(Be Careful With My Heart…)


” I’ll take my bath..” Godiva said and entered her room while Raphael entered his.

She was the first to leave her room and immediately walked into the kitchen to cook even though she knows nothing about cooking

Raphael left his room soon after and he went to her room but she wasn’t there

” Godiva?” he called

” In the kitchen.. ” she replied

” Kitchen?” He wondered and went to the kitchen and truly she was there..

He shooked his head as he stared at her

She had already put oil on fire, ready to fry the chicken but how she was gonna put the chicken in the oil was her problem

She stood at a far end, scared to go close to the oil

What if hot oil pours on her body? That was her thoughts

” What are you doing? ” He asked

” Trying to make you dinner.. ” she replied and he laughed..

He took her to the sink and washed her hands before turning off the gas

” You need to rest.. you had an hectic day at work”.. he said

” But…. She made to protest but he carried her in a bridal way to her room, making her seat on the bed and squatting infront of her

” You don’t have to add to your stress, I’ll make dinner ” he said and made to leave but she held his hands

” Is something wrong? He asked, staring at her but she kissed him instead…

He stared at her with emotion-filled eyes and leaned it, capturing her lips again

She responded to it, kissing him back slowly and passionately but It got to a point she wanted it fast so she increased her pace, her hands holding his face delicately

She kept going back till her back met the bed and he was now ontop of her

when he noticed she wanted more of his kss, he drew her closer, kssing her like his life machine

” I want you Raphael, I really want you..” she said

” I want you too Barbie doll, I can’t control myself any longer ”

” Then, don’t ” she said and started kssing him again


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