(Be Careful With My Heart…)



Godiva’s phone blared up and she ruffled her hair, frustrated

It was her mom again

📞 What do you want again Mrs Moreno? This is the twentieth time you’ve call me in an hour!!! I’m not with your kidney so what else do you want from me? Like I said, I’m fine, sound and healthy so Can you stop calling? I might just switch off my phone if you keep calling ” She said, all in one breath

📞 I’m just worried Godiva… Larina said from her end

📞 I know and I’ve told I’m fine countless times!! You know what? Give the phone to dad” she said and her mom did as said

📞 Mr Alston, tell your wife not to call me anymore today and tell her I’m grateful she cares.. her daughter Godiva is very fine..” She said and ended the call

” Gosh, she’s not gonna be the end of me ” she muttered lying on her bed and her mind drifted to what happened in the woods

” Perfume.. ” she muttered and got down from the bed

” I should still have one at home..” she added, opening her wardrobe

After searching through her wardrobe for minutes, she finally found her previous perfume

” I was fine without the syringe back in the woods, I should be able to wake back to normal without my syringe..” she told herself and with that, she opened the lid of the perfume

She knew she was taking a big risk which could cost her life but she needed to confirm why she was fine without her syringe

” Oh, now I’m scared ” She took in deep breaths before spraying the perfume around her room

She staggered slightly as the scent penetrated her nose greatly. Her eyes turning red which was making her body swollen and itchy at the same time

She kept groaning in pain as she stared at the syringe on the cupboard but she was determined to endure it

The pain kept doubling but She didn’t bother to get the syringe untill she went unconscious

” Godiva ” Vespertine called, entering her room

” Perfume in her room?” He wondered his heart skipping fearful beats until he sighted her unconscious swollen body on the floor

” GODIVA !! ” He called fearfully, getting her syringe from the cupboard and injecting her at once

He exhaled deeply as he watched her body turned to normal

” What were you thinking?” He asked taking a cloth from her wardrobe to cover her

He carried her out of the room and Lydia and Alora rushed to him

Apart from their parents, Lydia and Alora were the only people who knew of her ailment

” What’s wrong? Why’s she unconscious” Lydia asked and Alora nodded agreeing with her

” She used Perfume ” Vespertine replied, walking out of the house

” Is she nuts? Why would she think of klling herself?” Alora asked, already angry

” She’s ¢razy, I’ll never get use to her madness ” She shook her head as they left the mansion to the hospital

” How’s she ma’am Mary?” Alora asked and she smiled

” If you had brought her here a minute late, then it would have been another story totally ” Doctor Mary replied

She has been the one taking care of Godiva since her ailment

” But I gave her the dose ” Vespertine spoke up

” Yeah but it was kinda late already. We just have to be thankful she’s fine..” Doctor Mary smiled

Godiva snapped her eyes open Only to find her hand connected to an IV drip

” What am I doing here?” She questioned, getting pissed

” You should be grateful they brought you. You would have been death if they had delayed” Doctor Mary said but she ( Godiva ) stared at her confused

‘ I’m sure I was fine back there in that abandoned house then why would I die now?’ She wondered before turning to Vespertine and Alora

” I want to talk with Mary..” she told them and they nodded, leaving the ward.

Doctor Mary sat next to Godiva on the bed. ” Why did you do that diva?” She asked

” I.. she trailed off

” Maybe it was all just a nightmare.. ” she sighed

” I don’t understand.. ” Doctor Mary creased a brow and Godiva had to explain things to her

” Really?” Mary asked shocked while she nodded

” That’s what I was trying to verify but I landed here instead” She muttered

” I think the young guy can help you over come this.. I’m not saying he can but I’m hoping he could ”

” You think so?”

” Maybe ” Mary shrugged

” Why don’t you employ him to work at your home like a personal guard or something..” She suggested and Godiva rolled her eyes

” Nah, I’ll pass. I might just end up kllîng the id!ot cos he’s disrespectful and rude as fk” she replied

” Aren’t you after getting fine? You’re so rude too. It makes more sense if he works at your place”

” I hope you think about it. I’ll never lie to you, you know that” Mary said

” Please don’t tell Larina and her husband I was here..” Godiva said removing the syringe attached to her body

” I will be on my way now..” she said, heading for the door

” I don’t remember discharging you” Mary said

” You don’t have to, I just discharged myself, bye” she replied walking out of the ward

” She’s something else. I wonder when she’s gonna go back to the cool girl I knew five years ago..” Mary smiled

” I should employ him.. Even though he’s rude, he’ll only learn to respect me.. ” she smirked.


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