(Be Careful With My Heart…)


After what seem like forever, the dinner came to an end and Godiva began clearing the table surprising everyone especially vespertine who was about entering his room but stopped half way

” Wait, did you h!t your head? Dad, mom! I think we got the wrong Diva, this one is definitely not my sister” Vespertine said

” Just fk off Móron..” Godiva snapped

” But he’s kinda right. The last Time you did a thing like this was when you were 15, everything changed when you turned 16.. ” Alora chirped in

” Think all you want..” She rolled her eyes and entered the kitchen while Raphael followed behind.

Larina just stood dumbfounded

” This is… cute ” Alston smiled

” But honey, our Godiva would never do something like this, are you sure she’s ours?” Larina asked and he chuckled

” People tend to change ” Was all Alston said as he pulled his surprised wife whose mouth was still wide open into the room they would be using

Alora also smiled before walking into her room.. Vespertine did same and it was now left just the two couples in the kitchen

They were done and headed to the sitting room.. Raphael laid on the couch and she laid on his body

He held her to himself, stroking her hair slowly

” You must be really tired..” she said

” I’m fine ” he shook his head

” Will you sleep with me? You shouldn’t use your room tonight.. ” She kssed his lips lightly

” I want you to cuddle me untill I fall sleep..” she said and he nodded..

He sat upright with her still on his body before carrying her in a bridal way to her room placing her on the b.ed

She checked the wall clock and smiled

” I think everyone is asleep..” she smiled again

” So?” He asked but she responded with a kss instead kssing him hard

He pulled out of the kss and stared at her

” We had such a long journey and I was hoping you’ll be tired”

” But I’m not ” she pouted. ” You gave me your words earlier in the plane, you can’t take them back now ” she pouted with puppy eyes

He chuckled and kssed her. She deepened the kss and he leaned in

Her lips were just too addictive for him to let go

This continued untill she was now nked beneath him, waiting for his touch

” Don’t be loud..” he said while she nodded continuously

He gave her bbs a gentle press and she closed her eyes enjoying the thrilling sensation he was making her feel..

He took out his thing and gently inserted it inside and she gasp sweetly

He was still going gently when she urged him not to go easy promising she was gonna swallow her mo..àns…

” Fk.. ” she suddenly $creamed out when she couldn’t hold it in any longer

That moment, Larina was just leaving for her room…she came to check if diva was still in the sitting room.. when she didn’t find her, she was going to leave but stopped when she heard her $cream

She walked to her door

” Diva, are you okay?” She held the door knob and twisted it but wouldn’t open since it was locked.

Godiva stared at the door then at Raphael

” She’s interrupting” She bit her lips and Raphael made to pull out she didn’t allow him

” No, don’t ” she said

” I’m fine mom, I accidentally h!t my head on the b.ed that’s all… Goodnight and I love you.. ” She rushed her words

‘ Is she okay? ‘ Larina wondered, then shrug before walking to her room

” I won’t be loud anymore, I promise ” she muttered and kissed him while he resumed riding her


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