Written By Precious Boluwatife Kolade





I just had my bathe when I received a call .

“What?? What are you saying? I don’t believe you…I left him with his mother , why will I pay 500dollars for a ransom , fine, I need proof”. The caller ended the call and sent a video to me.

Jordan was all alone in a big room, he kept crying no one attended to him.

“Mom? I ran out with a towel in my waist. Mom was in her room getting her manicure and pedicure done. She has been preparing for the big day of taking Jordan but now he’s missing.

“What is it? Why are you ruining my sauna “. She said fixing the cucumber on her eyes well .

“Jordan is missing”. I landed

“What?? She shouted flinging the cucumber away from her eyes .

“Someone just called me and told me,he even sent proof of Jordan”. I said .

“That bch called Valerie! I’ll make sure I shove her eyes down her th.roat…call he now”

“I don’t have her number? We should probably go to her house”

“No…I have an idea, let’s just look for Jordan ourselves, at least we have 2 days to the court meeting then we can prove to the court that we’re capable of being Jordan’s family while Valerie is not”. Mom laughed

“Good idea, how are we gonna find him? His life might be in danger …Mom, we can’t risk my son’s life please…we need to save him

“Let’s just give the money to the person and then take Jordan with us”. Mom said.

I called the kidnappers line again.

“Wait! Do you think we’re a joke? I’ll send the boy’s corpse to your house now if I don’t get the money , I’ll send you the text of where we would meet now …don’t even think of involving the police or else your son won’t live to see the next day”. He ended the call after talking aggressively .

Mom and I exchanged glances as my phone beeped . It was a message from the kidnappers.

“You can’t go alone…it’s dangerous,let’s call the police”.

“Mom…if we do that things will get out of hand and they might end up klling my son. This should be an opportunity to prove to Valerie that I need another chance”. I said and left her presence.



I woke up feeling so nauseated,I ran to the toilet as I vomited into the zinc . My head was spinning around as I heard Jordan’s voice again.

Geez! Why is raising a baby so hard? I just laid him to rest now and he got up! I smacked my head.

“Babe, I spoke to Harris already let’s get done with this. This child is giving us sleepless nights already”.

“What’s your problem with this child? Huh? Those harsh words you said to Harris concerning him I hate it. Jordan is the son of the man I love,so you have no right whatsoever to talk to him like that”

“Ohh.. whatever! I need you in bed now”

“What? Are you ¢razy? You can’t even ask why I stood up from the bed and ran to the toilet….I …” Then it struck me so hard.

Oh my gosh! Am I pregnant? I ran to the calendar and checked it. I didn’t miss my period…did I? How come I’m having the symptoms of pregnancy? I rubbed my belly.

“Stop talking to yourself and feed the boy”. Harry slept back as I went to Jordan .

“Hush.. little one”. I carried him . He was still sleepy. I went to the sitting room and got him some junks to eat , kids love junks anyways.

“I want to go to Mommy”. He said gibberish

“Mommy is dead… you’re now living with me”. I said and carried him forcefully on my leg. He kept crying.

I intentionally switched off the TV set and light too , if he didn’t see anything he would shut his mouth up .

I guess I made it worse. He cried till he slept. I checked the time, it is 5am . Harry would really return the baby to Harris and Valerie…then what would happen to me?? I’ll become useless.

I felt that little growl in my stomach again. I can’t help but think about how I’m gonna handle Jordan . When he slept,I placed him carefully in a crib .

I went to my room and packed up some stuffs that we’ll be needing. I’ll take Jordan far away. I don’t care whatever it takes, I’m taking him away from Harry, Harris, Valerie and every single person that wants him.

I don’t even care about the ransom Harry asked in exchange for Jordan. All I want is for Jordan to be with me and not with Valerie and Harris. He’s gonna be the reason why they’ll come back together.

I’ve made up my mind to do what I wanna do .

I called a friend of mine at the embassy and bought a ticket. I’m going back to New York and I’ll hide from everyone they’ll never find me nor Jordan.

Harry is such a heavy sleeper so he can’t know I’m not beside him. After packing everything inside my car I went back inside and carried Jordan inside the car too and I zoomed off .



I just got to Canada when I heard the news of what happened to Jordan. I told Valerie I would get her a good lawyer to help her win the case and I did.

I moved briskly towards the bus station . The airport was kinda crowdy and people were moving around . Everyone minded their own businesses.

I checked my wristwatch repeatedly as I looked up and bumped into a little boy.

“Mommy”. He cried . I looked up and beheld my greatest shock.

“Jordan?? I called picking him up from the floor as I looked around and saw a lady coming towards me. She was using a nose mask and was on hoodie with a face cap too.

“Jordan? She called snatching his hand from my hand . I held Jordan’s right hand while she held his left hand and he kept staring at us .

“Who are you? I said to her as she looked away.

“Mommy”. Jordan cried .

“Let go of his hand before I call the cops”. I threatened.

“He’s my son”. She said still looking away . I didn’t even think twice before removing the cap from her head as brown hair swinged in the air.

“Are you insane? She said rudely as she wanted to slap me . I held her hand and removed the nose mask.

“Arghhhh “. She cried because I cut it off. She left Jordan’s hand and covered her mouth.

“Autumn?? I was confused.

“Why is Jordan with you? Where is Valerie and Angel? Or Harris?? What’s going on? I thought Harris said Jordan was kidnapped for a ransom..what’s going on?

“That was not me…it was Harry”. She finally removed her hand.

“Harry? Who is Harry? ….Wait…HARRY?? My eyes widened. That traitor. He acted so nice to Valerie they day we met but now….!

“I’m taking Jordan with me and you won’t interfere”. She dragged Jordan forcefully to her side as she tried to move away with him.

“Stop whatever you’re doing Autumn! Don’t dare me” . I pointed at her as Jordan watched us.

“What would you do? She threatened me and brought a knife out of her pocket, gently placing it under Jordan’s chin.

“Are you out of your mind? What do you think you’re doing?? I shouted attracting people’s attention.

“She must be crazy…! She’s insane! How could she do this to a little boy”. People muttered as they surrounded us. Some started videoing us too .

“Drop your weapon woman …!” A cop appeared behind me pointing a gvn at her

“If you follow me….I’ll sIice his th.roat and kll myself without thinking twice”. She dropped all her belongings and carried Jordan , with the knlfe under his chin. He was still crying.


“Autumn please don’t do this…he’s still a baby… if you hate his mother and father, go after them but not him. He’s just so innocent” . I begged .

“No! I won’t listen to anyone…if you follow me or do anything stupid I’ll slice his throat…don’t dare me! I repeat…don’t dare me”.

“Drop your weapon Young lady or we shoot”

“Shoot and then everyone’s life is at risk”. She kept moving backwards with Jordan.

“Son?” . I heard Valerie’s voice as she ran towards us.

“Ohh…you’re here! Watch me as I slice his throat…his dead body will be useful anyways, you can always visit him at the graveyard”.

“Autumn? Why? How could you do this to my son! If it’s me you’re mad at come after me, not my son…I’m begging you”. She knelt down.

“Mommy…” Jordan cried.

“Shut up! ” She shouted at him

“Someone do something”. Valerie cried as I moved to her and comforted her. Angel took over when she came. I guess they saw it online that’s why they rushed over.

“Autumn….!” We all heard a voice and looked back. It was Harris.

“Harris”. Her hand was shaky as tears flowed down her cheeks. I used that opportunity to move closer to her and collected the knlfe from her forcefully .

We kept struggling with the knlfe as Jordan dropped from her hand and landed on the floor.

“Arghhhh”. I winced in pain as the knlfe was stuck to my side .

She left it instantly. I had to do that.

“Autumn! How dare you?”. Harris moved closer and slapped her as she fell to the ground.

“Drake…oh my gosh…Drake! Drake!” . Valerie moved closer to me and was crying . BI.ood gushed from my side.



I picked Jordan from the floor as Drake dropped thud on the floor.

Harris and Autumn kept arguing! I tossed Jordan go to Angel who carried him and I bent down in front of Drake.

“Hey…hold on…hold on tight please… someone get the ambulance” . I shouted in tears blocking the bI.ood flowing from his side with my hand .

“I’ll be fine… Valerie, if…if I was given another chance in this world…will you…will you…

“Don’t say anything again…you’re bI.eeding too much…. ambulance please!”. I shouted again as some nurses rushed towards me and got us a stretcher.

“Will you marry me Valerie? He coughed as I looked into his eyes.

“Drake? I held his hand and kssed it with tears.

“We need to lift him ma’am please”. A nurse said as Drake closed his eyes again.

“Drake”. I shouted.



I woke up quite late, I had a long night and dream. A loud knock woke me up.

“Autumn! Get the door you Bch! I shouted rolling on the bed again. I heard nothing but the knock was persistent maybe she’s the one .

I stood up dragging my legs on the floor as I opened the door my eyes was half opened.

“Are you Mr Harry Grayson? An officer in uniform asked me as I ran inside back and they forcefully entered.


“I’m afraid you are”. I heard that husky voice and Harris showed up .

“What? Harris…..what?? I widened my eyes. Did Autumn tell Harris about our plan.

“You bstard! “. He rushed towards me and pvnched me right in my nose as my nose broke . We fought for a while as the police officers rushed towards us and separated us.

“I tasted every inch of your wife”. I spat bI.ood on the floor as I was handcuffed.

“You’ll both rot in jail”. He said that’s when I knew Autumn was responsible for what happened.

That beautiful bch! I’ll kll her with my bare hands later .



“The court has decided…! Jordan stays with Miss Valerie while Harris takes responsibility of the child but not the custody, which means he will perform his responsibility as a father “. The judge concluded.

“That’s unfair! No…!”. Harris Mom shouted as Harris hugged her.

I stood up from where I was seated and ran to Drake’s arms as he approached us.

“Thank you Drake”. I hugged him .

“For what?

“For defending me and my son…thank you for being my lawyer…wait! You didn’t tell me you studied law?

“That’s a secret baby” . He kssed my forehead as Harris grunted at our back.

“Ahemm”. He cleared his throat.

“Harris”. Drake held stretched forth his hand for an handshake and Harris took it willingly.

“Valerie….I’m sorry for all the pains I’ve caused you . I’m sorry for what Autumn did . We got a divorce anyways and she’s gonna serve her jail sentence , it depends on what the judge says but she has been charged to court with Harry “.

“You never told me you had step siblings. Has Harriet being apprehended too?

“Yes, I gave a call at home and she has been apprehended. She almost sold our house, she’ll be charged to court too . I’m sorry for rejecting you and our baby ….can you forgive me? He knelt down .

“Harris… please…don’t do this, I forgave you already…I forgot about it. Old things has passed, I’m now focused on what the future has for us now”.

“Valerie….will you pardon me and give me another chance in your life”

“What? You gotta be kidding me right? Angel jumped into our conversation.

“Angel… please”. I sighed.

“Will you let us unite together so our son can be happy seeing is together”.

“Harris, it’s true you’re the father to my son . But, I’m engaged already…I can’t be happy if I’m with you .

“I thought you loved me”.

“That’s true…I loved you but you took it for granted. Every opportunity in this world comes once Harris. You believe I’m not rich and all . When you were not there Drake was. When you rejected me and when everyone rejected me…he stood by me

“So…what’s the point of all what you’re saying

“I’m getting married to Drake soon”. I landed .

“You can’t be serious…are you ? He chuckled

“She’s serious. I finally got what belongs to me” . Drake wrapped his hand around my shoulder and kssed me.

“We gotta go…we need to crash a party at our house”. Angel said heading out.

“Won’t you at least allow me say goodbye to my grandson? Harris Mom said as we looked back . Angel placed Jordan on his feet .

“Granny”. He smiled and ran towards her

“I’m sorry kiddo….if Harris didn’t act like a fool we’ll be a big family. Remember Granny loves you” . She kssed his head .

“Ma? You can always come and check him, we’ll be moving to Australia after my wedding. He’s your grandson, he can always come for holidays if you want too” . I smiled at her and she hugged me surprisingly.

“I’m sorry for all the pains I’ve caused you , please forgive me”. She pleaded

“Ma….you didn’t offend me, you actually did a good thing by taking care of my son and I’m forever grateful for that. Like I said, if you want Jordan go to come over for holidays….he’s always free”. I patted her back and Drake smiled at my decision.


THE END ❤️❤️❤️


I woke up and needed a cuddle but Drake was no where to be found.

“Babe, our babies need a cuddle”. I rubbed my stomach and yawned. I checked the time it was 6am.

Where did he wander off to? I tried switching on the lights . I traced my wall with my hand but the light was not switching on.

“Dmnit…this light got spoilt”. I hissed and opened the door to our room . Everywhere seemed silent.

“Babe, for real…..come out from your hiding place I might hurt myself.”. I said as soon as I stepped into the sitting room I saw different colors of candles which are dimly lit , am I dreaming??

I took a step further and suddenly they went off again as real lights came out.

🥳🍨”HAPPY BIRTHDAY Valerie….!!!”🍨🥳

“Oh my gosh…!” I covered my mouth as tears of joy flowed down my cheeks .

“Happy Birthday baby girl…I love you so much”. Drake came out from the crowd and kssed my forehead.

“Happy Birthday Best friend”. I heard two people chorus as I looked forward and saw Jeffrey and Jennifer.

“Oh my gosh ….Jeff, Jenny…?? I ran to them and hugged them both.

“Look at you…you look so pretty now”.

” Awww…. especially when Drake is with her”. Jeff added in a girlish voice .

“Happy birthday my dear”. I heard another person .

“Nanny Jade….!!”. I shouted running into her arms . She almost lifted me up into the space.

“I’m sorry I left Nanny…I’m so sorry”

“It’s fine my dear, good thing Drake is a good man,guess who is here? She said

“Who? I looked amidst the crowd .

“Happy Birthday my darling”. A woman came amidst the crowd .

“Mom? Tears trickled down my eyes as she hugged me dropping the balloon she was holding.

“I’m sorry for everything…I….I…”.

“Mom, it’s fine…it’s fine, I forgive you, now that you’re here you’ll raise the twins “. I kssed her again rubbing my belly as we both laughed

My joy knew no bounds as I saw all my family gather together. Drake did a good job by bringing them all over to celebrate with me.

“Happy Birthday mommy”. Jordan came to me carrying a cake with candles . Angel came with him too .

“Thanks son…. where’s your aunt? I patted his head as he went to Drake. He understands everything that happened . He calls Drake and Harris father and Dad respectively .

“I’m here …I’m here, he said he’s gonna follow Harris to his house if he comes

“Harris? Harris is not coming…after all what he has done I bet he’s guilty and can’t face me. I don’t know if his mother will come, if not ….Jordan will stay here till the holiday is over. Have you seen my Mom? I took her over to my mom as they exchanged pleasantries.

Jeffrey and Jennifer’s parents too came over . It was joy all over .



“Arghhhh”. I winced in pain. I can’t believe I’m giving birth in prison .

“Calm down bch or we tear your parts up…the baby seems so fat”

“Let’s call the jailers they can help”

“No…I can do this, I’ve done this quite a number of times…ohhh I see the head give it a little push “. She spanked me as I screamed and boop! the baby came out.

“Oh my gosh! It’s a girl…a baby girl… jailer, we have a baby”. She screamed holding my child as I heard her cry.

Who would have thought that I’ll have a baby for Harry??

As soon as I’m out of jail…I’ll find my enemies and make them pay. I sighed and closed my eyes.

THE END 💙💙💙💙


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I hope you learnt something 🤧

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