Vespertine stood next to Lydia as she did the meals with the maids..

Everywhere was cleaned already and everyone was preparing for the arrival of the wtch they have as a boss

” Can’t wait to have my sister back..” he smiled and Lydia chuckled

” You should take a seat vesper, we’ll be fine here..” Lydia told him

” Alright then.. it’s boring in the kitchen anyway” he replied and walked of the kitchen while Lydia chuckled

He got to the sitting room and settled on a couch, his attention on his phone

Larina entered immediately but he didn’t seem to be bothered about her presence

” You’re not gonna greet your mother?”

” Hi ” he replied, not taking his gaze off his phone

” Look at me, when I’m talking ” She took the phone from him and glanced at what he was doing

” You… ” She pointed a finger at him. ” You’re dating!!!! ” She screamed

” Stop being a drama queen ” he snatched the phone from her. ” I’m 18 ” he added

” I thought you never wanted to have anything to do with girls ”

” That’s in the past Larina ”

” Wow, you’ve finally grown up ”

” I know right ” he laughed dryly

” Who’s she? ”

” Trisha ”

” Trisha? Your friend? Wow!!!”

” She’s not my friend any longer, my girlfriend ”

” Whatever. Is your sister really coming today? Cos I made food for my son in-law.. ” Larina said

” Yeah, they’re both coming.. their plane should have taken off by now. So we just have to wait until she arrives.. ” he said and stood up

” About Trisha, Don’t break her heart else I’ll make you crippled ”

” You wish, I should be in my room now.. he said and left while Larina went into Godiva’s room to keep some stuffs for her.

She later walked into the kitchen to assist Lydia and the rest… The work was going smoothly untill they heard a loud screamed from Vespertine.

Larina ran to his room at once

” What happened? ” She asked confused, Seeing his sudden shock expression

” Mom..” he called

” What’s wrong baby, you’re frightening me” She said but he didn’t reply

He rushed to the sitting room and turned on the TV..

He just got the most shocking news of his life while browsing the web but he still needs to confirm

JAPAN TRANSOCEAN AIRLINE JUST MET WITH A BLAST AND THERE’S NO SURVIVOR” the news read and Larina fainted after seeing that

Her daughter already said she’s gonna be taking the first flight and that was the first flight

” No.. diva, it can’t be your airline.. ” Vespertine muttered as the remote left his hands


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