Written By Precious Boluwatife Kolade



Getting to New York was not an easy feat but I got there at all cost.

I lodged in an hotel and I decided to cruise for a while before going along with my motive.

Thanks to Tonia for giving me this beautiful hint. She’s such a faithful maid . My plans in taking the custody of Jordan will soon be fulfilled.

I will never watch Valerie step into my home and break it into shambles. She would never dare !

I can still accommodate her son because he belongs to Harris and no one can deny that fact but for Valerie, no way.

Seeing her live is a disadvantage to me .I don’t want her to be in this world anymore but I need to take my plan step by step.

Before stepping out of the hotel, I freshened up packing my hair in a bun and I took a black face cap and hoodie and I wore it.

I wore a gray round neck and deep blue pants and a gray Crocks as I entered the bar. I started partying and I was really high .

“Hey beautiful”. Was the husky voice I heard behind me. It sounded like Harris voice. His appearance ; He had this jet brown hair that was perfectly styled and curled to the front. His face had a fine shape and his lips are perfect .

He looked more handsome and muscular.

I must be seeing things . Why the fk am I admiring him? He ditched me for the bch who gave birth for him.

That bstard! I grabbed my drink from the counter and had a long gulp thereafter I belched and laughed so hard.

“Harris? What are you doing here? I said standing up as I floundered towards him.

“You’re drunk”. He said said trying to help me sit down .

“You made a mess of my life , yes I’m drunk that’s because you chose another bitch over me” . I wanted to sI.ap him when I threw up over his shirt .

“Jesus! I’m not Harris or whatever name you just mentioned…now you just threw up on me… Hugh! ” He groaned.

I was not convinced . I went ahead and moved closer to him.

“I’m so sorry Harris. I hate it when you’re mad at me…I’m sorry”. I cried and tossed my legs forward as I pressed a kss on his lips .



I finally got hold of her but the state I met her is a pitiable one .

Finally I got to see her in real life, she is quite beautiful and Harris has a high taste in every bches he picks including Valerie

I really can’t decide who is more prettier between her and Valerie!

I moved closer and decided to speak . The reaction I got wasn’t surprising. Everyone would surely look like Harris to her especially me, because I’m his half brother and we look quite alike , the only difference is that I’m more muscular than Harris.

She threw up on me! The last thing I want a girl to do! I would have sI.apped her if it were to be another lady .

But Gosh! I can’t ruin this plan.

I was deep in thought when she apologized, she’s head over heels with Harris and will do anything to get him back.

Tonia did a good job in controlling this insecure woman.

She floundered and kssed me. I just had to take her to a room so she could rest . I ran back to the toilet and brought out a small basin and a white towel which I saw in the toilet.

I took off her shoes. Autumn actually has slim legs, they’re fresh and beautiful. For a while I romanced her leg and chuckled.

I sat on the bed and took off her hoodie, and tank top . It remained only a b.ra and I took the towel and cleaned her body .

She was so tempting. I felt so wet . Harry get a grip on yourself. This is not part of the plan . I said to myself and was about standing up when she held my hand.

I dropped the basin on the floor. She was muttering something and I couldn’t hear , she dragged me towards herself.

“Harris you’re such a j.erk “. She said as I laid her on the be.d. Laying on the bed, she held on my neck unwilling to let me go .

“I want you now”. She whispered into my ears pressing her lips unto mine.

We had sx till dawn.


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