(Be Careful With My Heart…)




” Good morning barbie ” Raphael pecked her when she opened her eyes

” Morning Knight..” she smiled hugging him tight

” It’s been a while you’ve visited Arnold and again, you need to see your grandma, she must have been worried..” she said

” If that’s what you want, Then it’s always fine with me..” Raphael replied and she peck his lips before leaving the bed.

” You should get ready, I’ll go to the company tomorrow.. let’s take today to visit those you cherish..” she said and he nodded..

She made to enter her bathroom when she heard a knock

” Oh! I haven’t opened the door? ” She thought walking to the door..

She opened it, revealing a maid. The maid’s eyes widened when she saw Godiva..

The only reason she knocked was to confirm if the room was empty or not since she thought Larina will be using the room

The cleaning equipment fell from her hands and a loud scream followed drawing the attention of the others

Godiva closed her ears as the girl’s scream got into it . The girl kept mute immediately and was about going down on her knees when Godiva stopped her

” You should leave and tell Lydia I don’t need any maids cleaning my room.. ” She said and the girl looked at her, surprise

” Do you want to loose your job then?” She asked and the girl shook her head continuously before walking out of the room

Vespertine, Alora alongside her parents stood dumbfounded

” Did you just spare a maid for polluting the air with noise?” Vespertine asked surprised

” pinch me Vesper, I think I’m dreaming ” Alora said absentmindedly and vespertine did as said while Godiva rolled her eyes

” I’m not dreaming, OMG!! Did Raphael really change you?” She asked staring at Raphael and he waved at her gently

” You did a great job then.. ” she smiled

Larina immediately pulled Raphael into a hug

” Thanks for what you’ve done..” she said patting his back while he smiled..

” We’re going somewhere mom, we’ll talk later when I’m back..” She sad pulling Raphael and her mom apart.

” It’s good to have your old self back baby” Alston said hugging his daughter.

He disengaged from the hug and left her room with his wife and son

Alora stopped walking when she got to the door

” I guess there’s something you aren’t telling me..”

” Yeah, you’re right.. he’s actually the knight I told you about.. The senior I said always saved me from those bvllies” she said and Alora looked at her then Raphael

” You’re joking right? how did you know that? The knight you had a crush on back then is him? Oh my goodness” She said, surprised

” Fk, I’m so interested in this story.. please girlfriend, don’t leave and let’s talk.. you know I’ve missed you a lot, I came immediately I saw the news.. huh? Let’s talk it out first..” she pouted

Godiva held her arm and took her out of her room

” I’ll tell you when I’m back.. ” she said

Alora made to enter again and she had to close the door

” One more question Diva, did you guys do it?” She asked from outside and Godiva shook her head.

” She doesn’t seem to get tired of her childish attitude..” Godiva smiled walking back to Raphael..

she hugged him again

” Go get ready and let’s go..” she said and release him afterwards…

He left her room to get ready too


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