(Be Careful With My Heart…)


Vespertine staggered his way back home in tears. The police told him they were gonna find his sister no matter what

” Where the h’ll are you Diva? It’s 11pm already..” he muttered entering the house only to see all the maids awake

They couldn’t sleep too when they heard the news.

” You should all go to bed now.. ” he said and Lydia engulfed him in a warm hug

” She’ll be fine ” She assured and he sniffed, nodding his head before going to his room

Alora just sat on the couch with tears leaving her eyes

” Where are you Godiva?” She muttered lowly.

” You need to sleep too Alora ” Lydia said and she nodded before leaving for her room too

Lydia turned to the maids who were still standing. They didn’t know if they should be happy she wasn’t home or be worried

” You all can go in..” She said and the maids began dispersing



” Gosh I seriously miss her now..” a maid said as they got into the room

” Me too, can’t believe I cried when I saw the news”

” She isn’t all that annoying, I strongly believe something made her that way.. I really feel sorry for her..”

We should all sleep now before we all get FIRED tomorrow.. ” another maid mimicked which made the rest laughed

” It’s gonna be a cool long night.. no midnight laugh today..”



Vespertine couldn’t sleep, He was worried.

Yeah, they fight alot but Godiva has always been the best gift he had

” please be safe for me.. you need to be safe so we could fight some more, I miss you ” he clutched the blanket to himself as he cried slowly



” Nothing in this godforsaken house and to make matters worst, my phone isn’t working ” Godiva grumbled

” Or am I in a horror movie? This is an abandoned house, my phone isn’t working and the doors are all closed, should I be expecting a ghost or mo.nster next? She wondered before bursting into laughter

” $illy me ” she grimaced, taking off her jacket and she was left with her singlet

She placed her cold jacket on a cupboard but unknown to her, the was a bottle of perfume there

The jacket h!t the bottle and it rolled, falling to the ground and breaking into pieces

The scent started spreading everywhere quickly

” Oh no.. ” she exclaimed and held her nose but it was already to late, she inhaled it already

She ran out of the house and Raphael opened his eyes Wondering what was happening

She search through her bag but she had no syringe with her

Why did she have to forget something so important at home?

Her breath became husky with each second that passed

She stared at her hands and realized she was turning again. Her hand had very red rashes on them

Her viens were getting visible as she felt life slowly leaving her body

She let out a loud agonizing cry when she couldn’t endure the pain any longer

” Hey, Are you okay?” Raphael asked confused

” Please… the perfume… help me clean it up..” She said, struggling to breath..

Raphael turned her to himself and his eyes dilated when he saw her swollen body

” What the h’ll!!! ” He exclaimed

” It’s… painful, please hel…. She fell to the ground unconscious before she could make a complete statement

Rapheal ruffled his hair as he stood on the spot, shocked

He glanced at her and realized she was getting pale. She looked really lifeless with her body already getting stiff

He carried her back to the house and placed her gently on the mat he was lying on

He search around the house for water which he saw

He got back to her and placed the bowl of water beside her

” Sorry about this ” he said and tore off her singlet, leaving her with just her bra

He started cleaning her body with the torn singlet yet she still looked dead

” Hey..” he shook her body continuously and her eyes opened slightly

” The perfume…. Please clean it ” she said weakly and went silent again


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