(Be Careful With My Heart…)



Raphael reached for his jacket which he used to cover her

Her body was still very swollen and her veins very visible. She looked like a bI.ood svcking dmon right now

” What’s she suffering from?” He wondered then remembered she asked him to clean the perfume

” She’s allergic to perfumes? That’s… absurd ” He grimaced

” She must be sick..” he sighed, taking the bowl of water.

He poured it on the spot, diluting the perfume’s scent before mopping it off

He was done in seconds and headed back to Godiva whose body hasn’t gone down

” I wonder what these are.. ” he muttered, leaning against the wall



Godiva started shivering seriously and her body temperature was very high. Raphael sigh and sat upright

” What have I gotten myself into? Why’s she stressing me?” He sighed again

There was no clothes or blanket he could use to cover her

His jacket was what he used in covering her yet it wasn’t helping. Left with no choice, he slept next to her and drew her to himself wrapping his hands around her so his warmth is gonna help.

Her body felt irritating on his but that didn’t bother him cos he couldn’t watch her die

” I don’t know who you are but I hope you get well soon..” he muttered, holding her and slept off minutes later




Vespertine left bed and his phone rang at once.. he quickly went for it thinking it was his sister but he was kinda disappointed when he discovered it was their mom. Reluctantly, he swipe the answer button before placing it on his ears

📞 She isn’t back and I’m going to the station right away.. he said

📞 Alright son, call me immediately you find her.. his mom said and he ended the call.

He exhaled deeply before walking to the bathroom for a bath.

” Hope you’re fine ” he muttered as the water poured on his body



Godiva’s snapped her eyes opened only to see a hand around her body. Whoever it was, held unto her so tight and a frown creased her forehead

” Get off me you motherfvcker ” She pushed him away, waking him in the process

” You’re awake ” he said but She sI.apped him across the face

” You pe..rvert, what did you do to me? Why am I just with my b.ra? ” she shouted, covering her body with his jacket which was on her

” You ungrateful being, I couldn’t get a proper sleep because of you and this is what I get?” Raphael shouted back before taking in deep breaths, trying to calm his nerves

She was making him mad no doubt

” Look here young lady, You should be thankful you didn’t die. Only God knows what you’re suffering from.. And what? Pe..rvert? I don’t do skinny girls ” he stood up while her memory of the previous night came rushing into her head

Right, she remember inhaling the scent of perfume the previous night but how come she’s alive without the syringe? ‘ She wondered checking out her body

She was totally fine, her body was perfect..

” What happened to me?” She asked looking confused

” Why am I still alive? My body, How come its normal? What’s happening?” She threw questions at him but he just stared at her like she was insane

He didn’t bother to say anything to her as he head for the door

” Wait ” She said and he stopped walking

” I..I’m.. she stuttered continuously since she couldn’t bring her self to tell him ‘ Sorry and thanks ‘

” Keep your gratefulness to yourself, I don’t need it.. ” Raphael replied, finally leaving the house

” Tch, He should be happy he got to spend the night under the same roof with Godiva..” she rolled her eyes, taking her jacket and leaving the house too

” How much do you want? My way of appreciation ” she said walking behind Raphael but he ignored her

” I’m Godiva anyway, if you need anything, you can just search the web for my address cos my card isn’t here with…

She bumped into his back and she winced rubbing her forehead. He had no idea he had stopped walking

” Are you ¢razy?” She winced

” You are too being too loud and the last time I checked, I didn’t ask for your name”

” You don’t know me?” She asked surprisedly cos everyone knows her

” Who are you? I don’t know you and I don’t wish to.. ” he replied nonchalantly and resumed walking

” Id!ot, no wonder his girlfriend cheated on him.. ” she rolled her eyes walking slowly behind him

They finally got out of the woods and flagged down a cab

” Mola Club ” Raphael said and entered while she just stared at him

” You should be a gentleman and open the door for me ” She glared at him but suddenly screamed when the car began to move. Raphael had told the driver to move the car since she wasn’t interested in going

” Are you nuts? Do you plan to leave me here?” She shouted entering the car without giving her destination

Minutes later, Raphael got down from the cab when they got to the club.

” I will pay for his fare..” Godiva said and with that, the driver drove off before Raphael could reach for his wallet

” What’s she doing? ” He wondered with a frown



” GODIVA!!! ” Alora screamed running to hug her..

Vespertine entered the house too, he just left the station

” Hey witch.. ” he said walking to her..

The maids greeted her but her she kept looking around the sitting room

” And Why is my… Vespertine quickly slammed his hands over her mouth muffling the rest of her words before pulling her into her room

” Continue with the chores ” Alora said to the maids before going to Godiva’s room

” Why the h’ll did you jump into the water with a guy? Were you planning to die?” Alora scolded

” I didn’t, the fool got cheated on and wanted to die, I was just gonna help him fasten his dead but I had no idea we’ll end up in the water together”

” Why would you even think of doing something like that? You want to give him a faster dead? Did he beg you for it? You’re so unbelievable”

” Wow.. see the brother I thought was worried sick about me ” Godiva scoffed loudly

” Why would I worry about you.. I rather poke my eyes with needless?” Vespertine rolled his eyes, standing on his feet

” I need to rest, you can die for all I care ” he hissed, walking to his room with a broad smile displaying on his face

” Did you hear that Lora? He just told me to die ”

” Let him be Diva, he’s just being childish ” Alora chuckled as she watch Godiva glare at Vespertine as he left


Raphael slumped on the couch tiredly as soon as he got home

He sigh sadly when his mind drifted to Cerlia. What surprise him was he really didn’t feel heartbroken about the event while in the woods. He needed to feel heartbroken cos he loved Cerlia alot but reverse was the case

” Why would I when I was literally walking with a witch in the woods…” He muttered standing. He entered his room and got into the bathroom

He left the room minutes later all dressed, before proceeding to the kitchen when Cerlia walked in

” Raphael ” she called lowly while he just stared at her

” I’m sorry Raphael, I really didn’t mean to cheat on you. It’s just… I wasn’t just happy I couldn’t get what I want the very moment I wanted them, I had no choice.. ” she said tears dropping down her cheeks

” Cerlia, can you please leave… It’s not the right time to talk. When it’s time, I will call you over..” Raphael replied and made to proceed to the kitchen but she hugged him from behind

He blinked continuously before removing her hands around his waist

” Leave Cerlia ” he said calmly, fighting back his tears

” I’m sorry..”

” Sorry? you’re sorry Cerlia?” He almost yelled but suddenly took in deep breaths, trying to calm his nerves

” Right fine, so for how long have you been dating this guy?” He asked but she kept mute, picking on her fingers

” You became dumb right? After everything I did for you Cerlia, how could you? I know I haven’t been the best lover but I made sure I gave you everything single thing you’ve always wanted even when I didn’t have enough ” He shouted but she just bent her head, unable to look him in the face

” How old was the pregnancy? ” He asked again

” T.. Two months..” she replied in tears

” Two months.. he laughed

” Two months and we had sèx just two weeks ago!!! You cheated on me Cerlia, you f*cking cheated on me, you took my love for granted and made a fóol outta me!! ”

” Please Raphael, I’m sorry, give me another chance. It’s never gonna happen again, I swear”

” I know it’s not gonna happen again and that’s why I don’t want you in my life anymore. I don’t want to see you around the house. I know it’s small compared to yours so it won’t be able to accommodate two people any longer ” he said and with that he walked into the kitchen shutting the door

Cerlia stood on the spot, crying her eyes out..

how was she gonna get him to forgive her? She couldn’t ask Arnold for help cos she knew he didn’t like her anymore. She was confused and sad at the same time

Her once loving boyfriend who only had eyes for her now detest her so much..

Tears left her eyes as she walked out of the house.

Raphael sat on the floor in his kitchen as he cried his eyes out..

The tears he’s been trying to hold and the pain he thought he wouldn’t feel came afresh and they were unbearable

Why would she do that to him? All he did was love her genuinely, then why? He cried


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