Written By Precious Boluwatife Kolade



“Hey baby, Mommy is coming back soon . I’ll get you something on my way, Okay? Be good to Aunt Angel, enjoy your hunting experience …. Okay, tell Mommy you love her” . I said

“I love you …. Mommy”. I hugged and kssed his forehead.

“Don’t take long “. Angel said as I followed Harry to his car.

“Where are we going to Harry? I said as he started the engine

“To see someone”. He smiled again. That smile gives me shivers.

He reversed out from the field and headed on the way . He paused the car for a while and faced me as he started bringing his head close.

Oh my gosh! I’m not really ready for this . I tossed my head back ! He brought his hand closer to my head and drew the seat belt from the corner of my head.

“It’s appropriate to use a seat belt”. He smiled again.

I just chuckled nervously and looked away .



I drove successfully to the hospital. It had a sign in front of it.

“St Patrick’s Children Hospital”. It read. The sign was with a light, thankfully it’s on a morning so we could read what was written there .

If it were to be in the night,the light from the sign would be on but only few alphabets have lights.

“What are we doing here Harry? She asked with a puzzled look.

“You’ll get to know, I’m coming”. I said alighting from the car . I wanted to act romantic as I rushed to her door and opened it for her. She only let out a small smile and hopped out.

“Harry? What’s going on? She said pausing for a while

“Do you trust me? I gave her the sweetest smile I have.

“Sure, I do…but-”

“Hold my hand and let’s go inside Valerie”. I said stretching out my hand as she took it warmly. I held her hands and headed inside.

“Welcome sir”. A nurse greeted me . She stood in front of a ward. There is a nurse assigned to each ward so they would protect the Children in the ward.

“How is she? I said

“She’s inside sir…I’ll excuse you”. The nurse bowed and left .

“Who is she? Valerie asked . I pointed to a sign in front of the door. It had her name on it , it was written on a black wood with gold glitters.

“ANNIE? She looked surprised . I smiled faintly and opened the door .



The sign read “ANNIE” . I don’t know why Harry brought me here but I’m having a hunch that Annie is someone related to him.

He opened the door and we entered thereafter closing it behind him.

I opened my mouth agape as I gazed at a little girl who is probably four or five years old . She was using oxygen to breathe and she had holes connected to her body .

A drip was standing beside the bed and a life monitor too which gave little beep. She looked so innocent and I can really see that she’s suffering.

I took my steps towards her slowly. I wanted to hold her little hands, but her fingers were clipped to a pipe too.

I looked around with tears escaping my eyes. On the wall, it had her name boldly on it .

“ANNIE”. Annie was written in pink and it has a teddy in front of “E” .

And some balloons were on the floor and walls. It had get well soon on the and some other well wishes . The thick smell of chocolates and drugs filled my nostrils .

The room looks pink and beautiful but it was quiet . The only sound that could be heard was coming from the monitor.

I looked at her huge bed and noticed her name was plastered in front of the bed and the info about her too.

She’s actually four years old and she’s suffering from Leukemia. I was scared as tears formed mist in my eyes and flowed like a river.

“She was diagnosed of Leukemia,cancer of the blood when she was 3, I brought her here as soon as I can…all her hairs were gone within some months. She started these Headaches, seizures, vomiting signs: I didn’t really notice or realize it was leukemia, She cried a lot and I brought her here I was told she has leukemia and it has already spread to the brain and spinal cord when it is first found”.

“Why is it so? I tried to hold my tears but I couldn’t. Her head was bald and her skin was pale . Her lips was dry. I could tell that she has trouble breathing because her mouth was opened a bit.

Harry held my hands and helped me sit on a chair close to Annie.

“It is Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) is most common in children 2 to 8 years old, it has gone deep into her system”. He stood beside her at the other edge of the bed and rubbed her bald head.

“She loves her long brown hair a lot. I could remember the day she came back from school and met me in the lawn. She told me her friend dragged her hair and it removed.

They laughed at her and called her a doll. I never noticed also that she had Leukemia, until her teacher called me and told me about the signs.

Before the next day, half strands of her hair has pulled itself out. Annie hated herself and wanted to die. I tried my best being a good Father “. He said sadly.

I could feel the pain in his voice.

“Why didn’t you tell me before? I flinched.

“I didn’t want you to worry about me or pity me ….I hate being pitied for anything. All Annie needs now is prayers , love and care” . He said finally coming to sit beside me.

“I’m sorry Harry”. I said and hugged him as I cried on his shoulders.

“You don’t have to be”. He patted my back .

“What of her Mom? I said withdrawing from his hug. What sort of irresponsible woman would live her child in this situation.

“Her Mom? She died the day she gave birth to Annie, I’ve been the one taking care of her before I brought her here to be taken care of”. He said

“Oh my gosh” . I covered my mouth and sobbed. I looked back at Annie and held her hand as I kssed it slowly.

“Hey, will you stop crying already? Harry said

“I can’t just…..I had no idea…I… really had no idea you were going through something as difficult as this yet you smile every single time . Why? Why Harry?

“Smiling makes me forget my sorrows,I can’t hold on to the past for a long time Valerie. I’ve really tried for Annie . When I found out she had Leukemia,I wanted to die…. Valerie… I love Annie so much and I hate seeing her suffer. I want to take her place and suffer for her but it’s not possible….I smile so I can forget but it’s not easy “.

He was in tears for the first time. His eyes were puffy and red. I could feel pain in his eyes.

“You’ll be fine Harry, I promise you “. I hugged him tight.

We both cried . I faced Annie back again .

“Hi Annie, I’m Valerie and I’m a friend to your Dad. I understand how you’re feeling and I really hope you get better soon . Annie, I’ll always visit you and read you stories. I’ll give you the motherly love you want. I’ll braid your hair when it grows back. Just please.. please get better Annie…. please”. I sobbed kssing her hand again.



I was in tears too , she placed her head on Annie’s bed and wept.

I placed my hand on her back and she looked up .

“I’m sorry I made you feel this way”. I said.

She looked at me with those innocent eyes of hers. We were staring at each other . I held her face and wiped her tears.

We were now staring at each other . I tilted my head forward and she was looking at my lips.

I think this is the time ! I leaned over and we both closed our eyes , we were about to kss when Valerie’s phone rang.

“Hello? She stood up

I thought she we were meant to switch our phones off . Geez! I forgot to tell her. We would have kssed.

“What??? She said in an alarming tone

“What’s going on? I held her hand standing up too.

“What happened to my son? What happened to Jordan? She screamed in tears and dashed out without waiting for me as I followed her too.


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