PAST MISTAKES : Episode 21 – The End

Past Mistakes

Chapter Twenty Two Extra

Ares put me down on my feet and k!ssed me with deep, hot and intense hunger. I felt drugged with his delicious taste, his smell and the heat of his body. I wanted more of him so badly. His hand left my nape and ran down my back, skimming my waist. I gasped when I felt his other hand inside my skirt, running his fingers to the length of my thigh upwards.

“Ares.” I murmured. I was hypnotized by his touch. I tingled under his fingertips, sweetly draining all my doubts and fears.

“Do you think we should stop and wait for our wedding night?” Ares looked at me with a wicked grin.

“Damn you Ares. Stop talking and finish what you’ve started!”

That made him laugh and k!ssed me hungrily, thrusting his t0ngue inside my m0uth, expl0ring my recesses. He pulled my legs up around his waist, holding my firmly and pressing the c0re of my ar0usal to his er*ction.

The sensation was so delicious and electrifying. All my nerve endings were tingling. I m0aned with intense plea.sure and grind my h!ps, rubbing my s0ftness to his er*ction.

“Oh God, Rachel. You need to tell me where the bedroom is. Either we do it here or…” Ares gr0aned like a wounded animal.

“In the bedroom. Second door to the left.” I answered abruptly, never letting the moment of ecst@sy die down.

Ares carried me to the bedroom and laid me on the bed. He was on top of me in seconds and continued k!ssing me. This time it was wilder and more electrifying.

He opened the butt0ns of my bl0use and pushed it aside. His mouth was moistly hot and his tongue strongly wild as it ran on my sensitive skin — down on my neck, my shoulders and the valley of my bre@sts. He snapped open my black lace br@ssier and stared at my twin peaks with dark dilated pupils.

“You have perfect bre@sts.” He said before his head bent down and l!cked my n!pple.

I screamed with plea.sure as his tongue circled my are0la, then made flicking movements before he svckled it. He did the same to my other bre@st, making my body ached more for his touch.

“Ares… please don’t stop.”

My hands were on his head, raking his hair. I grabbed his shirt up wanting it out so I could touch the heat of his skin. I whimpered as our bodies touched skin to skin. The warmth of his soft flesh was intoxicating. Sen.sual. Delightful and earthshaking.

Ares peeled the rest of my clothes, leaving my black lace bikini. His eyes were full of desire as it traveled my body. “You’re so beautiful, Rachel.” He murmured.

“You are too.”

He touched his shoulder and arm that was covered with scars.

I touched his scars too, gently running my fingertips from his arm to his shoulder, neck and face. “You’re beautiful to me, Ares. I don’t mind if you’re covered with scars.” I replaced my fingertips with my lips, trailing k!sses up to his scarred face. “I love you. All of you.”

“Thank you, baby. I love you so much.” He k!ssed me again, fiercely and I responded with equal fervour.

My soft n@ked curves moulded to the contours of his lean body. His breathe was warm and moist against my face and my heart was racing so fast. His hand was kneading my bre@st and his thumb rolling my n!pple created delicious tingling sensations all throughout my body. I g@sped when his mouth covered my bre@st and flicked the tip of his t0ngue on my n!pple.

His hand went down and touched the upper hem of my black lace bikini. Gently creeping inside until he touched the wetness of my fem!n!ne p@rt.

“Ares…” I whimpered. Pressing his hand between my th!ghs together. My hand held his wrist. The sensation was so overwhelming and yet frightening. I had never experience it before and it was too much to bear.

“It’s okay.” He said and removed his hand away from my thighs. His breathing was ragged as he stared at me. “Do you trust me, Rachel?”

I nodded. “Yes. Yes.”

Ares slowly rem0ved my underwear. His eyes were so dark, full of desire as he stared at my n@kedness. “I dream of this every night. Us, making l0ve.” He said and planted a k!ss on my stomach.


“Shhh.” He said and continued k!ssing my stomach running his tongue down to my thigh. He was kneeling on the floor and pulled my legs over his shoulder. I bit my lower lip at the first touch of his t0ngue at the c0re of my ar0usal. I wanted to scream. To cry at the unusual sens@tion he was creating on my body. Every lap and fl!ck of his t0ngue put me to the edge of wanting more and more…

“Ares… Oh… Ares…”

I grabbed his head, moving my h!ps to meet every lap of his strong tongue, wanting him to go on and on… and to go faster and faster. My p@ssion rising like the hottest fire, clouding my brain and my body began to v!brate with liquid f!re. I m0aned aloud as I reached the highest peak of my desire.

Later when Ares entered inside, I was so ready for him. I surrendered completely to him – my body and soul. He drew me to the heights of p@ssion I had never knew before and I trusted him… and loved him more.

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