(Be Careful With My Heart…)



” Ouch..” Alora winced, standing on her feet

” Who is he? He must really love his girlfriend but I want him too. How I wish I saw him first..” she bit her lower lips before leaving the house

” Cerlia, wait..” Raphael pulled her back but she sI.apped him

” Is that how cheap you are? Kssing other girls now?” She yelled and he hugged her

” It’s not what you think Cerlia, I was going to come over to your place but the lady in there came unannounced, I wasn’t aware”

” She’s the drunk girl I told you about ” he explained and she looked up at him

” You are not cheating on me right..” she asked

” Of course he’s not, you should be happy you found someone like him” Alora replied from behind

” Who are you? ” Cerlia faced her

” The girl who’s ready to take him from you when any misunderstanding comes between you both” Alora replied and with that, she got into her car and drove off

Cerlia felt a bit frighten by her words yet she didn’t say anything

” We should go in, you might catch a cold..” Raphael said but she shook her head in denial

” I want to be alone tonight..” she said and kss him shortly

” Still mad at me? ”

” Not really, see you tomorrow ” She waved at him before leaving

Raphael just stood still, watching her untill she was out of sight

He exhaled deeply before entering back the house

” Let’s never meet again Alora ” he said closing his door. The reason he left work early was to spend the night at Cerlia’s but Alora had to ruin it

He sat on his bed, recalling what Lora did and that only made him more angry..



Vespertine was at the dining, eating dinner when Alora walked in

” See who we have here..” he said, drawing her attention

She walked to him and landed a knock on his head

” Is that how you welcome your sister?” Lora asked

” Stop that Lora, I’m not a kid anymore.. I’m 18, fking 18!! So don’t hit me that way. I agree I miss you but that doesn’t mean you should kll me. It’s not easy surviving under Diva so please.. ” he said which made Alora laugh

” Cute pumpkin ” she laughed again, ruffling his hair

” Seems like you went to see your boyfriend..”

” Boyfriend my bvtt, Mike and I broke up.. ” Alora replied

” Really? No wonder he came to my school..” Vespertine laughed

” He came ? Why? What did he say? ”

” He just told me he came to bribe me.. I don’t know why but he gave me $10k.. ” He shrugged

” You should return the money Vesper..” She said and he gave her weird looks

” Nothing enters Vespertine’s account and goes out. You can ask Godiva” he replied, eating from his plate

” I’ll give you double..” she said and he smirked

” Make it Triple ”

” You’re gonna pay for this vespid…” Alora rolled her eyes before walking away

” It Vesper, VESPERTINE you dull brain ” he shouted after her and she gave him the middle finger before entering her room and shutting the door



Godiva walked into the sitting room Only to see the lights on with Vespertine and Alora seated

She couldn’t sleep so she decided to do what she was perfect at doing

” You both aren’t sleeping yet?” She asked

” Yeah.. ” they both replied at once their gaze on their phones

” Oh! I see, anyway I need to watch some movies.. do you mind joining me?” She asked

” Nope ” Vespertine replied, popping the “P”

” Yes.. ” Alora replied

” I’ll be in my room then” Vespertine made to leave but Alora pulled him back, making him seat

” We’re watching it together ” She said, placing her legs on his laps so he wouldn’t leave

He sighed and relented since he knew she meant what she said

” Now, let the fun begin ” Godiva smiled as the movie started

It was a ghost movie this time ” THE UNHOLY”

Alora kept screaming and holding unto Vespertine anytime Desiderius the demon appears and klls sinners

” Get off me.. I’m scared too ” he said pushing Alora off his body

” I can’t watch this anymore ” he said and stood on his feet. All this while, Godiva just kept laughing as she watched the movie

” I swear, I won’t be able to sleep tonight..”

” Don’t forget to have bad dreams..” Godiva said, her eyes not leaving the TV.

Hours passed and the movie came to an end. She looked around the sitting room but Alora wasn’t there any longer

” She went to bed too? ” She wondered, glancing at the clock

” It’s 3am, I need to sleep ” She yawned, walking to her room

” Godiva ” Vespertine called with gritted teeth

He couldn’t sleep. Any time he closes his eyes he starts recalling the movie he watched earlier

He kept having dreams of Desiderius, the demon chasing him around with strange weapons

Alora couldn’t sleep too. She kept looking around the room anytime she hears a strange sound

” I wonder how she watch those movies and sleep comfortably, I can’t even sleep ” She grumbled, still looking around her room



Raphael couldn’t get a wink of sleep as thoughts of Cerlia ran through his mind

He wasn’t happy with the expression on her face earlier. She was mad at him and he knew it

” I should go see her tomorrow morning or probably in the evening before going to work” he thought, closing his eyes, yet he still couldn’t sleep


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