👥 What type of a lady could be this heartless and wicked?

👥 I know right

Raphael immediately held her hands as his legs dangle in the air and her eyes widened

She held unto the rails tightly with her free hands so she wouldn’t fall

Below the bridge was a running water.

” Let me go, you fóól..” She said trying to release her hands but Raphael wouldn’t let go

” I accept your help but it’s no bad idea if we go together ” he replied

” You aren’t a guy of your words, guys like you don’t deserve to be breathing”

” I know but…. He trailed off remembering his grandparents. They had just him, what would happen to them if he dies?

” Don’t touch me, none of you!! ” Godiva snapped when someone from the crowd wanted to help

👥 Aren’t we gonna help the young lady?

👥 She clearly said she doesn’t need our help, we can only call the police now

Nicolas was confuse, he didn’t know what to do to save his young Ms.

Godiva’s arms were hurting already yet the unknown guy below the bridge wouldn’t let go. She tried pulling him up but the unexpected happened

She saw her falling too but somehow, she held unto the rails tightly.

Raphael let go of her hands trying to stop her from falling too but it was her turn to hold him

” You’re such an hypocrite, you really wanna die!!” she snapped and when she couldn’t hold unto the rails any longer, she left it and they both fell into the water together

👥 OMG!!!

👥 What’s gonna happen to them?

Just then, the police arrived

Nicolas was shocked. He didn’t know what to do since Godiva doesn’t like having body contact with people so all he did was watch

Raphael was still holding unto Godiva despite how rough the water was.

He pulled her to himself as he struggled to bring both himself and Godiva out of the water. The water wasn’t helping matters since it was quite rough and kept sweeping them away from where they actually fell

After what seemed like forever, he swam out of the water with Godiva who was now unconscious. He carried her in a bridal style out of the water completely.

They were in the middle of nowhere. No houses around the area just trees. He gently placed her down not knowing what to do next

Her masked wasn’t there any longer so he was seeing her face for the first time

He wanted to give her a chest compression but he thought against it since she was female

He didn’t want to be seen as a pe.rvert

After relenting for a while he decided to give her mouth to mouth resuscitation

He held her nose and gently placed his mouth on hers, Sharing a breath with her

He did that the third time and she opened her eyes weakly. He was about doing it for the fourth time when he felt her palm against his cheek

She just landed him a sI.ap!!

” What do you think you are doing?” She asked weakly, coughing out water

” You didn’t die after all. You should be grateful I saved you” Raphael replied and stood up.

He looked around, Wondering where they were. He start walking away following the path on his right

” You’re gonna leave me here?” Godiva asked sitting upright

” I’m in this situation because of you, you weak hypocrite” she said standing on her feet

” Save yourself and stop bothering me” Raphael said and with that, he began walking again not minding her

” You’re such an id!ot..” She cvrsed but nevertheless, she ran after him

” I thought you were being a big mouth..” Raphael scoffed but she didn’t utter a word as she walked quietly behind him



Vespertine saw the news of Godiva falling into the river and the food in his mouth immediately turned sour.

” It’s certainly not the psychó I have as a sister ” He muttered standing on his feet. He took his phone and tried her number countless times but it kept saying switch off

He ran out of the house when he heard a car drove in

” Where is Diva? ” He asked but Nicolas only cried

” Where the hell is my sister Nicolas?” He snapped, running out of patience..

Lora drove in that moment too

” What’s wrong?” She asked staring at Vespertine.

He didn’t bother to reply and made to walk pass her but she pulled him back

” Godiva is missing, so can you just let me be?” He snapped and with that, he left the house.




Larina kept pacing around the sitting room with her phone in her hand

She has tried her daughter’s number countless times but it wasn’t going through

” My baby..” She cried and Alston pulled her into a hug

” Our angel will be fine.. I trust Diva, she still has a lot to achieve so she won’t die easily..” he assured and she sniffed

” None of them is picking up, I’m scared ” she held unto her husband firmly



∆∆ 10pm

” Do you even know the way out?” Godiva asked already tired

” If you didn’t push me over, we wouldn’t have been here so cut the crap young lady!!” Raphael snapped

” Putting the blame on me now? No wonder your girlfriend cheated on you.. ” she said and his steps faltered immediately

He turned to her. ” If you ever say such again, I swear I’m really gonna loose it.. ” he said, meaning every bit of his words while she scoff

” Such a loser ” She shook her head at him taking the lead.

Though she knew no where around the area but she just wanted to leave the woods come what may

They kept walking quietly till she sighted a house ahead

” Gosh, now I can rest for a bit… ” She said walking towards the house which looked derelict

” seems people once lived here which means we aren’t far from the street ” Raphael said as they both entered the house. It wasn’t locked, It was still very well okay

” Those in this house, are they dead?” She wondered looking around the house which was well furnished.

She walked around the house but the rooms were locked.

She brought out her phone from her bag but it wouldn’t even turn on. She doesn’t even know if it’s gonna turn on because of the water

” How am I going to sleep?” She grumbled, walking back to the sitting room. Raphael had already made a little fire with the woods he gathered

He removed his cold jacket and hung it somewhere so it would dry

He went for the mat at the corner of the room and placed it beside the fire before lying on it

” Aren’t you gonna make a place for me?” Godiva asked

” Do I look like your errand boy? Don’t boss me around and if you can’t manage the mat with me, then you can just stay there and watch me like a guard instead” he replied, closing his eyes

” I feel like crushing every god-dmned bone in his body” She gritted out

She looked at her wet clothes and sighed. She badly needed a change of clothes

She walked around the house again looking to see if she’s gonna see something to wear


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