Written By Precious Boluwatife Kolade


_Weeks Later _


(Door bell rings 🔔🔔🔔)

“Hold up! I’m coming…” I said .

I woke up not quite long as I did the chores of the house. Valerie was still sleeping we had a busy day preparing ramen and we planned on taking the day off today.

Jordan came downstairs to meet me as I prepared cereal for him hoping he would eat it, unfortunately he didn’t and I decided not to waste it as I ate it adding more milk.

Just as I gave him his toys so he could build his toy house I heard our door bell ring . I walked majestically holding a cup of cereal as I ate another spoon heading towards the door mumbling one of Drake’s song.

I opened the door and met my greatest shock!

“We are here to take the custody of Jordan Matthews”. A man dressed in a police suit said . He raised a paper above his face and almost pointing it into my eyes.

“What…what…wha…what do you mean? I closed the door instantly as I locked it.

“Ma’am….you’re violating the law…open this door or we break it down”.

“Break my door down? You’re crossing the line! You can’t take my son away from me”. I yelled and ran towards Jordan.

He cried as I carried him away from his toys thereafter breaking it again into pieces.

“My toyssssss….!” . He cried beating me.

I didn’t answer him nor shush him. I hurried to the stairs carefully making sure I didn’t trip .

“Angel…what’s going on? Valerie sprang up as I barged in.



“What??? What do you mean by that?? I stood up hurriedly from the bed and slipped into a blue pants and sleeveless top .

I was actually nked. It has been an habit for me to go nked to bed .

I was confused.

What does she mean by that??

“They’re here for Jordan”. She gave him to me. She was crying and Jordan was too. She wanted to hide her face so I won’t know she’s crying,but she kept sniffling .

“What do you mean by that?? Who is here ? I was confused .

She kept moving to different angles bringing out our stuffs packing them into another bag. I placed Jordan on the bed, he was scared and still crying but I don’t understand the situation on ground.

“Angel…what is going on?? I yelled dragging my clothes from her and dipping it into the bag she removed it from.

My throat was dry . I wanted to cry. I held back the tears and watched her cry on her knees.

“Harris is here to take Jordan away”. She landed crying.

My eyes widened and I fastened my gaze at Jordan . He already stopped crying .

“That’s a joke right? No one will take my baby away from me”. I said running towards Jordan as I climbed the bed and wrapped my arms around him kssing his head,nose and mouth.

I know what Harris can do! I know what he is capable of.

“That’s why I want you guys to run away..”

“Run??? To where??

“To Drake!

“We have no money ! Jordan…is…” I was lost for words as I broke down in tears again. Angel climbed the bed too wrapping her arms around us.

We all cried when we were interrupted by the clash of our door.

My heart skipped a beat as I and Angel looked at each other. I hugged Jordan the more .

“Miss Matthews and Miss Angel… kindly step out with the boy or this will be worse than you think”. The officer said in a rough tone.

“Mommy…” Jordan called looking into my eyes . His face lightened up blue as I kssed his nose.

“Angel….we need to go”. I tried convincing her.

“These people are crazy. They will kll us and take Jordan away then we will never see him anymore…we need to stay strong for Jordan” . I held her as we both cried again.

“We’re coming upstairs”. The officer said as I stood up pacing about in the room.

“Jordan… Mommy loves you, okay?? Aunt Angel loves you … matter what happens be a good boy…. Okay? I spoke to him while holding his little shoulders.

“Mommy and Aunt Angel loves me….I love you Mommy”. He brightened up his smile and wiped my tears with his little hands .

He walked up to Angel who hasn’t recovered from the shock. She sat on the floor and crouched in tears .

“I love Aunty Angel”. He smiled kssing her wet cheeks when the door was opened forcefully

A man in police suit came in . He was followed by two officers and Harris Mother.

“That’s the boy”. His mother said .

“Please ma’am….don’t do this to us”. I said as I moved over to her legs and held it.

“I tried to show you my good side even though I don’t have one but you pushed me away ….now it’s my turn, I’ll show you I’m influential and I have power to do anything I want to weak people like you”. She pushed me away after stepping on my fingers .

“Take the boy , officers…I paid you to do your job and you’re there standing like morons”. She shouted .

I crawled up to Jordan and hugged him tight, not caring if he is choking or not . Angel crawled towards us hugging us too.

“Mo… Mommy”. Jordan was crying.

“I’m sorry Jordan…I’m so sorry”. I cried so loud .

“Woman..leave this boy or you all get injured”. He didn’t even wait for our response.

His boys came over and dragged Angel away from us .

“No….Jordan”. She cried fighting with the officer that she fell him down making him bruise himself.

She paused fixed to a spot when one of the officer pointed a gvn at her.

“You can’t point a gvn to a citizen you fool”.

“I have to…she’s stubborn”. He replied instantly.

The man in police suit came closer, more gentle. He sat on my bed .

“Here is what you need to know. Harris is the father of this child but you’re denying him the right to father this child. We know you have misunderstandings…we hope you come to the court to settle differences with the Grayson’s but for now… Jordan Matthews will be in their custody, we’re taking him with us”.

He said giving the paper to me. I collected it and shred it into pieces.

“No…you won’t take him away “. I turned back and hugged Jordan.

“You leave me no choice then”.

The man said . He moved over to me smacking me by my neck as he carried Jordan giving him to Harris Mom .

“Mommy? Mommy….Angel…” He cried bitterly raising his hand to me .

I was helpless that I couldn’t help me helpless baby !

His voice kept fading as they made their way downstairs to the door. We followed them too in tears feeling so miserable.

“Mommy “. I heard his voice. He struggled in Harris Mom’s arms but she was stronger .

“Mommy doesn’t have anything to offer you. Granny is here and I’m taking you to Daddy”. She kssed his cheeks he cried the more .

“Please don’t do this”. I wept following them as we reached the door .

They brought officers who stood outside in our compound.

“You’re a bch! Bstard? You’ll pay for what you’re doing! ” . Angel cried shouting at Harris Mom .

She didn’t stop. She kept moving towards her car as she entered

“No…!” I stomped my feets on the floor like a mad woman as I rushed towards the car .

She locked the car and placed Jordan on the seat . He placed his little hands on the window of the car .

He was in tears as liquid substance came out from his nose.

“Mommy”. He cried .

She didn’t even allow me to write things he eats and maybe a few clothes .

“Let me spend the rest of today with him… please….I’m begging you Mom”. I called her Mom as she looked at me irritatedly.

“Don’t you ever call me Mom, I will never be a mother to a wretched girl like you. My son just used you . We will send money into your account for compensation”. She said.

“I’ll do anything you want , please don’t take my bundle of joy. I can’t live without him”.

I knelt down begging her as the driver started the car .

“It’s gonna be better if you die so Jordan can live a good life with me and his father. Autumn will surely take care of him since she losed her own baby, she needs the company of a baby to produce one herself. She’s already infertile” . She said without no sign of remorse.

I now understood all the chemistry. Autumn can’t probably produce a child after losing her baby. Autumn will not spare Jordan if she finds out that he is Harris son.

My heart raised again . He was fixed to the window and wanted to come out through the window .

I looked back and saw Angel dragging a gvn with one of the officers .

I kept begging Harris Mother maybe she would change her mind. Then I heard a gvnshot .

“Angel…….!!!!!” . I shouted in tears .


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