(Be Careful With My Heart… )



Each investors sat individually as they waited patiently for Godiva..

Their new spray ‘ Golden wear ‘ which Raphael suggested was just released and everyone wanted to get one for themselves

Raphael and Gianna where the one who made the perfume since Raphael didn’t want anything bad to happen to Godiva in front of her workers.

” We should go in.. we’ve kept everyone waiting already.. ” Raphael said but Godiva just stood at the entrance along with Gianna..

She was still giving Raphael attitude.. The only time they talk was when they were in the lab doing their business

” I’ll do the presentation if you don’t want to.. ” Raphael said and she quickly looked at him

” You’re ¢razy.. how do you expect to do a good presentation when the book and everything in the journal belongs to your late Mom?” She asked but he walked into the board room ignoring her

” I think he’s gonna do well boss” Gianna smiled while She scoffed

” Why is she smiling?” She muttered entering the board room with Gianna..

They got a seat as they all watch Raphael

” Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m Raphael Weston and an assistance to Ms. Moreno.. ” he introduced and his presentation followed afterwards

The board room was pin drop silent as they listen to his every word

he made sure he made eye contact with the board members and investors to see their reactions as he spoke

Godiva was overwhelmed at his bravery and at how good he was

he was just too cute with the way he explained

After he was done, Mr Ajay cleared his throat

” So what are the benefits of the golden wear? He asked

Raphael smiled slightly and Godiva gulp down nothing.. It seems he was trying to seduce her with just his smile

” Here are a few benefits of golden wear; Firstly the fragrance, The scent of perfume should be able to communicate it’s purpose. It should Convey the sender’s emotions as well as personality. It’s enhances your mood, boost your confidence and makes you attractive….

He kept listing and explaining them one after the other..

” Wow.. ” a board member exclaimed and a round of applause followed..

Raphael did a little bow before walking to seat next to Godiva

She stood up and went to the front, wanting to finalize the presentation

” So as we all kno….

” I need the whole product Ms. Moreno.. ” Mr. Ajay interrupted and she sucked in a large amount of air

” That’s unfair.. what about the rest of us?” The room turn chaotic over their product

The noise was starting to get to her that she had to bang her fist loudly on the table, drawing their attention

” Get out all of you, I hate noise ” she shouted and the room began quiet

” We’re sorry.. ” They chorus and she exhaled softly

” Everyone will get it cus we made plenty ” She said and immediately wore her mask. She spray a little in the air and really, the scent was enchanting.

The board meeting finally came to an end and everyone left..

Godiva stare at Raphael and he smiled at her while she rolled her eyes

She got her phone from the table and turned to leave when she saw Gianna hugging Raphael so tight. She bit her lower lips so hard that she tasted bI..ood

For some reason which felt strange to her, she walked to them and pulled them apart..

She held him and took him out of the board room leaving Gianna confused

” Is boss mad at me? I was just happy that’s why I hugged him..” Gianna muttered

” What’s your problem?” Raphael asked releasing his hands from her grip

” Why would you hug her?” She questioned somehow angry, and he scoffed

” Just Last week you said you didn’t want to see me, you would not talk to me for a reason best known to you.. you kept calling me a pe..rvert which I apologise every single day!!! Am I that stupid to you?” He asked

” You..

” It shouldn’t bother you with whom I interact with.. You’re nothing to me, you’re just my boss, and our deal is valid already since the perfume got more rating, so you can’t boss me around anymore” he said, turning to leave

” Why are you getting all worked up? You’re so annoying, you son of a gun.. yeah, go ahead and hug all the girls in the world, I don’t care ” she blurted out

” Son of a gvn?” He scoffed loudly.. ” Yeah you shouldn’t care cus it’s none of your business. It’s better you change your rotten attitude while it’s still early…” He said and left her office

She h!t her hand on her desk heavily and sigh

” Just fking why did I do that?” She asked, annoyed and Raphael peep back in

” Do you perhaps have feelings for me?” He asked while she aimed her pen at him

” Feelings my bvtt.. out of my sight Mó..ron. I’ll rather have feelings for a dog!!!” She shouted..

She was very angry but didn’t know her reasons for the anger

” Here’s a little advice; If you have feelings for me, you better cut them off cus it’s not gonna work. I hate skinny girls” He added before leaving

He met Gianna on his way

” You did well out there.. “She smiled and he chuckled

” Yeah, I had to put on my best because of a deal..” he smiled back and Gianna swallowed emptiness..

His smiles was seriously making her go gaga

” You did well too” he complimented as he placed a hand on her shoulder..

Gianna smiled sheepishly while Godiva stood at a distance staring at them..

She felt hurt that moment and felt like crying yet what could she do?

” What’s wrong with me? This isn’t me” She muttered, walking back to her office


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