The atmosphere kept getting tense as the boys glared at each other that Mr. John had to cleared his throat to get their attention

” What are you two up to? ” He asked but the boys just ignored him, each resuming what he was doing

Mr. John heaved a sigh before walking out of class, his period was over

” How was the movie?” Trisha walked up to vespertine

” You can ask Jerry, I guess he enjoyed the movie so well. Can’t believe he ran out of the Cinema when the show wasn’t even over yet..” Vespertine smirk staring at Jerry who balled his fist

” He was probably waiting for his babysitter like you said yesterday..” Hannah laughed which made the rest students laugh

” It was interesting wasn’t it? ” Vespertine stood up and walked to Jerry but the class gasp at what happened next.

Jerry pvnched Vespertine hard across the face

” Is that all you can do Mama’s boy?” Vespertine smirked, getting the mop from behind the class

” I’m gonna drink your tears today ” he added breaking the mop stick into two and advancing towards Jerry ready to just kll him with it

Mr. Harmsburg ran into the class that moment and the other students sat properly

” Fk, this people are interrupting again!! ” Vespertine groaned throwing away the mop stick

” What the h’ll happened just now?” Mr. Harmsburg asked staring between vespertine and Jerry.

Though he saw Jerry punch Vespertine earlier but he couldn’t tell what caused the incident

” Even if I tell you the truth you won’t believe so I won’t stay still.

I already told him I was gonna drink his tears and I’m not going back on my words ” Vespertine said and punched Jerry back right in front of the principal

” What are you two doing right now?” Mr. Harmsburg yelled but Jerry gave deaf ears as he grabbed vespertine’s hoodie

Vespertine sI.apped his hands off and Jerry made to pvnch him but he ducked and the pvnch landed on Mr. Harmsburg instead, sending him unconscious to the ground

The whole class gasped but The boys still kept throwing pvnches at each other not minding their unconscious principal

” What’s happening here?” Mr Tim asked, entering the class but when he noticed Vespertine was there, he was caution with the way he speaks

Mr. Harmsburg breath back to life, sitting upright like some kind of robot while most of the students flinched

” You both see me in my office..” he said and stood up

” Should I ask my sister to come over again?” Vespertine asked, already getting pissed

” I think I should tell her I’m not loving this school anymore..” he added seriously while Mr. Harmsburg’s steps faltered at his words

Mr. Harmsburg blinked thrice before facing them

” There’s no need for that just come to my office will you?” He asked gently while vespertine scoffed before following him behind

” You think your parent’s wealth can save you from Godiva? Even the president wouldn’t wanna get on her bad side talk more of a boy like you.. It’s better you start acting with your senses” Mr. Tim whispered to Jerry as they walked out of the class

👥 What did Mr. Tim tell Jerry?

👥 Ion know but I think he was getting scolded just now

👥 I doubt that, Tim hates vesper… he wouldn’t scold Jerry. Vesper will be the one taking all the scolding

👥 It seems they were sworn enemies in their first life.. a girl said and the class burst into laughter

” That wasn’t funny..” Hannah snapped, seating down

” I know you like vesper, just give up cos he doesn’t seem like someone who would love ” Trisha said

” You should worry about yourself instead. Don’t cry when he finally chooses me over you” Hannah rolled her eyes while Trisha balled her fist.




Gianna walked towards Godiva who just alighted from her car.. Nicolas reversed the car and drove off. His duty was to drive her to the company and back home..

” Good morning ma’am..” Gianna greeted

” Any order as of yesterday?” Godiva asked, walking into the huge building

The employees greeted as she walked pass them

” The new Perfume made perfect sales. We actually sold out the whole product yesterday..” Gianna smiled

” And they’re still requesting for more..” She added

” That’s nice then how much was our target this month?” Godiva asked

” $1.2B but we got $2B.. many investors paid high only to get the product on time”

” Cool, The whole team should go partying, y’all did a great job..” Godiva said

” Huh?” Gianna exclaimed

” Forget it then” Godiva rolled her eyes, walking away

” Of course we need some time off boss” Gianna gushed happily and ran after her..



Raphael opened his eyes slowly and they fell on the wall clock

” Almost 5pm?” He sigh, leaving the couch and going into the bathroom

He walked back to the sitting room where he met Cerlia

” Hey, You’re awake..” she smiled walking to him

” Yeah, going somewhere?” He asked when he noticed she was all dressed

” Yeah, my boss wants me at the office..”

” Why didn’t you go to work today in the first place? You should have gone and I would have come in the evening instead “. Raphael said

” You said you were coming so I had to tell my boss I’ll be taking the night shift” She lied smoothly with a smile plastered on her face

” Night shift?” He raised a brow and she nodded

” Alright, I’ll see you off at your place of work first before heading to the club ”

” It’s okay, I can go on my own..” Cerlia replied

” I insist.. ” Raphael said and texted Arnold to bring him one of his (Arnold’s) power bike since he had two

” Alright then.. since you insist..” Cerlia smiled kssing him softly

Minutes later, the sound of the bike was heard outside

” I think he is here..” Raphael stood up and Cerlia did same. They both left the house and met Arnold leaning on the bike

” Hey pepper..” Cerlia smiled at him but he didn’t even spare her a glance as he handed Raphael the keys

” Take care of my baby..” Arnold patted his shoulders gently

” She greeted you, Why didn’t you respond to her greetings punk?” Raphael whispered to Arnold but he just hissed

” I’ll see you at the club but make sure you bring your coffin when coming okay?” Raphael gritted out, dusting off the imaginary dust on his (Arnold’s) shirt

” See you later man..” Arnold said htting Raphael gently on the shoulder again before walking away

He was beginning to find Cerlia disgusting for a reason he didn’t know. He hadn’t seen her cheat on Raphael but he kept having a feeling that she wasn’t all that clean . He was hoping he was wrong though

” Why’s he like that? He’s nothing like the pepper I use to know.. Now he just looks at me in disgust whenever we meet ” Cerlia pouted while Raphael chuckled

” He’s just stressed from too much work, he’ll be alright..” Raphael smile, putting on his helmet and mounting the bike

” I hope so ” Cerlia shrugged, mounting the bike too and holding him tightly as he drove off


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