Written By Precious Boluwatife Kolade



My head was pounding real hard and my heart knew no peace.

I rolled from one edge to the other before opening my eyes .

“Where am I? I whispered looking around. I heard some rattles in the kitchen, I wanted to stand up when I realized I was nked.

I sat down back and covered my body . The aroma of barbecue sauce and some rolls entered my nostrils.

Is someone here? I stood up and covered my body with a towel. I had to trace that smell. I sniffed my way to the kitchen when I almost bumped into someone.

“Arghhhhhhhhhhh”. I screamed

“Argggghhhhhhhhghhh” . He screamed too. He was holding a tray of barbecue sauce and some rolls. My heart sank at the sight of it .

He even designed it with some veggies and carrots .

My mouth watered. But who the h’ll is this guy??

“Good morning “. He said smiling . He moved away from my front and entered the room as I followed him. A towel was still tied around my waist.

“Who are you? I said

“Do you care for some barbecue? He smiled.

“As much as I care for barbecue,I wanna know who you are”. I snapped at him

“Pffft! When you’re done eating, freshen up and come to the dinning room . I’ll tell you how I enjoyed everything we did together “.

“What?? I was in utter shock. I held my towel together again . What does he mean by that nonsense!

“I washed your clothes already,you caused a big mess on my shirt too . I ordered for new clothes already…they should be delivered any time from now …” . Suddenly, the bell rang .

“Ohhh .. right in time, I’ll get that.. you can freshen up so I’ll bring your clothes over “. He said and went out.

I stood there like an id!ot , admiring his handsome and muscular body . When I heard the door closing I ran to the bathroom to freshen up .

I came out some minutes later to meet a pair of ripped skinny jeans and a white sweatshirt . I smiled and got dressed.

Autumn, what are you doing? You’re here for a different thing….why am I with this man?

I tried remembering all that happened last night . I sat on the bed pondering when he entered

“You kept me waiting”. He said peeping from the door.

“Sorry”. I muttered

“Don’t force it…”

“Huh? I was clueless.

“Yeah… don’t force it. I know you’re trying to recall all that transpired between us last night. Well, I believe we both have the same motive and we need to start working together”. He said entering fully as he sat beside me.

I titled my bvtt an Inch from him .

“What do you mean? I …I don’t get all these”. I said.

“Autumn”. How did he know my name. My eyes widened

“Who are you? Why am I here? Did you kidnap me?? Wait. Did you and I?? Havve….have…. anything together? My eyes widened

I’ve never done anything with any other man apart from Harris.

“Yes”. He nodded.

“What? I covered my body with my hand even though I’m all dressed up.

I tried to recall all that happened between us . It came as a flash. How I forced him to the bed , he touched every part of me and we had sex till dawn.

I covered my mouth with my palm as I remembered.

“Ohh… Sht”. I said

“Now you remember,huh? Relax…we have lots of things in common . I want Valerie and you want Harris. We both share the same goal Autumn”. He said, dragging me on the bed as I sat down forcefully.

“What? Look here, I don’t know who you are , where you came from , why you barged into my room and why we .. we….had …” I groaned standing up .

“We humans are like water in this world, last night you told me about how Harris and his mother left you and how you’ve come to seek revenge on Valerie and her son,Jordan.

I know everything Autumn. Valerie is someone I’ve loved for a long time and I can’t let anyone have her . Not even Harris . So, I decided that we work together to achieve our aim “. He said.

“Ohh…now I see sense in what you’re saying. Hmm…work together, why didn’t you say that before? Harris thought he could outsmarted me?? I would show him the type of stuff I’m made off “.

“Hmmm…I love that spirit,now eat up …will you? You need strength to fight this battle “. He said as he spoon fed me . I looked right into his eyes. He has this resemblance with Harris.

“How come you look so much like Harris?? I said mouthful finally collecting the tray of food from him .

” Maybe because we love the same girl “. He smirked and stood up.

“What? Are you mocking me or what??
I raised my brows.

“No…no…no I dare not mock you my darling”. He gave me a Bluetooth kss as people will call it .

“So…when do we start planning?

“What we would do is that , you’ll take the custody of Jordan”. He said .



“What was that all about Valerie? Angel paced about in the room.

“What do you mean? I pretended as if I don’t understand what is going on . Jordan sat on the floor playing with his toy house.

“Valerie…you know what I mean”. She yelled .

“Now that Harris is back what are you thinking about? Huh? Going back to him? Valerie..?? Seriously! Valerie…what are you thinking?? She kept yelling at me .

“What do you want me to do Angel? What? Why do you keep telling me what to do and what not to do? Why are you yelling at me? I yelled back as I stood up too .

“Momma”. Jordan babbled

” I’m sorry baby…I need to talk some sense into Angel’s head “.

“What?? She said and sighed .

“I don’t blame you….it’s because you’ve never been in love before. I love Harris so much”. I broke down in tears and sat down back .

“Valerie….oh dear”. She sat beside me and wrapped her arms around me as we cried .

“I don’t want you to get hurt at all …Harris has caused a pain in your heart, he hurt you so much and I don’t want that to happen. I was never happy when I was growing up, even when I was around your age ….I don’t want anything that will break your heart again Valerie,… please understand me”. She cried a lot .

“I’m sorry….I’m so sorry “. I hugged her tight.

“Can you do me a favor? She said as I withdrew from her hug .

“What? I wiped my tears.

“Can you stop loving Harris and direct your love to Drake”. She said .

My heart started beating in a pace, it never occurred to me that Drake loves me .

“What? I sat back.

“You heard me right Valerie . Drake is head over heels with you . When I first met Drake, we started chatting and I fell in love with him without meeting him. He never knew, he told me a lot of things when you both were in school …Harris adventures and all . When I went I went to Canada, he was surprised . He still told me about you… Valerie, I decided to let go of my feelings for Drake so you could be happy together”.

I was fixed to a spot . I couldn’t believe my ears .

“He loves you more than you can think Valerie. Just give him a chance to prove his love for you”. She said .

“Momma…” Jordan said again standing up to meet us s he came to our middle .

“Jordan loves Drake a lot too”.

“Then what about Harris . He can still play his responsibilities on his ….Drake will be more than happy if you give him a chance Val”. She said

“I really don’t know… Angel,I’m confused”. I hugged her with Jordan.

The winner for the gem hunt is?? Michelle Brimstone ! . We heard Mrs Rose say with the megaphone as we all laughed.


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