👥 She’s so sxy
👥 The best dancer of the year
A loud ovation for Cassandra as she dance with her team on the stage at the bar.

“She’s beautiful, she got the perfect shape, the dancing step and..
“And.. everyone likes her here,” Laurel completed her statement.

” She can be a good model,” Stacy smiled watching Cassandra and her team dance, her eyes was on Cassie as she watch her every steps.

” Okay girls, we will meet up tomorrow,” Cassie smiled, she count her money and quickly put it in her bag, she checked the time and noticed it’s past 8pm.
“Oh no, dad will be worried about me,” she thought.
” Hi sxy,”
” You pe.rvert,” Cassie shook her head and turn to leave but was dragged back by the man.
” You’re a good dancer you know and you have the perfect shape,” he smirked.

” Am not a pro$titute you know, so get lost! She snapped.
“Get lost, didn’t you hear her,” a voice spoke while Cassie turn and saw a young lady.

” Okay..,” the man surrendered and left them.
” Thanks,” Cassie muttered to her then turn to leave.
“You’re a good dancer,” the lady said.

“I have heard that a thousands times. Anyway thanks,” she smiled.

” Am Stacy and this Laurel my friend,” Stacy introduced.
“Well this our first time in this bar and I was amazed to see you girls dance like that,” Stacy smiled.

” Thanks,”
” I will like to offer you a job as a model for my brand because you gat the perfect body for that,”
” A model? Cassie asked surprised.

“Am just impressed with your dance, your beauty and everything,”

“Am sorry but I don’t think am interested,” she said while Stacy countenance changed.

” Just think about it. Here is my card,” Stacy said while Cassie collect the card and hurriedly left.


Cassie changed into her normal clothes and rushed back home that evening.

“Where have you been? Her dad asked.
” Just coming back from the shop,” she said.
“Where’s uncle Terri? She asked.

” Cassie, why are you just coming now? Terri asked coming from the kitchen, he set the table for them.
“I stay up late..

” Doing what? Her Uncle Terri asked.
“Quit asking those questions. Am so exhausted,” Cassie sat down.

” So how was work today? Her dad asked.
” Fine dad,”
” You look so stressed out Cassie. You don’t have to stress yourself this much am doing everything I can as your father to get that money you need for college,”
” Sure thing dad,” she smiled.

” And you have to keep preparing for your exams in order to pass it,” Terri said.
” Sure uncle. Thanks. How are things in the saloon? She asked.

“I had a lot of costumers and I wished you were there to help,” he pout.

“Tomorrow is Saturday I will go there and help you out with some works,” she smiled.
” Am farmished, let’s eat!!

Cassandra Vincente is a young beautiful girl who lives with her dad who’s a farmer and her uncle Terri a hair dresser.

Her mom died of cancer when she was just a kid and from there she grew up with her grandma, dad and uncle but unfortunately her grandma died of heart failure few years back when Senator Kendall destroy their farmlands and wanted to chase them out of their own territory.

Cassandra was loved and Well known in the province especially for her braveness and kind heart.

Her dream is to be a nurse and now that she’s done with high school her dad had no money to further her education.

She got a part time job and aside from that she use what she have to get what she wants as she called it.

She’s a very good dancer and always dance at the bar to get paid inorder to gather money for college, her dream was to seat for her exams in college of nursing and midwifery and after that to get a good job at the Montes Medical Center in Manila.


The next morning..

Cassie was already at her uncle shop, she help him attend to other costumers.

“We’ve got more than enough money now Cassie, atleast for your tuition fees, feeding and accomodations. I guess you should buy the form and start preparing for the exams,” Terri said.

” Sure uncle. But can I ask you something?
” What’s that?
“Can I be a Model…?
” Huh?

” I mean, a lot of people even thought am a model, do I look like one?

“Oh.. Cassie, you’re so beautiful and have the all that it takes but.. you are Nurse Cassie,”
” Sure.. being a nurse is my passion, ” she smiled..


After working for few hours Cassie hurried to her work place at the shopping mall.
“You’re late,” one of her friend said.

“I help my uncle finish something in the saloon. I hope the boss isn’t here? She asked looking around.
“He just left,”
“Oh,” she heaved a sigh of relief.

“And in the evening i will be going to the bar to dance for the last time with my team,”

” Have your family knows about that Cassie. You told me yourself if your dad and uncle get to know that you’ll be in trouble,” Ann whispers to her.

” I know and that’s why am being careful, atleast I’ve got enough money to go to college so I will quit it soon,” Cassie said.

” And someone is offering me a job to work in their brand as a model, see this,” she showed her the card.

” Wow, from Stacy Lopez. My favorite Model. This a lifetime opportunity Cassie,” Ann jump in excitement.

” But I don’t even know if they have a good intentions towards me,”

” Who wouldn’t like you Cassie. This your chance to break out of poverty and start making your own money…

“But what about my dreams of being a nurse and to work in one of the best hospital in Manila. I don’t wanna continue living here, manila is the dream..

“Are you still obsessed to work in the Montes medical center.

No one gets to work there just like that and you have no one to help you get there and beside you still have a long way to go Cassie, you’re just nineteen and it will take you years to finished college of nursing before you start up something.

Please don’t let this golden opportunity slide, at nineteen you will be Model, you be so popular and have money of your own and you can later fulfill your dreams of being a nurse,”

” You’re just a talkative Ann, anyway I will think about it,” she said.
” You better give it a second thought,”

” Will you just stand and keep talking while there’s a lot do work to do,” Mr Jude yelled at them.
” Sorry sir,” Ann quickly apologize and run to her post.


@ The bar.

After dancing Cassie sighted Stacy and walked up to her.
“I came back for you, I will be going to Manila tomorrow morning,”
” Manila? You live there? Cassie asked.
“Sure,” she nodded.

“I haven’t tell my parents about it but I will get back to you as soon as I did,”
” It’s okay, I just hope it won’t take long,”

” Sure,” Cassie smiled
” Cassandra! Terri called, surprised to see her.
” Uncle! She said shocked. He drag her out until they stopped outside.

“What are you doing here? They both asked each other.
” I should be the one asking, don’t tell me you’re a bar dancer here. Because I saw everything earlier,” he said so disappointed.

” Am sorry uncle..,”
” Let meet at home,” he said angrily then left.
” Oh no, it bursted,” she said sadly.
“For how long has this been going on? Mr Vicente, her dad asked her.
“For over a month now,” Cassie answered with her head down.

“Being a bar dancer for over a month, how many guys have harass you, how many have try to rappe you or let me say how many have you slept with,” he yelled at her.

” Dad! Am only doing that to gather enough money for college and nothing else, am not a pro$titute and I will never be one,” she said, her eyes clouded with tears.

” We’ve talked about that Cassie and am doing all I can to see you go back to school..
“I know that and I appreciate that but..

” No buts.. Cassandra, am so disappointed in you,” he said.
” If i haven’t went there to see one of my costumer then we wouldn’t have known this.

Cassie we are worried because you’re just too young for all these,” Terri said.
” It’s Okay.. I understand,” she said before walking to her room.

Days later..
Cassandra purchase the form and was preparing for her exams.

“Cassie,” her dad sat down opposite to her.
” You’re preparing greatly for your exams indeed,” he said, seeing how she always sleep late just to make sure she cover some topics by reading them.

“Sure dad, I had too and that’s the reason why I had to quit everything and prepare well for the exams,”
” Am sorry Cassie! I failed as a father for not being able to provide for you..

“You don’t have to say that. You and uncle have been the best ever since mom died and i know you as my parents, sadly grandma isn’t here to see her little Cassie again,”

” sure! Just that the world out there is too dangerous and evil, it’s not like your high school so always be careful. And am always right here to support you,”

“Thanks dad but what about the modeling stuff I told you about. She’s hoping I would get back to her soon,”

” You don’t know her Cassie, you don’t even know if she’s right about what she told you. You’re too young for that and I don’t want you to get exposed to such things. Focus on your dreams for now, ” he said.

“It’s okay dad,” she nodded.
“Tomas! Cassie called surprised to see him. It’s been a while they saw each other because he travel. Tomas is her senior cousin brother.

“How is work? She asked, then offered him a chill water.
” Nothing is going on well Cassie, even in my political career,” he said with a frown face.

” And what about the promises a lot of people made to you?
“It’s all fake. Am angry and frustrated at the same time,”
” I told you already especially about Kendall he’s just using you because til now he haven’t even helped you get any tangible position.

Can’t you see you’ve changed a lot Tomas, remember it was because of your greediness his former driver Harris was klled with his family,” she reminded him.

She still can’t forgot what happened even thou she was just a kid that time but she could remember what happened how their farmlands was destroyed by Senator Kendall and that even lead to their grandma having heart attack which resulted I to her dead.

She remembered how they pleaded with Harris his former driver to help them out by planting a camera in his room and office inorder to have evidence to pull him down once and for all, he agreed to help them out of pity but the only news they later heard was that they man was de.ath with all of his family in a fire accident, they suspected Senator Kendall has a hand in it and wonder if he actually know Harris was no longer loyal to him.

But it was after few months Tomas confess to them that he was the one that rant Harris out because Kendall has promised him money.

“That poor man died in vain and it affected his family because they were innocent and it all because of your selfish reason Tomas. At some point you’re the betrayer and spy of our enemy and til now we have no peace because that man is still alive,”

” I have learnt my lesson the hard way Cassie and I hope Mr. Harris will forgive me wherever he is and that the justice we all truly deserve here in the province will be served someday…
Flashbacks continue..


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