(Be Careful With My Heart… )



” My baby..”grandma Jane hugged Raphael immediately she sighted him

” Grandma.. “he smiled hugging her tight

“I’ve missed you grandma.. where’s grandpa?” He asked disengaging from the hug as his grandma pulled him to a seat..

Their home was quite big since his late parents were the ones who built it.. They were freaking rich but dead had to spoil everything for him

” Have you been eating well? You look skinny. Do you get enough sleep? Is work stressful? ” She threw questions at him and he smiled

” I’m fine grandma”

” I made your favorite, didn’t know you were coming..” She smiled while he chuckled

“And I’ve missed your food too but this time, I will be taking it to the office..” he said

“Office ? You don’t work at Mola club anymore?” She asked

“I got a new job..” he stood up, heading to his late parents room

“‘Looking for something?” Grandma Jane walked behind him untill they got to the room. It was still looking all neat as ever

He sat on the bed and open the drawer, bringing out all the books and journals in it..

” What are you looking for? The last time I remembered, you never wanted to have anything to do with all this”

“It won’t take time..” he said going through the books until he came across the one he was looking for..

” Gotcha” he smiled standing.

” What are you doing?” Grandma Jane asked again as he walked into his late mom’s laboratory

He saw the newly made perfume his mom did before she died on the shelf and he went for it

He smiled as he held the spray..

” This should have expire already ” he said

“It has no expiring date.. she made enough of it so that you’ll be able to use it for long untill you become tired yourself..” Grandma Jane said sadly..

It wasn’t easy for her since her only daughter died, leaving her with just a grandson which she cherished so much..

” Really?” He asked spraying some in the air and sniffing it..

” Wow, This is perfect..” he smiled, taking one of the perfume.

They had just 30 pieces left at home since his mom had taken the rest to the company but couldn’t make it there before the accident happened

” I’ll be on my way now grandma, I love you..” he Pecked her forehead

“Wait, I’ll get some side dishes for you” His grandma said walking to the kitchen.. she came back minutes later, handing him the lunch box

” Make sure you eat it will Cerlia, I miss her so much.. ” she said but Raphael didn’t say a word.. he only smiled before hugging her again

” Tell Grandpa I miss him too.. “he said and turn to leave but stopped..

” Grandma.. “he called, turning around

“Is something wrong?” She asked

” Is it possible for someone to be allergic to perfume then get whole again after making body contact with another person?” He asked


“I’m just curious that’s all”

” It’s possible, though it’s rare… your mom once told me about something similar but why do you ask? Some things happens for some reasons” She replied..

” Come, let’s talk” She pulled him back to a seat



“Hey.. “Trisha waved at Vespertine

” Hey, Trisha” he smiled cutely

” I’ll like to tell you something tommorow so please go home early today okay? ” He said

” Huh? ”

“Can you do that? ” He asked and she nodded slowly..

“Alright.. “Trisha replied and almost immediately, the bell rang, signifying it was closing hours

” Bye then ” She got her backpack and left the class

He left his seat and went to Gift

” Hey, wanna go somewhere with me?” He asked

” Yeah ” she nodded slowly

He stretched his hands towards her and she took it

He held her hand tightly as they both left the class untill they got to an empty class

” what are we doing here?” Gift asked, her cheeks heating up already..

” You’re pretty..” he brushed a strand of her hair back and held her waist pulling her closer to himself

” If I tell I love you, will you reject me?” He whispered and she blinked continuously. She was dmn nervous.

He bent to her level and smiled before capturing her small lips

Jerry’s eyes went wide as he stood at the door



Raphael smiled walking into Godiva’s office.. she was going through some files on her desk

” Good morning..” he said and she looked up at him

“It’s evening already.. Why are you just coming? I’m almost done with work and will be going home soon” she said with a frown

“I went to see someone dear to me..” he replied dropping a small bottle in front of her

” Our deal, let’s do it tommorow.. here is a sample of what you should do. You can add a little spice to it though ” he said and she stared at the bottle..

It’s transparent and the liquid is colourless

” What’s this..?” She asked

” The perfume I think you’ll get addicted to” he smiled and she laughed

“Seriously?” She laughed again, taking the bottle from the table..

Raphael walked to the door and locked it from inside

” What’s wrong?..” She asked staring at him like he was crazy..

He went back to her and pulled her up

” You should perceive it yourself.. “he said taking the bottle from her..

” You’re joking right?”

” Of course I’m not” he opened the lid and sprayed it directly on her face

” Are you nuts!!” She snapped and reached for her syringe in her drawer but he held her back, making her hug him in the process

It was taking effect on her already

” You should over come your ailment..” he whispered then held her shoulders..

Her eyes were already getting red, her body itchy and her veins bulging out

” I’m… Dying, Raph….

” Focus on me and respond back to everything I do, don’t relent ” he drew his lips closer, kssing her shortly

” Kss me hard..” He said and captured her lips once more, kssing her deeply

She reciprocated the kss, kssing him back even when she felt life slowly leaving her body


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