Written By Precious Boluwatife Kolade


A day later ….!


Thank you so much for coming! We appreciate you all! We hope to see you next year . Mrs Rose greeted everyone.

She moved around on the field greeting everyone as they parked their stuffs.

“Mrs Rose is a great woman you know”. Angel said carrying Jordan as she placed him in his cat seat.

“Yeah…. she’s generous and kind,who could have thought that she would be able to run this place. I’m so proud of her “. I said.

“Mom,are we going to the Mall? Jordan peeped from the car as we closed the booth and entered the car.

Angel chose to drive the car . When I heard my name .

“Valerie… Valerie”. The person called and immediately I knew it was Harris . I looked at Angel.

“I’ll take care of it”. She said and I sighed. She got down from the car and faced him

“Valerie..Val?? Harris said as I blocked my ears .

“Mommy are you okay? Jordan said

“I’m fine honey…” He doesn’t know his father is nearby. I shut my eyes and removed my hands from my ears to hear what Angel has to say .

“Heyyy…bop..boop…bop! Why are you calling her? Huh? Tell me? Angel yelled at him . I watched them through the rear mirror.

“Valerie does not love you nor wants you anymore so stop bugging her or we’ll report you to the police and sue you “. She continued

“I don’t care if she loves me or not..all I want is my son…he deserves to know me and be with me .. forever!” . He yelled back

“Look at you talking about the son you told Valerie to abort . Have you forgotten when you threw money at her ? Telling her to ab.ort the pregnancy and use the remaining change to buy herself nice clothes..? Have you?

“I never knew anything then! I was naive …I was naive ….I…I… really love Valerie”. He stuttered.

Dmn you! DMN YOU!! HARRIS !

I cvrsed under my breath .

“You don’t deserve her because you’re not mature”. Angel concluded as Harris raised his hand and wanted to sI.ap her .

I got down from the car hurriedly and called his name.

“Harris….!!!! “. He paused .

“You wanna hit me? I’m gonna show you that I’m a ¢razy bch! I will show you that I’m more mature than you are”. Angel pushed him with her chest .

“Valerie… please …I just need time to be with my son even though you don’t love me anymore”. He said.

“Shut up Harris! Shut up! “. I said feeling irritated by his sight. All of a sudden this well of hatred sprung up in me as I hated him.

“That’s the spirit baby”. Angel clapped expecting more .

“You know what? I cvrse the day I fell in love with you! You treated me and my family like we’re nothing….you even played me …you played with my feelings ! Harris! You played with it…and now….you expect me to open my arms and accept you ? I already opened my legs for you ….and you rejected the seed and now here you are claiming what is not yours “. I said .

I couldn’t control the tears from my eyes. I felt so hurt . My chest was hurting real bad.
I wanted to run away from the problems, troubles and trials facing me.

I wishes I never met him at all .

I wish I could turn back the hand of time .



“I need to be with my son” . I yelled at her .

“Don’t you call him your son! I …I…and Angel we raised him…we raised him to that stage . When you were not there…Drake was. You know what?? Harris? You really need to grow up and forget about me”. She said

“Valerie… please,I need an heir “. I said softly

“An heir?? She and Angel laughed doing an high five.

“You gotta me kidding me! So, you wanna rent our son?? Huh? Get your a$s to the orphanage and look for a kid who looks like you ….hahahah”. Angel laughed out .

“Shut up bch! I ain’t talking to you”. I defended myself

“Don’t you dare call me bch! Your mom’s a bch! “.

“And don’t you dare address me that way”. Mom came out from nowhere.

“Mom…stay out of this”. I said

“No…no! I can’t let this nicompoop address me that way! I don’t blame her…you never had a mother to train you

“I’m still better than Harris , he has a mother who doesn’t even have his time and did not teach him how to treat ladies “. Angel said

“How dare you..!” Mom wanted to sIap her as I held her back .

“Mom… please don’t…don’t do that”. I said holding her .

“Leave me alone ,let me scratch the life out of her and remove that little trap of hers “. Mom shouted. I didn’t care I still held her .

“What about Autumn huh? What about her? I heard you guys got married….what happened?

“They probably broke up”. Angel laughed.

“Valerie forget about Autumn , all I want is our son even if you’re not coming”

“Harris? Don’t you get it? I’m not the Valerie you used to know ! I’m a mother…the mother of Jordan and I don’t love you anymore”. She yelled in tears .

“You can yell all you want Valerie…I know one day Jordan will be in my custody …I’ll do everything within my power to get him back”. I said softly trying to reach that peak of hers I think it probably died .

She’s probably fallen for Drake . I will make sure I deal with that betrayer .

“Let’s go Valerie these guys are not worth our beautiful speech”. Angel dragged Valerie away as they entered the car and zoomed off .

“Leave them we’ll get Jordan back whether they like it or not”. Mom said sternly.


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