(Be Careful With My Heart…)



Alora and vespertine sat down in the sitting room with swollen eyes. They looked like prisoners who have been deprived sleep for years

Godiva was just leaving her room when she stepped on water and almost slipped

” Lydiaaaaaa ” she shouted and Lydia ran to her

” Who cleaned the house? ”

” It’s one of…

” Just tell whoever it is to leave and ask someone else to clean this up..” She said and walked over to where her siblings sat

” OMG, what happened? ” She asked, after seeing their swollen eyes

” I couldn’t sleep.. ” they both replied at a time and she shook her head, staring at them unbelievably

Her phone beeped and a message appeared on the screen

💬 Have you made your decision?”

It was a message from Davis

She scoff at the message without replying

She had made up her mind to see him later in the day since she won’t be going to work.

” No school today viper?” She asked

” You should know better..” Vespertine stood up, wobbling his way to his room like a drunkard

” You both are really hopeless..” Godiva shook her head at Alora before walking to the dining for breakfast



Raphael stood up from his bed and got into his bathroom for his morning routine

He was done in matters of seconds before heading to his kitchen to make something for Cerlia.

He didn’t intend to go to her house empty handed

He got the food and desserts ready and packed them into a lunchbox

He had a change of outfit and made to leave when his phone rang

It was his boss.

Reluctantly, he picked up the call and was told his presence was needed at the club.

He inhaled, before dropping the lunchbox on the table. He left the house and mounted his bike to the club

” You called me..” Raphael said, staring at Zach his boss

” Sorry for calling you this early but I need you and pepper to help me bring in the new chairs I bought. Few chairs got broken yesterday due to a fight. Don’t worry , It wouldn’t take you both 5mins” Zach said

Raphael glanced at Arnold before nodding.

” Okay ” he replied and They both mounted their bikes

In no time, they were done. Raphael didn’t even bother to hear what Zach had to say, He just ignited his bike and drove off

” Is he alright?” Zach asked pepper but he shrugged

” I was gonna tell him to take today off cos I might likely not open this evening. I’ll be taking my kids to the amusement park” Zach said

” I’ll let him know ” Arnold said, putting on his helmet

” Have a nice time with your kids ” he said, driving off too


Raphael hurriedly carried the lunchbox and left the house Only to see Alora at his door. He just walked past her, not bothering to talk to her

She held him back and he turned to her with a sigh

” Please Alora, can you stay away from me? I really hate pests…” he said and her hands left his.

She stood dumbfounded as she watch him leave

Did he just call her a pest?



” I’m off to work Viper ” Godiva said, leaving the house

Nicolas opened the car’s door for her and she got in. He did same and started driving off to her company

” How’s work Gianna?” She asked, her eyes surveying the laboratory

” Fine ma’am ” Gianna replied and she nodded

” You all can go home early..” she said and Gianna nodded

She left the lab back to her car

” Are we going home ma’am?” Nicolas her driver asked

” No. Davis’ company, it’s on the card” She said, handing Nicolas the business card and he drove off to the address



Raphael didn’t meet Cerlia anywhere in the house when he got to her home

He called her countless times but she wouldn’t pick so he needed to go see her at her place of work

He got there and packed the bike before going down from it

He entered the building and found his way to Exton’s floor with the help of some employees he encountered.

It was the only office in the seventh floor and it was at the extreme end of the hallway

He kept walking to the door when he began hearing voices of people who seem to be having an argument

He was sure one of the voices belonged to Cerlia but he didn’t want to believe it was hers

He stood in front of the door listening to their conversation.

” You still want to fk me after asking me to get an ab.ortion?” He heard Cerlia asked and his eyes dilated instantly

” I wasn’t ready to be a father so I see no reason why you’re making that an Issue ” Exton replied

” You’re heartless Exton. Raphael was ready to take care of the baby even when it wasn’t his!!”

” And I was ready to take care of you but not the baby!!”

” You…..

” Let’s stop arguing, I know you didn’t come here to exchange words with me ” Exton said scking her neck

” Stop it Exton ” She said, trying to push him off but he wouldn’t let go

He scked on her neck and she let out a soft moan

” I’ve missed fking you ” he said, placing her on her desk

He widened her I.egs and inserted two fngers into her. She was putting on a mini $kirt so it was easy

” Exton.. stop!! ” She m..oaned softly as he kssed her and that moment Raphael entered when he couldn’t control himself any longer

The both turned to the door and her eyes went wide

” Ra… Raphael..” She called shocked, going down from the desk

” Tell me it’s not true, The baby and the miscarriage.. I mean ab..ortion. Tell me it’s all a lie!!” he asked and she swallowed hard

” I.. she tried to touch him but a glare from him made her steps faltered.

His eyes were very red and he had this angry expression she had never seen before

Exton wasn’t bothered. It was a relationship thing so he couldn’t interfere

He was still staring at Raphael when he saw someone behind him

He could recognize her even with the mask on since he had seen her with it twice

” God… Godiva?” He called with a stutter

” I see you’re in a very important meeting Davis..” She said, entering the office fully

She glanced at Raphael who had tears leaving his eyes and shook her head at him

She was there all along. She met Raphael at the door but he didn’t even notice some was there

” What? Davis? Your name is Davis?” Cerlia turned to Exton with shock written all over her face

” You’ve been sleeping with him and You don’t even know his name? Pathetic!!! I’m not surprised though, his name might not be Davis either ” Godiva shook her head staring at Davis with no expression on her face

” I thought men were the only heartless one but now I’m convinced they’re heartless ladies too… if your mom had swallowed you instead then this would never had happened” She said shaking her head in fake pity while Raphael walked out of the scene

He was trying to hold back his tears and be strong but who was he kidding? He remembered everything Arnold told him and now that he knew Arnold was right it made his heart bI.eed

Love made him stupid. He has never imagined a life without Cerlia, he has never imagined getting betrayed in such a cruel way

She took him for a f.óol despite knowing how much he loved her. Love made a f.óol of him!!

Tears blinded his Vision as he mounted his bike and drove away roughly


Cerlia walked over to Exton and landed him a sI.ap

” You disgusting pig..” She said and with that she left his office in tears.

Godiva stood still, with her hands folded while staring at him

” Exton or Davis, whichever you are, I don’t wanna see you ever again. I hate people who hurt others for their own selfish interest. Have a nice day and thanks for making me watch such heart warming drama, I appreciate ” She said and made to leave but he held her back

” Let go, I hate touching dirts” she said meanly releasing her hands from his before walking out of his office

” Sht!! Why didn’t she tell me she was gonna come over? This is all Cerlia’s fault!!” He curled his fist tightly



Nicolas suddenly stopped the car when they got to a bridge

” What’s happening?” Godiva asked

” It’s traffic ma’am, nothing to worry about ” Nicolas assured

She looked out of the window and saw a small crowd standing at the edge of the bridge

It seemed something was happening. At first she wanted to ignore it but somehow, she found herself alighting the car

She wore her nose mask before walking over to where the crowd stood

” Isn’t he the guy from earlier? He wanna jump down the bridge? ” She wondered walking to him.

Everyone was begging him to leave the bridge’s edge cos it was dangerous but he wouldn’t listen

” Just jump already and stop drawing unnecessary attentions” came Godiva’s voice from behind

Raphael turned to her with a frown but he couldn’t get a proper view of her face cos of the mask

” You wanna d!e right? Then jump down and die.. that’s the only way to forget what happened minutes ago ” She said and the crowd gasped at her words.

👥 Is she insane?

👥 How can a human say such a thing?

The people around whispered among themselves but Godiva wasn’t bothered, she cared less

” Maybe I should help.. ” she said and with that, she pushed him while those around gasped shockingly.


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