(Be Careful With My Heart… )



” Are you gonna keep being silent? Are you dumb?” The detective banged his hands on his desk but Skye kept mute

He has been questioned yet he wouldn’t utter a word to the police about who sent him to attack Godiva..

All attempt to make him talk led to nothing

” Take him inside, he’s getting on my nerves already” the detective said and skye was led to prison..

He suddenly bumped into someone taking something from him

” I’m sorry..” he faked an apology and resumed walking with a cop behind him

They got to the prison cell which looked like a room and he was pushed in, making him fall on the other offenders there

” Are you blind? ” Those in the room scolded.

” You just got here and you’re getting on everyone’s nerves already?” One of them asked but Skye didn’t utter a word as he sat at the corner of the room, ignoring the foóls infront of him.

He opened the small envelope Takumi gave him earlier and saw a write up with a drug attached to it

END YOUR LIFE.. was written boldly on the paper and he nodded

Without giving it a second thought, he swallowed the drug

” You look fine ” Raphael said checking her around

” you should go to the company and let’s do the perfume together..” he added and she nodded with a smile

” I’ll get changed then ” She pecked him shortly and left the room

He took in his lips as he smiled broadly.

” She’s the one, the junior I fell in love with back then and the same lady I still fell for” he muttered, going through his wardrobe

In minutes, they were done and left for the company




” You Came..” Nana smiled with a bow, she was in the lab inspecting everything in there.

” Get this materials for me..” Godiva handed her a list and she nodded, leaving the lab

” Are you helping me?” She turned to Raphael

” I’m not, do a great job and make sure you make more perfume than the ones we did back in the States.. ” he replied and she chuckled..

After few minutes of waiting, Nana came back with the materials

” Now before we start, I need you all to free your mind. Golden wear is a pure spray and I want everyone to do it with a pure heart that way, it would communicate love to it’s users..” She said and her employees nodded with a smile

” Let’s get started..” she said and made the first sample then everyone began mixing the materials under her supervision

Raphael just stared at her with a smile

After what seem like ages, they work came to an end.. Even without spraying the main perfume, the little ones that escaped during the refilling smelled great

” The Japanese will surely love this, the fragrance is enchanting and really communicate love..” Nana said sniffing the air and Godiva chuckled at her actions

” I’ll be going back home in two days time..” she said and Nana’s smile vanished

” Why? Something happened? ” Nana asked

‘ I’m afraid a lot of people in Japan knows about my allergy ‘ she said in her head then smiled at Nana

” Nothing happened, Gianna called saying I have a lot on my desk ” she said and Nana nodded slowly

” I’m going to miss you..” Nana said and she smiled

” I’ll miss you guys too..” she replied

” Hope you’ve all mastered this?” She asked and a yes was heard from her employees

She smiled and left while Nana encouraged the employees

” You did great in there.. I’m falling for you again and I think it’s the perfume’s effect since it communicates love..” Raphael teased and she h!t his chest playfully

He held her and removed her mask

” You did well.. ” he said kssed her shortly

” The pain? Is it gone?” He asked and she stared at her hands then her body

She twist her body a little and surprisingly, she was fine

” Wow, I’m feeling pretty good now..” she replied checking the time.

” Let’s go home, it might get dangerous at night..” she said and he nodded holding her hands

” Ma’am….

” I’ll go home first.. you guys can leave when you’re done then present this tomorrow.. I’m trusting you..” She said and Nana nodded

” Take care ma’am..” She bowed as Godiva walked out of the company

” She’s still alive? How?” One of Michael’s men who was just leaving a restaurant across the street wondered as he stared at Godiva who was smiling

” I should tell Michael..” he said as he watch them enter the car and drove off..

They stopped by the supermarket and got some groceries before heading home


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