(Be Careful With My Heart… )



One of the guys brought out a gun and before he could cock the gun, Raphael hit it off his hands and it landed at a corner in the room

He gave the guy a kick which sent him flying across the room

Another guy charge at him with a syringe, trying to inject him but he held the guy’s hands shoving the syringe in the guy’s neck and he lost consciousness at once.

The rest of them ran away from the house after seeing that

he walked to the door and locked it.. of course the unconscious one will pay for their sins

” Godiva..” Tears left his eyes as he wobbled to where she was lying on the ground unconscious

She looked really pathetic

” I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you, I’m sorry ” he cried kneeling infront of her

He carried her to her room and placed her on the bed not minding her bI.oody body

He walked back to the sitting room. He looked at the unconscious body of the unknown guy and felt like just st..abbing him countless times till he drop d.ead

He got a rope and tied the guy to a chair before walking back to meet Godiva

He entered the bathroom, brought out a bucket of water along with a towel to clean her body..

He undressed her and quickly looked sideways when he realized she wasn’t putting on a b.ra since she wore a trapless gown

Still not looking at her, her covered her bbs with the towel, he left to bring another towel which he used to clean the bI.ood off her body..

When he was done, he got a simple dress from her wardrobe before removing the gown completely from her body

He helped her dress into the new clothes

He started at her pale face for a while and heaved a sigh

He entered her bathroom and had a quick shower before sitting next to her..

” Hope you are fine some day..” he muttered and slept next to her pulling her to himself tightly…

•°Please save me Knight°• he recalled her words which sounded really familiar but he didn’t want to think much about it and He held her impossibly close to himself



Godiva opened her eyes slowly and the first sight she beheld was Raphael’s face

She recalled what happened the previous night and exhaled. Her body still felt sour due to the plenty kcks she received from those unknown men

She raised her hands slowly and touched his face

” What would I have done without you ?” She muttered, tracing his brow with her fingers

” I think I should accept the feelings now, I don’t mind if they aren’t mutual, As long as you’re this close to me, it’s enough..” she said lowly staring at his lips

She drew her face closer to his since their faces were just few inches away.. she placed her lips on his gently and left it there

” I think I’m going ¢razy but it’s not bad since it’s because of you..” she said in her head, tears leaving her eyes.

She felt his lips move on hers and her eyes dilated. She shifted back from his body and a groan left her mouth. Her body was aching

” Don’t take advantage of me while I’m at sleep, do it when I’m awake ” he said staring into her eyes..

” I.. ermm.. ” She didn’t know what to say as she avoided his gaze

His hands went to her face caressing it gently.

” I’m sorry about last night..” he said, still locking gaze with her

She kssed him and he responded to it as if he’s been expecting it

She held his face with her hands and he pulled her closer kssing her hungrily. They kssed for a while before breaking it

‘ Raphael, I like you a lot..’ she said in her head with a little smile displaying at the corner of her lips

” OMG!!! Your head..” her eyes dilated when she saw the bandage around his head..

She winced in pain as she struggled to sit up

” Your hands, are they okay?” He asked while she stared at her hands

” Not too painful..” she replied

” Let’s go to the hospital.. ” She said but they suddenly heard a sound from the sitting room

” Who is that?” She asked staring at him

” One of the shthead who attacked you last night, I caught one ” he said and held her hands taking her out of the room

” Wow, Who did this to him?” Godiva asked staring at the guy’s disfigured face before facing Raphael who shrugged.

” I should call the cops..” she said and he nodded. She took her phone and call the cops at once

” Who sent you? Who are you guys working for and why are y’all after her?” Raphael asked but all the guy did was laugh..

His laughter was starting to irritate him that he pvnched his mouth and two of his teeth flew out

” I hate it when I ask a question and you don’t give a reply..” He said pvnching the guy continuously

The guy’s face was covered in bIood but he wouldn’t stop

” He’s going to die Raphael” Godiva held his free hand

” Isn’t that better?” He laughed dryly

” Isn’t it better he dies after making you suffer that way last night?” He snapped

” Raphael!!! Why are you so angry? Not as if I mean anything to you anyway..” She retorted

” You…. he was about to reply when they heard the door bell

” I think it’s the cops.. she said and went to get the door

” Of course you mean more than just a boss..” he muttered lowly

” Good morning Ms Moreno, you called” One of the cops showed his ID card to her

” Yeah, take this guy with you and make sure he never leaves your custody and please make sure you find out who they are” she said

The cops untied the guy and cuffed him

” Hope we be of use to you Ms. Moreno..” the cops did a little now before walking out of the house with the guy

” Let’s go to the hospital, you need to get your head treated” Godiva said and Raphael shook his head in denial before pulling her to a seat then sat next to her

” Feeling pain anywhere?” He asked and she nodded.

” My stomach, back and waist..”

” Why on Earth would they beat a skinny girl like you that way?” He teased

” Must you always call me skinny? I do eat a lot yunno” she pouted

” You kinda remind me of my high school hero..”

” Your high school hero? The knight?” He asked and she nodded slowly

” I’m hungry ” She pouted

” I’ll make breakfast ” he said and entered the kitchen

he was done within minutes and also set the table

He made her sit and watch her as she ate

” You’re not eating?” She asked

” I’m not hungry.. he replied

She took her phone and dialed Nana’s number which she picked at first ring

📞 Ask someone to come to the mansion with aspirin, I have none at home” she said and ended the call at once

” You should eat too.. you’ll have to take drugs later” She said

” I will.. ” he smiled

She nodded slowly and started eating. She cleared the table when they were done

Raphael got the door when he heard the door bell. An employee entered along with someone who looked like a doctor

” I said aspirin, not a doctor.. Nana is really something else.. ” Godiva muttered as the doctor felt her temperature

” Usagi, tell Nana I won’t be coming over to the company today.. don’t tell anyone I’m not fine okay?” She said and Usagi nodded

The doctor did a few check up on her and gave her drugs to use and some syringe. When the doctor was done, she asked him to treat Raphael too

” I said I’m fine.. Raphael insisted but Godiva still urged the doctor to treat him

He relented and let the doctor treat him since she kept insisting

The bandage around his head was removed and the spot he was bleeding from was cleaned and antibiotics was applied on it before it was covered again

” You both should be fine before the evening..” The doctor said and stood

” I will be on my way now miss..” the doctor said and Godiva nodded

” Bye ma’am..” Usagi smiled before walking out with the doctor..

” I’ll rest for a bit.. ” She told Raphael and left for her room


” What do you mean Skye got caught?” Michael yelled at the boys

” I’m sorry boss..” The boys all said at once

” Why can’t ya’ll just do a proper job… Why?” Michael yelled kcking the first guy in his belly and groaned

” Now go to the station and end Skye’s life.. he mustn’t spill out a single word else we’re all gonna die, you get that?” He shouted, lighting up a stick of ¢igarettes

” Who really is that guy Raphael? Why’s he not getting klled along with her? If only I was ask to kll him then this wouldn’t have been happening..” He blow out smoke from his nostrils thinking of his next step

” Leave my presence, and make sure Jerome doesn’t hear of this ” he said and the boys bowed and left


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