(Be Careful With My Heart…)


” Grandma.. ” Godiva called and went on her knees while Grandma Jane furrowed her brow at her actions

” I don’t know what I did but I think it’s actually my first time seeing you, I don’t know if I said awful things to you in the past but please I’m sorry ”

” You really don’t remember my face?” Jane asked

Godiva shook her head still on her knees

” Then I’ll take it like it didn’t happen” Grandma Jane walked over to her pulling her up gently and hugging her while she cried on her shoulders

What if his grandma didn’t accept her? How will she have handled it? She thought sniffing

Grandma Jane released her and wiped her tears then pulled her to a seat..

She asked Godiva some few questions which she replied to

” Sorry to ask grandma, but what did I do? I don’t remember” She said

” You splashed water on me with your car, I thought you were gonna apologize but your car didn’t even stop.. ”

” Oh my.. ” She exclaimed when she finally remembered that day..

She was so annoyed that day that, she drove herself home

When it later dawn on her she splashed muddy water on someone, her car came to a halt.. she was about leaving her car when the unknown lady already board a cab and left

” I didn’t mean that..” she muttered, staring at the cab as it left
” I’m sorry about the incident that day..” she said and explained what happened to Jane and she smiled

After a long day together, it was late and they decided to leave..

” Please make my baby happy okay?” Grandma Jane said and Godiva nodded with a smile

” I will grandma..” she replied and held Raphael’s hands

” Bye grandpa.. ” she waved as they left the house




Godiva has been feeling dizzy and nauseous that she couldn’t even go to work so Alora was the one going to the company in her stead.

Ever since she returned to the states, no one has made an attempt of attacking her, so she concluded her enemies were in Japan

” You look…sick, call Mary.. ” vespertine said sitting next to his sister on the couch

” Yeah, I agree ” Raphael said

” I said I’m fine, will y’all just stop pestering me to go to the hospital?

See, I’m fine ” she stood and fell back almost immediately when her vision went blurry

” See? Stop trying to prove a point and just call Mary ” Vespertine said and she reluctantly took her phone.. she dialed Mary’s number which she picked at first ring

📞 Hey baby.. how are you? She asked

📞 I’m sick Mary, I keep feeling dizzy, nauseous, lazy….. She started explaining her symptoms to Mary while Mary chuckled

📞 I’ll be at the mansion right away.. Mary said and ended the call..

“See? I called her ” she rolled her eyes at vespertine and threw her phone away


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