(Be Careful With My Heart…)


Mr. Harmsburg entered the class to address the students and his eyes surveyed the class untill they fell on Vespertine

He stared at Vespertine then at Jerry with a frown

They didn’t fight as always? He wondered

” You don’t have to worry Mr. Principal. His mama actually begged me not to hurt her son and as the good son of the Morenos, I’ve decided to listen to instructions..” vespertine replied as if he could read the principal’s mind while the class burst into laughter

” Vespertine!!” Mr. Harmsburg called warningly

” What did I do Sir? Aren’t you happy I’m a changed human now?”

” You….

” I should see you in your office? Alright then, it was boring here anyways ” Vespertine smirked.

” Oh, less I forget, my cousin is around, I can ask her to come if you want ” he added

The joy he derives when he makes Mr Harmsburg mad was just out of the world

” What should I do with you?” Mr. Harmsburg asked, already frustrated

” What you should do with me? Errmm.. he thought for a while

” Nothing sir” he flashed the principal a smile and the principal exhaled

” I know what to do about you ” Mr. Harmsburg said, leaving the class without even saying what he came to say

Vespertine giggled before turning to Trisha, their eyes met but she quickly looked away

He chuckled before going to meet her. He sat next to her but she still wouldn’t look at him

” Let’s just keep being friends okay? I didn’t return the gift cos I still care about our friendship. Like you said, let’s pretend nothing happened today” he said calmly while she just stared at him with teary eyes

” Omg, Don’t tell me you cried? ” He whispered and she blinked back her tears.

He smiled at her attitude before pulling her into a hug for the first time ever.

Hannah just stared at them, confused at their position



” Is everything alright?” Godiva asked Alora who was stuffing her mouth with food

” Not really, Mike cheated on me” Alora replied

” I told you he is a bad guy.. I could clearly see it written on his forehead the first time we met” Godiva grimaced

” I know right, I feel like klling him right now ”

” You should have shove a stick up his àss when you caught him cheating ”

” I know right? I’ve always been the one who ends things but I was really hurt he cheated on me when I liked him so much ” Alora whined

” Good for you. Next time, learn to shield your heart so it wouldn’t get broken or better still make yourself heartless then no one would want to take you for granted ” Godiva replied while Alora rolled her eyes

” Thanks for the advice dear sister, but I don’t wish to be like you.. gosh you haven’t changed a bit since you clocked 16. I’m sure you’re still as wicked and heartless as ever”

” Thanks for the compliment. You talk like you don’t know what the other kids did to me back then.. ” Godiva said eating from her plate

” Nah, You just choose to be wicked..” Alora laughed but Godiva didn’t find it funny instead, she was getting irritated by Alora’s talk.

Thinking of how weak she was and how she was bullied back in high school made her mad.

How she wish she could turn back time. She really needed to teach her mate’s some lessons but she couldn’t since it was already in the past

She was just glad everything changed when she got to college

” Well, I’ll be going out this evening..” Alora said

” You’re free but please, in my house…

” You can’t stay outside untill 10pm, I know ” Alora completed, rolling her eyes

” Good girl ”

” I hate those rules ” Alora grumbled, standing on her feet

” I don’t remember asking for you opinion ” Godiva said as she watch Alora walked back to the guest room

” Why’s she sleeping in the guest room? She’s scared of my bedspread? ” she laughed loudly




Raphael attended to the customers even though his mind wasn’t there.

” Is something bothering you? You haven’t said anything since you came..” Arnold asked

” I’m fine pepper, I need to be somewhere, Can you please cover for me? ” He asked

” Nope I can’t..”

” Please bro, I promise to help you out tomorrow please..” he said again and Arnold chuckled

” It’s been a while I’ve seen this innocent face of yours..” Arnold laughed

” Don’t worry, I will cover for you like I’ve always been doing ” he winked and without wasting time, Raphael left the club

He mounted his bike and drove off to his house.

He got home only to find his door open

Did Cerlia come over? He wondered, proceeding into the house

” Hey.. ” he heard a familiar voice and immediately turned only to see Alora

” What are you doing here?” He asked

” I came over to the club but you were busy so I decided to come here..” she said walking to him

” Why? ” He asked, staring at Alora who was now in front of him

She had begged pepper for the passcode to Raphael’s house but he wouldn’t tell her so she had to tell him she forgot her bag at his place which was a lie

He told her he was gonna ask Raphael to bring her bag but she insisted she had important documents in it which she needed urgently so he had to tell her

” And how did you get into my house?”

” I have my ways, and I came because I miss you.. ” she said

” Why would you miss me? I see no reason why…..

She kssed him before the rest of the word could leave his mouth and that moment, the door burst open and Cerlia entered

Raphael eyes widened and he pushed Alora forcefully away from himself that she fell heavily on her bvtts.

Cerlia stared at him then at Alora before leaving the house

” Cerlia…. ” He called and ran after her


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