(Be Careful With My Heart… )



” Jeez Raphael.. it’s been ages” Arnold said, giving him a side hug

” I’m sorry man.. that lady wouldn’t give me some breathing space, though it’s still manageable ” Raphael said after they had disengaged from the hug

“Is there something you want to drink?” Arnold asked and he nodded

” Yeah, Bring as many as you have ” Raphael said and Arnold chuckled..

” Right, I’ll be back” Arnold stood up

He came back minutes later with a bottle of Brandy and two glasses

” I’ve missed you man, so how is everything?” Arnold asked

” As you can see..” Raphael laughed. ” I’ve missed this place.. and grandma sent her regards ” he added

” Yeah, she called. She told me you came over to the house.. why did you visit without me? Gosh I miss grandma Jane..” he pouted cutely like a child and Raphael chuckled

” We’ll go together when I’m chanced, I promise to call you..” Raphael said

” Enough of the talk, let’s drink till we get wasted” Arnold said raising his glass and they clink glasses together before gulping down the alcohol

They both resumed their conversation and kept laughing together till Raphael sighted Cerlia

” She’s been coming here everyday to asked of your whereabouts..” Arnold whispered to him and he chuckled staring at Cerlia who was now in front of him

” Raphael..” she called

” Hey.. it’s been a while, have you been well?” He asked as if nothing happened between them

” Raphael I’m sorry..” Cerlia said

” I hate hearing that Cerlia, just tell me what you want cause I still need to leave here..” He said and Cerlia’s eyes held tears already

” I’m sorry Raphael..”

” If your sorry is about another chance, I’m sorry Cerlia, you’ve lost it.. that chance is what you can’t have. I would rather not date again than give you that chance..” Raphael replied meanly and faced Arnold who faked cough

” I’ll be super busy this week and I’ve made up my mind to go to Japan with her next week.. I’m surely going to miss you..” he said and stood up

” I should be on my way now..” he turned to Cerlia, ” you should be good to.. what’s his name again… Raphael thought for a while

” Exton or Davis ” he smiled before walking out of the club and Arnold followed

” That was too harsh..” Arnold said while Raphael scoffed

” Do you think it’s easy saying all those hurtful words to her? I once loved her more than my own life but what did she do? ” He sigh

” You should go in.. I would have loved to stay a little longer but I don’t want to get you into trouble with Zach.. ” He said and Arnold chuckled

” Though she’s the main reason I need to leave.. Seeing her face makes me mad” he added and Arnold only chuckled

” Bye dude.. regards to your beautiful boss….” he said as he watch Raphael mount the bike

” Beautiful my butt.. I’ll visit you when I come back..” Raphael said and drove off..

Arnold smiled walking back into the club

” Where’s he staying?” Cerlia asked

” You should have asked him.. but nevertheless, I really don’t know where he stays..” Arnold replied and Cerlia sigh then a thought came to her mind.

She nodded her head to whatever thought she had in her head before walking away




” Cerlia? ” Davis called surprised..

Ever since the incident, She had never spoken to him, all she did was threw insult at him

” Won’t you let me in?” She asked and he left the door wide open so she could walked in

She walked to him and hug him

“He keeps rejecting me no matter how I plead, so I came here to get an information from you” she said disengaging from the hug

” And what do I get in return?”

” You get to fk me anytime and anywhere you want ” she said, running her fingers on his chest and he smirked

” What do you want ” He asked

” The girl with the mask, can I get her home address?” She asked planting a kss on his lips which he responded to immediately..

” Godiva?” He asked when they disengaged

” Is that her name? Do you know her place?” She asked

” You look suspicious.. hope you aren’t planning to hurt her? ‘

” You want her while I want my boyfriend back, isn’t it a fair deal?” She asked back and he thought for a while.

He smiled capturing her lips at once and she responded to the kss immediately. Her only aim was to get Godiva’s home address and that’s all.. she could do anything to get it.

He sp..anked her à$s and she m..oàn into his mouth

In no time, their clothes were scattered everywhere around the sitting room and only the sound of flesh clapping against each could be heard along side heavy moans and grunts



Raphael entered the house and met vespertine on the dining eating alone

” Where’s Godiva?” He asked

” She’s been in her room all day and she wouldn’t open up for me too.. did you annoy her somehow?” Vespertine asked and Raphael sat next to him

” She’s been weird for a week and days now.. I don’t seem to understand her at all.. she doesn’t talk to me like before, I don’t even know..” he sighed

” Do you like my sister?” Vespertine asked

” Why? Cause I believe I don’t hate her either.. ”

” I don’t mean that type of like.. like, do you have feelings for her?” Vespertine asked staring at him to see his reaction

” Feelings? I can’t catch feelings, not after what I went through.. ” he stood up

” Goodnight.. ” he tapped his shoulder gently before walking into his room..



Godiva was busy on her laptop when her mind drifted to all the ksses she had shared with Raphael then at her actions when Gianna hugged him..

She inhaled before placing her hands on her keyboard

SIGNS SOMEONE HAS FEELINGS FOR ANOTHER” She typed on her laptop and the answer pop up..
Her eyes widened at the write up

” What does Google know? ” She scoffed closing the laptop angrily…

She kept it next to her bed before lying down..

” I’m sick that’s all, I should see Mary for medication” she said to herself, closing her eyes to get some sleep but Raphael’s face wouldn’t leave her head.

” What’s wrong with me?” She sniffed

” Fking leave my head!!! ” She shouted in tears, burying her face in her pillow

” I don’t like this ” She cried




Cerlia was dressed already and left the room..

Davis had told her where Godiva stays so she was gonna visit her after she leaves Davis’ place

Davis left the room and met her waiting for him

” I’ll be on my way now..” She said, walking out of the house before he could stop her.

She got out of the house and stopped a cab

She told the cab man the address and went in



Godiva left her room fully dressed for work. She got to the sitting room and looked around the place when she spotted water on the floor

” Ly…. she was about shouting when Raphael closed her mouth. He was standing behind her.

” I spilled the water, so I went to get something to clean it up.. ” he said releasing her mouth while she faced him

” I really hate it when my house is not organised..” she said and walked out of the house.

” Ma’am Someone is looking for you ” Nicolas said and She arch her brow.. nevertheless, she left the mansion to see who it was

” You? ” She scoffed staring at Cerlia..

” I can see you’ve stolen my boyfriend.. but just know this, I’ll rather die with you than leave you have him..” Cerlia said and immediately brought out the perfume she has been hiding..

She had asked Davis the reason why she’s always wearing mask and he told her

” Go to h’ll..” Cerlia smirked spraying it on her face continuously since she wasn’t wearing any mask that moment

Godiva tried to fight back but the perfume was taking great effect on her already

” You’ll regret having anything to do with my boyfriend ” Cerlia grabbed her hair, pulling it hard while still spraying the perfume on her face

She winced but she could do nothing since she was finding it hard to breath

Raphael suddenly pulled Cerlia away roughly making her fall to the ground, bruising her hands seriously

She stared at her bruised hand and looked up to see who it was only to see Raphael.

” Raphael!!! ” She called shockingly

” You pushed me cos of her?” She stared tears gathering in her eyes

” And I can do that again if you keep pushing me to ” Raphael yelled angrily before turning to Godiva whose eyes were already getting red

He immediately removed his jacket and wore it on hers

” Raphael ” She called with teary eyes

” I’m sorry, it’s my fault ” he said and made to carry her in but she pulled him to herself instead, kssing him unexpectedly..

He went numb for a while as he felt her lips moved slowly on his. It didn’t take seconds before he gave in and started kssing her back

Cerlia’s eyes widened..

She didn’t see Godiva’s body change like Davis said, The perfume had no effect on her

” She’s not allergic to it? Then Davis is wrong? ” She wondered but immediately balled her fist tightly when Godiva began moaning into the kss knowingly.


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