(Be Careful With My Heart…)



They broke the kss seconds later with Godiva staring directly into Raphael’s eyes.. This time he was able to control himself

” I..

” You don’t need to apologise.. I initiated the kss, so it’s fine..” she whispered before facing Cerlia.

Cerlia made to leave but she held her back

” Don’t interfere Raphael, it’s been long I did this..” She said landing Cerlia a resounding sI.ap

” How dare you come into my house to fight me? It seems you don’t even know who you’re dealing with..”Godiva said giving her another sI.ap

” Whoever gave you my address didn’t tell you I don’t take sh*t?” She said, pvlling Cerlia’s hair hard and landing her a third sI.ap

Cerlia’s cheeks were very red and stinged badly already. Tears threatened to leave her eyes as the Devil’s bride pulled her hair

” You can destroy her face for all I care.. ” Raphael chuckled

He didn’t bother to separate them from fighting..

Godiva pushed Cerlia to the ground roughly and got on top of her

” Stupîd hoe, you dare cheat on him? As if that wasn’t enough, you came to my house to fight me? Me Godiva?” She said giving Cerlia countless slaps, making sure she decorated her face with fine bruised designs…

Raphael honk the horn of the car so she could be aware he’s ready

” Too bad I’m busy…. When next you try sht with me, I promise I won’t be this nice, useless whore ” Godiva stood up from her and entered the car.

She said nothing to Raphael as they drove to work

” You did well.. ” Raphael smiled

” Aren’t you mad cos I beat up your ex girlfriend in front of you?” She asked

” Of course, I loved what you did…” He said and she smiled

” Did you just smile?” He asked but she suddenly put on a serious expression which made him Chuckle

” You will surely regret this… ” Cerlia sobbed as she stood up with great difficulty




Vespertine brush his hair backwards and applied a little bit of gloss to his lips before alighting from the car.

He met Jerry at the hallway with his hands in his pants pocket. Vespertine made to walk pass him but Jerry pulled him back.

” How dare you make Gift cry?” He asked and made to hit him but someone held his hands..

vespertine didn’t bother to retaliate, in fact he was gonna let Jerry punch him to his heart content

They both looked at the person which happened to be Gift

” It’s fine Jerry.. I was the stupid one, he only used my stupidity against me..” She said and held unto Jerry tightly taking him out of the scene

Vesper puff air from his mouth and sigh.. He was about taking another step when he felt a hand on his

He smiled again knowing the person..

” Good morning doll..” he smiled and Trisha blushed

” Let’s go to class..” she said, interlocking their hands

” Like this? ” He asked and she nodded

” Aren’t you scared about what the other kids would say if they see us like this?” He asked and she nodded again

” I don’t care anymore, they aren’t paying my bills” She said and he chuckled pulling her into a tight hug

” I love you..” he caressed her hair gently while she smiled holding him tight.

They got to class and everyone’s attention was on their interlocked hands

Hannah didn’t bother to look at their direction.. Gift just tried to be fine seeing them that way.

👥 What’s with them holding hands?

” Let’s spend the lunch break together” Vespertine said and she nodded

” See ya ” she Pecked him on the cheek before walking to her seat

👥Oh my, fk

👥 Are they dating now?

👥 I knew he was gonna choose Trisha over Hannah. Trisha is so calm, why won’t he fall for her?

” That’s new.. ” vespertine smiled, touching his kssed cheek and Mr Harmsburg walked in immediately

” It’s been a while Mr principal.. ” he smiled at him..

” See me in my office.. ” Mr. Harmsburg said

” I don’t remember doing anything wrong or you don’t like how gentle I’ve become?” Vespertine asked with a smile

” That’s why I’m concern, come to my office..” Mr. Harmsburg said and he turned to Trisha

” Don’t worry, I didn’t do anything..” he winked at her before following Mr. Harmsburg

” Have you been well Mr Harmsburg?” Vespertine asked finding himself a seat

” I heard you travelled, so you are back now?” He asked again

” I didn’t hear from the teachers, what are you planning?” He asked

” I don’t understand, So me not causing trouble means I have an aim? Oh, I really didn’t think of that.. anyway thanks Mr principal, I’ll try to come up with an aim tomorrow..” He said sarcastically and Mr. Harmsburg bang his hands on his table

” Is something wrong? Cause I don’t get it.. When I’m calm you talk, when I make trouble you talk! Well, I guess y’all don’t like my quiet side, then don’t panic once I start making trouble” He said and left

” That… Mr. Harmsburg balled his hands tightly..

He knew Vespertine always kept his words..

” That kid.. ” he sigh frustratingly sitting on his swivel chair

” Hey, what did the principal say?” Trisha asked immediately Vespertine entered the class.

He smiled at her and made her sit next to him

” He said he missed me.. ” He replied and she gave him strange looks

” Don’t worry, I won’t cause any trouble.. ” he smiled at her while she nodded.



Godiva had been quiet ever since she got to the office. Raphael wouldn’t say anything too as he sat opposite her

‘ How did Cerlia know about her allergy? Does Davis know about it?” He wondered

‘Who else know about it? I thought it was a secret?’ Many thoughts were in his head but he decided to brush it off

” I’m sorry about what happened earlier..” he finally spoke up after a while

” You shouldn’t be.. and….” she paused

” What is it?” He asked

” Will you go to Japan with me tomorrow? it’s been years I visited the company over there..” she said, silently praying he’ll agree and he nodded

” No qualms..” he said

” Alright ” She stood up and left the office while Raphael followed behind

” Gianna, ask everyone to meet me at the board room..” She told Gianna when she got to her office

” Alright boss..” Gianna said and left while Godiva went to the board room

Few minutes later, the board room was filled

Everyone sat staring at her wanting to listen to whatever she had to say..

” Good morning ma’am..” Everyone in the room greeted but she didn’t respond

” I’ll be flying out tomorrow along with Raphael and Gianna ” She said and the employees exchanged glances

” Well, you all can lazy around in my absence cos you’ll be doing me a favor ” She said and an employee raised her hand

” In your absence, should we do more perfume?”

” No, I won’t stay long there. The ones we did should be enough until I’m back..” she replied

” Can’t I stay back and monitor everyone?” Gianna asked and She kept mute

” If that’s what you want..” she replied and faced Raphael

” Do you have anything to say?” She asked and he shook his head.

” If that’s the case, I’m trusting on y’all till I’m back.. ” she said and walked out of the room.

The employees stood and started dispersing

” Why did you offer to stay behind ?” Raphael asked Gianna

” I don’t want to cause a misunderstanding between my boss and I cos I think she likes you” she replied in her head

” I just want to stay and watch the others.. we need to do a good job so boss will be proud..” she replied as they walked out of the board room and he nodded slowly

” Bye, and safe trip..” She smiled and walked back to her office while Raphael walked over to Godiva

” Should we go home? Things are pretty good here..” he said

” Yeah, let’s go ” She agreed and they both walk out of the office


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