(Be Careful With My Heart… )



Within minutes, the rating of the newly made perfume went real high. Godiva exhaled as she shut down the desktop

She took her bag from the table and left the office

She was the last person in the building since she had given her employee the rest of the day off

She hasn’t been herself but she’s still trying to be strong.. the thought of Raphael alone breaks her heart

She was still walking through the passageway when she met Raphael who was also coming to look for her.. She didn’t bother to say anything to him as she walked pass him

” Godiva.. ” he called but she ignored him

He grabbed her hands and made her face him

“What?” She asked

” You don’t look Happy are you…

” Worry about yourself. At least I won’t boss you around anymore, You’re free to do what you like ” she said, wriggling her hands out of his hold and walking away

A frown creased his forehead as he watch her leave, he shrugged and went after her




” I should drop you home ” Vespertine stood up

It was closing hours already

” It’s fine. Mom insisted she’ll come pick me up after school ” Trisha replied, smiling cutely

” But she’s not here yet ”

” I know, she….. ” Her phone beeped, interrupting her

” Oh yeah, She’s at the parking lots ” She said, showing Vespertine the message

” I should get going now…” She said with a smile taking her backpack from his table

” Call me when you get home okay?” He said and she nodded

Gift just stared at them though she doesn’t know what was going on between them

Lots of girls are crushing on him, Will he just choose her? why is his friendship with Trisha so strong?, will it turn into something serious?” She wondered.

” Hey..” Vespertine snapped his fingers at her bringing her back to reality..

Trisha left the class already.

Hannah just walked out too without saying a word to vespertine like she always do

” Vespertine.. “Gift called after a while

” About The kss ….

” I’m sorry about it Gift.. ” he interrupted. ” I’m sorry I took advantage of you just to get on Jerry’s nerves..” he paused when he noticed her teary eyes

” I’ve never for once loved you Gift.. all what I said that day were lies.. Jerry loves you alot. The dkhead always get on my nerves that’s why I love hurting him

” I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings..” he said a bit disappointed in himself

She sI.apped him hard on the cheek that the remaining students in class gasped while Jerry just ignored them

She clean her tears with the back of her hand

” You’re such a wicked soul..” she said in tears leaving class..

Jerry went after her while Vespertine ruffled his hair feeling bad already

” I’m sorry, that’s all I can say..” he muttered before leaving the class too




Raphael drove in immediately and Godiva alighted from the car..

Shr didn’t bother to spare him a glance as she walked into the sitting room bumping into one of her maids

” I’m sorry ma’am…. ”

” You’re FIRED” she snapped looking very upset.. Before the girl could utter any words, Godiva already left for her room

Raphael got into the sitting room and met the girl crying..

He didn’t bother to ask the girl what happened as he left directly to Godiva’s room

” I saw the mai..

” Please Raphael, we made a deal already and it’s not to boss you around.. apart from that anything i do in my house shouldn’t bother you, stop meddling!” She said before he could complete his statement

” But…

” Please Leave my room!! “.. she said with so much anger resounding in her voice which made him wondered what had happened..

” I’ll be going to see Arnold.. ” he said after a while and walked out of her room.

He had a change of cloth and left the room seconds later as he walked out of the mansion.. he didn’t take any of her cars, he used his bike instead

Godiva stood at the window watching him as he drove off

She got angry again and fell on her bed heavily


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