Written By Precious Boluwatife Kolade

😛 EPISODE 52 😛


We bent down together and started packing our stuffs . My fingers were shaky as I packed the jewelries back into it’s box.

“Hi,who are you? He said with a calm voice .

I didn’t even turn to look at him again but dmn he’s so cute!

Cecelia focus…! Focus!

I turned away and stood up briskly as I headed towards the door closing it behind me when I heard Angel’s voice.

“Stop that Child Trafficker….!!!”. She shouted.

My feets didn’t tell each other as they started the race of life towards the backyard.

I grabbed on to the head of the stroller and started running towards the park.

If I’m caught that’s the end for me!!



“Gosh, I’m so tired right now… I’ll just take my travelling bag inside,will you help me with the rest? I said to Drake as I got down from the taxi and left him there .

Surprisingly,the door was not even locked . I turned the knob open and everywhere was as silent as a graveyard.

“Angel? Jordan? I was hoping to hear some babbles from Jordan or he and his mom arguing over something because that was their normal routine everyday.

But I was wrong maybe they were asleep. I tossed my travelling bag to a side when I remembered that Cecelia was even around.

“Cecelia? Where are these guys? I went to the room I told Valerie to give to Cecelia since she’ll need her privacy but the room was swept clean as if someone doesn’t live there .

I looked around for the umpteenth time and closed the door as I ran upstairs to Valerie’s room when I met my greatest shock.

“Valerie? My eyes was widened as I ran to her side .

She was almost unconscious.

“What happened here? Where is Jordan and Cecelia? I said with tears. Her sight was not what I left before going to Canada

Definitely, something had occurred here but what??

“Valerie? Say something… please”. I shouted as she managed to talk

“Ce…Ce…Ce”. She pointed towards the door .

My mind raised when I imagined what Valerie is trying to tell me. Cecelia beat her up and took her son away from her.

“No! Jordan”. I dropped Valerie on the floor as she landed with a thud . I’ll kll that wench .

I raced down the stairs like I’m being pursued.

“Cecelia? I shouted in annoyance as I bumped into Drake who was packing some stuffs from the floor .

The bags he was holding dropped on the floor. I didn’t even wait for him as I went out and he followed me.


❤️DRAKE ❤️

I heard Angel shouting . It should probably be one of their silly pranks so I’m not worried .

The noise was getting so intense as I packed the bags from the floor .

That woman that went outside looks kinda suspicious . I was still thinking when I looked up and saw Angel shouting Cecelia.

That should be that woman that went out the other time . She bumped into me again as the bags dropped on the floor.

“Seriously? I groaned and followed her. She seemed worried .

What could she be looking for? Suddenly I saw a lady down the street running with a baby stroller .

“Could that be? My eyes widened

“Jordan…!!!!” . The bags dropped from my hands as I did a fly over from the fence and ran towards her.

“Drake… Jordan….Jor…”. Angel sobbed pointing at the lady I bumped into earlier on .

She should be Cecelia.

“Get the car and the cops…she’s in big soup when I lay my hands on her”. I kept running.

I was not out of breath. Running is actually my thing . Finally, I got hold of her . I was actually surprised with the way I reached her .

She was about reaching a black van when I grabbed her by the neck of her clothes and drew her back as I gave her a punch on her nose , I knew it has broken because it bled.

But I didn’t care, don’t mess with me or any of my family and friends .

She fell to the floor and let go of the baby stroller . It raced down the road .

The black van followed it , I dropped Cecelia after placing few punches on her face which made her unconscious.

I’ll deal with those guys too.

I kept running with my legs when I spotted a man with a bike.

“Borrow me please”. I pushed him off and revved the engine.

“Hey…. you’re ¢razy”. He shouted

“I know I am”. I shouted back smiling. This looked like a movie. I was behind them and now I was hearing the siren of the policemen.

I saw Angel too at the back through the side mirror. She honked at me.

“Pass the other street and meet the stroller there”. I shouted and she double crossed the baby stroller at the other street .

The black van noticed we won’t back off so they backed off as the police officers followed them .

I kept following the baby stroller. Now he is even giggling at me and waving.

“Jeez!!” .

An oncoming truck almost hit the baby stroller as he swerved his hand and hit the wall .

Sht! That was so close.

“Ba—ba—” . He giggled. I rode again and was almost there .

I looked up and saw Angel’s car parked across the roadside. I was at peace , I wanted to hide the baby stroller closely towards Angel . Jordan even made funny faces at me , I was smiling at him not until a truck came closer again .

It was almost close to him as I dragged Jordan out from the baby stroller and we both fell down as the truck crushed the baby stroller.

This time around, I guess he was scared with what happened. It looked like magic .

He was facing me as he placed his little hands on my chest and cried . His cap has covered his face .

I never knew people were even watching and recording all I heard was applaud . I looked up and saw a tray of people surrounding me.

“Gosh…!” . My heart beat was fast . He only cried . Amidst his tears is his little milk teeth which only grew under .



As the truck came closer it all looked like a slow motion as Drake dragged Jordan out from the baby stroller.

Thankfully, he wasn’t strapped to the stroller with the seat belt so it was easy.

I almost fainted . The two of them fell flat on the floor from the bike . The tyres of the bike rolled in a high pace too as I ran towards them

People were applauding his bravery. I ran to the scene and carried Jordan into my arms. He was crying but was not hurt.

“Shushhh….I’m sorry honey, I’m sorry”. Tears formed mist in my eyes as I cried.

Drake was bruised a bit because he fell off the bike and tried protecting Jordan so he won’t be bruised and he took the pain himself

“Is he alright? He came behind me

“Yeah…he is, but we still need to visit the hospital”. I said walking towards the car.

We headed home and met the police officers waiting for us.

Valerie was already in one of their buses and she was being attended to

“My baby”. She cried and stood up as she carried him from my arms.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t help you…I’m sorry…. forgive mommy”. She sobbed as I hugged them both.

“Mama…”. He smiled again pointing at Drake who stood afar as he waved and came closer.

“Ohh,he’s trying to tell you that Drake saved him,when the truck almost crushed him”. I explained

“What? Drake? She smiled and ran into his arms with the baby .

They looked like one big happy family. Like a reunion.

I left the and went to where Cecelia was being questioned.

“Cecelia? How dare you? I moved closer to her and gave her a hot sI.ap.

“Miss, take it easy”. A police officer said .

“She should rot in jail…I thought you were my friend,how could you do this to a baby that is barely 3?? You’re inhumane… Bch”. I spat away

“This is not her first time, infact she’s a wanted criminal. Thanks to you and your family, we’ve apprehended her and her cohorts”. The officer smiled at me and took Cecelia and those guys away.

I bet she’ll be dealt with . I don’t care anyways. We all entered my house after the police officers left for the station.

“Valerie? Are you okay? I said looking at her .

I bet she was very scared .

“I’m trying to be okay, I don’t know what I’ll do if I lose Jordan? I don’t know..I felt so helpless back there ….I…I ” . She broke down in tears when she was lost for words.

Jordan got down from her hands to play with Drake .

“Heyyyy, this is not your fault… nobody knew this was gonna happen and it’s actually my fault. I shouldn’t have allowed that hardened criminal into my home…near you and Jordan. We would never lose Jordan…never ever,I promise you… huh? Now give me that bright smile that won Drake’s heart”. I whined her .

“Stop bluffing nuthead”. She sI.apped my head.

“I’ll make us corn bread and milk”. I stood up heading to the kitchen to give them space.

“Wait, how was what you went to Canada to do? She said

“Guess what? I ran back to sit so I could give her the full gist.

“What? She said with excitement written all over her face .

“When I got there, I called Mr Lawson, that Nigerian Friend I told you about? Yeah, so we planned on bringing Mr Mark from the prison when my phone rang early in the morning. It was Me Lawson, he told me that the President granted prerogative of mercy to all prisoners that’s how Mr Mark got out from prison”

“Oh my gosh….” She stood up excitedly and hugged me.

“I’m so glad too”.

“What about the twins and their mother? Did they say anything? She inquired

“Yes, I can’t believe Aunt Martha recognize me actually…I was forgiven too and the twins sent their regards. They gave me some stuffs for you and Jordan. Aunt Martha said you should pay her a visit with Jordan one day , you can offload the stuffs I brought…I’ll be in the kitchen”.

I said standing up as I went to the kitchen .



Jordan was becoming a replica of Harris everyday . His brown hair with a Little tint of gold the mouth too .

I watched him as he played with his toys as I relaxed back watching the TV.

“Thank you…Drake”. Valerie spoke up after minutes of silence.

“I thought you don’t wanna talk to me? I smiled

“What? Why won’t I? You saved my baby…I’m grateful and I owe you”.

“Owe me for what? Jordan is like a little brother and son to me too… remember he’s the son of my friend, childhood friend”.

“I know, don’t remind me “. She said and looked away.

“Have you forgiven him? I asked her .



THE question he asked made my heart shiver . I was silent .

“It is okay if you don’t wanna tell me, but you need to let go of your past and focus on the future. You have Jordan with you now and I don’t think Harris has the hint that he’s with you… Valerie,some things in this world needs to be left behind. Everything happens for a reason…let go of your grudges and focus on what the future has for you”.

He said

“When did you become a motivational speaker? I laughed so hard as he took a throw pillow and threw it at me.

“I’m actually serious you know? He said .

“I know you are and I’ve heard you…I should probably think about it”. I smiled.

I don’t know If I was ready for that at that moment.

“Let’s talk about the business you told Angel”

“It’s a food business”. He landed smiling. He knows I hate cooking.

“WHATTT….? Food business? No way…I’m not doing that shit! You know I detest that sht…I do it when I’ve got no choice”. I sulked.

“You’ll be grilling fish in a different way and yes, you’ll make this Korean noodles – ramen “. He said bringing list out as he tossed it to me on the table .

“What’s this? I took it from the table as my eyes scanned the long list .

“Check it out, the list of the Ingredients we’ll be getting…here is what we’ll do, I’ll arrange where you’ll use and humm…teach you and Angel how to handle it then people will start coming to taste it…that’s all”. He said .

I think this is gonna be fun .


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