By Tiana Isaac

Episode 29
👥 Congratulations Cassie
👥Nurse Cassie!!!
👥 You’ve make us proud..
Cassandra received a lot of congratulatory messages.
After her graduation in school her dad and uncle threw a simple party in the neighborhood and everyone went there to celebrate with her.

“Congratulations Cassie, you’re now a qualified nurse. Am so proud of you, ” Vicente smile, he hugged his daughter.
” I love you dad, thanks for your support and everything,” she smiled.

The rest of the evening was wonderful as she celebrate with the people around.
“Are you Cassandra Vincente? A delivery man asked as he approached her with some flowers.
” I was sent to give you this,” he said handing the bouquet of flowers to her and left immediately before she could ask any questions. Well this isn’t the first time a delivery man is giving her flowers sent by someone she don’t even know.
“Awwnn… You have a suitor now,” Ann asked as she collect the flowers and smell it.
” It’s so beautiful! Look a letter,” she quickly unfold it and read it.
💌 Happy graduation beautiful. Wish you greater things ahead. From your secret admirer 😘❤️💌.

“Secret admirer? Cassie frown.

” Who the heck is this anonymous! why can’t he be a man and open up to me by himself,” Ann said.
” It’s annoying you know, am not taking those flowers throw them away,” Cassie seethed.

” What! You dare not Cassie. This flowers are expensive and look nice too we can’t just throw them,”
” Okay have it to yourself!!


•Few days later••

“My little Cassie has a suitor now? Terri asked
” Am not little uncle, am 22 already and by next year I will be 23,”

” You’re still my little Cassie of yesterday,” he laughed seeing the reaction on her face, she hate it when anyone call her little, it was her grandma that gave her that name “little Cassie” ever since her mom died.

“Little Cassie is now big Cassie,” she frown.
“Is that the reason those suitors send you flowers everyday?

“I don’t know uncle that person said he’s just a secret admirer, I wonder why he hasn’t showed up. It annoying always receiving those flowers from someone I have no idea of,”
” Maybe he’s shy!
“Shy! That’s a total turn off for me. I hate shy guys,”
” Or maybe he’s waiting for the right time to reveal himself to you,”

“To h’ll with that! i just want to focused on my life especially now that am done with my school. I need a good job where I can help you and dad,”
” That’s so sweet of you,” he smiled.

” We need a change of scenery. We can’t live here forever I want us to move to manila,”
” Is not as easy as you think Cassie and we don’t even know anyone in manila,” he said sadly.

” MMC is the dream uncle. I want to work with the Montes in their hospital that will be a dream come true for me and I will make that happen,” she smiled.


A black tinted SUV car stopped at a far distance as they watch Cassie attend to some women who were injured.

👤 She’s Cassandra Vincente loved by everyone in this province. She’s kind and out spoken. They people here listen to whatever she says, she’s the heart of the people here and they normally call her “Nurse Cassie”. We can use her for our political game to win the election,” the man explained to the other guy seating next to him.

👤”I have the heart of every girl at the tip of my finger, I know how to make her fall for me,” the other guy smirked as he watch her from afar.
👤” She’s beautiful and perfect too,” he smirked.
👤 ” Let keep sending her those flowers,” he said.

” We need someone responsible in this community who will help us bring down people like that old fool Kendall and this time election we have to vote with wisdom,” Cassie discuss with her friends and some of the youths in the neighborhood.
“Sure, we have to choose our savior wisely,”

“It was because of that Kendall I lost my grandma, he has put a lot of people under pressure, destroy lives and properties yet he’s still free because our system is corrupt and Justice can no longer be served.

This time around we will go for Mr Jerry Dante as our Mayor and not that Kamil because he’s the godson of Mr Kendall,”
“sure, and that’s exactly what we will do,” Gavin said and the whole youths agree to that.


Cassandra walk to and fro in her room reading a textbook, checking the time she noticed it’s 8pm already. She picked up her phone and browsed a lot about the *MMC, Montes Medical Center in Manila.

“Who did I know in Manila? She thought but couldn’t think of any. Immediately she remembered Stacy the lady she meet at the bar four years ago, the one that gave her a complimentary card to call anytime she’s ready to be a model.
“Stacy is the only way out,” she thought.
“Are you sure of this Cassie, it’s almost four years now will she even accept you now? Ann asked. Cassie told her of her plans to call Stacy since she lives in manila.

“I don’t know Ann but her name just crossed my mind yesterday and I still have her card. I will just give it a try,” Cassie told her. She dailed the number and prayed it works.

📞 Hello, who’s on the line? A female voice asked.
Cassie heaved a sigh of relief.
📞Am Cassandra Vincente and i want to speak to Miss Stacy..
📞” This her secretary speaking, I will get back to you when she’s ready to see you,”

” I pray I get to talk with Stacy,” Cassie prayed silently.
“It will work out Cassie and who knows if she knows anything about the **MMC, she can help you with that too,” Ann said.


Cassandra was opportune to talk to Stacy and to her surprised she was so happy to hear from her after those years even thou she forgot about her. She went down to San Francisco to see Cassie and talk things with her on how they will go about it.

“You can still be a model and a nurse Cassie and to surprise you my boyfriend is Miguel Montes so if you’re really qualified for the job, you will get it, ” she said, Cassie was shocked to hear that.

” Dr. Miguel Montes your boyfriend? She asked Happily while Stacy just nodded.

“I believe my qualification and experience will pave a way for me, am a good nurse already,” she said confidently.

“You’re on the right track Cassie I know a lot of people and Miguel have connect me with people who will help me in my career. We started dating just last few months, I think am the luckiest Woman,” she smiled.
” Wow, am so happy for you. Am ready to do anything,” Cassie said determined.

Cassandra explained everything to her dad and uncle about having the chance to get a job at the MMC in Manila and her friend will help her out with that. Her dad wasn’t okay with that but she insisted and he just like her be. To chase her dreams..


Cassie was so happy to be in manila, Stacy showed her places around and took her to the Montes Medical Center.

📞”Hello babe,” Cassie called her friend Ann on video call.
📞” Am at *MMC right now,”
📞” Ohhhh,” Ann yelled in excitement
📞 You’re so crazy you know! Well I might get the chance to see Dr. Miguel Montes..
📞What! Dr. Miguel? handsome Miguel you’re finally gonna see him face to face and probably get a job there too. You’re so favoured Cassandra, am so happy for you,” Ann said in excitement.
📞” I will gist you about everything later I have to go now,”
” First thing first Cassie you have to undergo some few training for few days for the modelling, they will tell you everything you need to know,” Stacy said while Cassie just nodded.

” Babe,” Miguel called as he walked up to them, Cassie almost freeze the moment she saw Miguel standing right in front of them. It’s a dream come true for her and Stacy has help her fulfill that dream so easy.

“This Cassandra, my friend,” Stacy introduce while Miguel wave at her.
” How you doing?
” Am fine,” Cassie replied slowly.

“Laurel is on her way to pick you from here to our lounge,” Stacy told her as they walked out with Miguel hand in hand.

Cassie smiled, staring at the building, the people moving around and the nurses too, she wished she’s one of them, working there.
“Can’t wait to work here,” she giggled.

@ Beauty Talent Studio


🗣️ If you’re an aspiring model I guess you should make use of those tips:
• Recognize your strength, understand the duties of the job, take care of your appearance, get headshots, create a portfolio..

Cassie listen carefully to everything they were thought as she jot some important things down.

After these fews days of teaching, Stacy kick off with the plan as Cassie join the brand and make her first photoshots which became the talk of the brand.

Everyone likes her already and she’s really putting all her effort into the modelling just as Stacy wanted it to be.

It as if Cassie have forgotten what she came here to do- to get a job at the MMC.


“It’s not up to a week I gave you that huge sum money Stacy, you live an extravagant life style and that can only make you waste the valuable resources you have,” Miguel said, surprise by Stacy constant demand of money from him.

Well he have been spending more than enough for her, he makes sure everything is going on fine with her career as a model, he connect her with big brand that made her popular and promote her, he has done more than enough ever since they started dating but what he couldn’t just understand is why she keep demanding for huge sum of money even when is not necessary.

” The bigger we go the bigger the problems Miguel. You’re a Montes’ and you have all the money in world to give me, please,” Stacy cooed caressing her hands all over his chest.

” I love you Miguel and you’re the best thing that ever happened to me if you don’t want to give me the money then it’s fine,” she frown turning to leave but Miguel grabbed her back and slammed his lips on hers kssing her fiercely.
“Anything for you Stacy,” he said.

Cassandra watch them from a corner and wonder what Stacy is up to because from the look of things Stacy just want to drain Miguel, she’s using him for her selfish reasons, to gain popularity and established herself well in her career and now she’s using him as her money bag.



“We are sorry ma’am, you don’t have enough work experience on the job,” the man in the office told her when she went for the nurses Interview.

“But i have the skills your looking for in a nurse. Am sure you’ve went through my certificate already, am also a motivated person and always go beyond what’s expected for the job, am organized calm and I can handle any patients,” Cassie said, hoping he will agree to that.

” Am sorry Miss but this Montes Medical Center we are talking about not any other hospital, is not just for any nurse, we don’t want quack or lazy people around.

Atleast a master’s degree in nursing and 4+ years of prove experience effectively and efficiently to be able to manage both patients and staff. We don’t just take anyone here,” he said while Cassie stood up disappointed and walked out.

On her way out she saw Dr. Miguel walking out of the hospital with two doctors behind him and some nurses.

“Dr. Miguel,” she called as she ran fast to catch up with them but was stopped by a security guard.

“I want to talk to him, just for a few seconds,” she pleaded.

” He has an urgent surgery to attend and you don’t even have an appointment with him right?

“Why is everyone here acting all bossy, just get out of my way,” she yelled, pushed him and quickly ran outside but unfortunately they have left already.

✅Who is sending Cassie those flowers…?

✅What will happen to Cassie and Stacy friendship?? 😅🤔🙄🤷
Flashbacks continues..


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