Digging for My Son!

This brought tears down my eyes this morning…its a good read. God is Faithful! – The Best Pieces I’ve Read This Year! In the country of Armenia, in 1988, Samuel and Danielle sent their young son, Armand, off to school. Samuel squatted before his son and looked him in the eye. “Have a good day … Read more

DEEP HATRED (Episodes 29 & 30)

This interesting story is written by Queen . . Episode 29 AYNA’S POV Ayna don’t cry, you won’t let his hurtful words hurt you. I wiped my forehead and forced myself to smile “You know the Caine’s mansion right??” I asked and he nodded. “Madam who doesn’t know the Caine’s mansion. The wealthiest family in … Read more

DEEP HATRED (Episodes 27 & 28)

This interesting story is written by Queen . . Episode 27 AYNA’S POV I tried locking the door on their faces but one of them stopped me. “What what do you you guys want? Don’t come anywhere near me” I said moving back as they walked in. Each step they took forward, I also took … Read more


There are many lies people are branding around about Church wedding that needed to be corrected as they have led lots of youth and singles astray, making many to incur heavy debts which take years to pay after the wedding guests had left. Here are 13 lies you must not believe about church wedding. 1) … Read more

DEEP HATRED (Episodes 25 & 26)

This interesting story is written by Queen Episode 25 Brian’s Pov I had watched her come out of the house, the one opposite my restaurant. She was watering the plants and the urge to go and meet her came to me, so I decided to. “You” She said shocked. “We meet again….. cab woman?” I … Read more


By: Dr. D. K. Olukoya Many years ago, I used to interpret the saying Marriage is not for small boys to mean small boys in terms of age, until I visited a female mentor that has been in marriage for 47 years. I asked, so what is the secret of your over 47 years in … Read more


STORY BY PATRICK DOMINIC I sat down inside the keke, thinking about what my kids were going to eat when they returned from school. After their mum died, the sole responsibility of taking care of the kids was on me and it didn’t bother me. I was doing relatively well until I was sacked from … Read more

DEEP HATRED (Episodes 23 & 24)

This intresting story is written by Queen Episode 23 Another love story begins AYNA’S POV I took my bath and went to the dressing room. “I’ll just wear something casual” I told myself and picked a jeans short and red hoodie. I sighed and sat on the chair in front of my mirror. I picked … Read more

DEEP HATRED (Episodes 21 & 22)

This interesting story is written by Queen . Episode 21 Rayna’s Pov “Wake up sleeping beauty” I heard Daxton’s voice said. I opened my eyes a little and closed it back immediately. Damn! I was so tired. “C’mon princess wake up, I made breakfast for you” Daxton continued. I sighed and used the pillow to … Read more