PIZZA GIRL: Chapter 1 – 10


(She was Trouble until she met him 😊❤️)

Written by Authoress Ti Fe 💞📚



We got to the next street after approximately seven minutes of us trekking in silence.

“We are here. Start walking home and don’t look back. It’s very dangerous.” I said looking at her.

” Please can’t you just follow me home? I mean, if you aren’t busy.” She said and I sighed.

” Where actually is your house?” I asked and she smiled.

” Two streets from here.” She replied and I sighed again.

” It’s quite far.” I said and she nodded sadly.

” And your scooter?” I asked.

“I will push it home. I don’t know where those men are presently.” She said and we began to walk.

” What happened?” I asked.

“I went to deliver pizza, remember when I mistakenly splashed mud on you? So sorry about that.” She said and I shook my head.

” It’s nothing.” I replied smiling faintly.

” I was done delivering and when I came out, I saw some drunk a*sh0les by my scooter, drinking and smoking cigar.”

” I asked them to excuse me, but it seemed one of them wanted more than just sitting on my scooter. In anger, I hit with my head and then drove off.”

” And when I thought we were done, I saw them after me on power bikes and that’s why I ran into the dark woods so as to dodge from them. And that was when you came.” She narrated and I sighed.

” You need to be really careful with these guys on the streets. They are quite dangerous than you think.” I said and she smiled.

” But you are different from them.” She and I smriked.

” You can’t be so sure…..” I said wanting her to say her name.

” Diana.” She replied and I nodded.

“You can’t judge a book by the cover. There are many guys like me out there who mean harm too.” I said and she looked at me.

” And do you mean harm? To me?….” She said and paused.

” Isaac.” I replied and she nodded.

“Yes Isaac, do you wish to hurt me too?” She asked and I sighed.

” I won’t gain anything from that. I have been on the streets for more than a decade now. I know how to well mind my business. So harming you won’t give me what I have ever wanted to have.” I said and she smiled.

” You are actually amazing.” She said smiling.

” Thanks Diana.” I replied.

“You wish to share your past?” She asked and I shook my head.

” Nevermind, Its a very ugly one. You shouldn’t get yourself bothered with that. What is important now is to get you home safely.” I said and she nodded smiling.

” Thank you for not being like the others.” She said and I nodded as we moved into the next street.

“Where do you stay?” She asked and I sighed.

” Nowhere in particular. I am where I am at that very moment.” I said and she looked at me.

” So I may not see you again?” She asked sadly.

” That’s very possible Diana. Don’t be sad, not everyone met are meant to stay. Some come for a purpose and once fufiled they move on.” I said.

” So your purposes was to save me right?” She asked.

” Who knows?” I asked shrugging my shoulders.

” If we meet again, that means this isn’t the only purpose of us meeting. But if we don’t then,I am done here.” I said and she nodded.

” My house is over there.” She said pointing to.the house that was featured metres away from us.

“I guess I can go back now. Take care of yourself.” I said and she nodded looking at me.

” Try to visit at least once more.” She said and I sighed.

” I ain’t needed by anyone, let’s just bade ourselves goodbye here.” I said and she sighed.

” Bye Isaac. Wish to see you soon.” She said and I smiled.

” Bye Diana.” I said and turned my back as I began to walk back to the woods. My stomach was grumbling badly and I needed to eat.

She interrupted my feeding.


I walked into the house and I saw mom pacing in the living room.

“Mom.” I called and she ran to me hugging me.

“Diana, how are you? Are you okay?” She asked in great concern.

” I am okay Mom.” I replied smiling.

“What happened?” She asked pulling me to the couch as we both sat

“Some men tried attacking me after I gave one of them what he deserved. I ran into the woods to hide and then I saw a guy who helped me home.” I summarize removing my boots.

” Wow, I was so scared after reading your message. You need to be very careful Diana, we don’t know what these people can do.” She said and I nodded.

” I greatly understand mom. Thank you.” I said smiling.

” You must be hungry. Come to the dinning table,made dinner already.” She said walking to the dinning table, and my mind flashed back to Isaac that I met eating garbage.

If only he waited,he would have eaten good food.

“Next time we meet, (if at all we would), I would give him a very nice meal to keep him going. He doesn’t deserve a life like that.” I thought sitting at the dinning table.

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