(Be Careful With My Heart…)



Godiva and Raphael sat in the plane laughing and talking together.

Godiva couldn’t help but talk navghty

” Wait what?” Raphael laughed

” C’mon, Let do it when we get home okay?” She said again with a pout

” Nah, I’ll pass. We can’t keep doing it all the time ”

” It’s not entirely my fault, you’re partly responsible. Your thing feels so good and you expect me not to want more huh?” She pouted again and he kssed her pout

” As my queen pleases ” he smiled and she chuckled. She rested her head on his shoulder as they await for the plane to take off

When Takumi noticed it was just few minutes left for the plane to take off, he left the airport smiling broadly

He had a mask and a face cap on

” Let’s see how you’ll survive this.. ” he muttered entering his car and driving off the airport

” I guess you can’t wait to get home..” Raphael asked

” Sure but I kinda like it here in Japan since it’s just two of us.. just sad it’s dangerous here else I would have spent more days here with you enjoying you every minute” she bit her lips

” Can you just stop talking dirty? People might hear you.. ”

” No worries, no one will listen..” she said in his ear, pecking him before sitting properly.

Her phone rang immediately and it was from the company

” Good morning ma’am.. are you still around? ”

” Nana, is everything alright? You sound strange..” She replied

” It’s Ann ma’am.. Nana got into an accident on her way to deliver some products to the GX company..” Ann replied

” What? ” Godiva exclaimed gently then faced Raphael who frowned

” What’s the problem ” he mouthed to her

” I’ll be there..” She ended the call

” Nana got into an accident on her way to deliver some products to one of the investors” She said and the statement only made Raphael recall his late parents

” We should see her ” he said

“‘What about our flight? It’ll be leaving in matters of minutes..”

” You need to be the good boss they all know, you can still take the second or third flight as far as we get home together, it’s still very okay..” he said and she exhaled

She walked to one of the flight attenders to inform her about why she needed to leave but the attendant was kinda reluctant so she had to introduce herself since she’s popular

” Can I get your autograph? ” The flight attendant asked..

” Yeah, Sure..” she said and brought out her pen before signing on a book the lady stretched to her

” Someone else will take your seats then..” she bow before informing the other host and their luggages were removed

” Alright then..” she said and left the plane along with Raphael..They board a cab and headed straight to the company..


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